Take life with a pinch of salt -

Don't seek credit or find fault,

Just journey this next thought...

Just tell all of them to wait,

Just let yourself arrive late,

Just be here and appreciate.

In the face of the upcoming unknown,

Know coincidences can help you grow

As you let what is to be simply unroll.

Close the books filled with old stories,

Because not even the very best of these

Can top your own unfolding mysteries.

There is nothing you need to cut loose.

There is no solution for you to deduce.

There are only paths for you to choose.

Clarity needs ample room to see true, so

Stay unattached from all points of view.

Free of a plan you will know what to do.

Healing arrives hand-in-hand with calm

To listen to whatever they called “wrong”

And through tenderness keep you strong.

Things get better - that is what they do.

As wishes can change, so habits can too.

It all starts with you, undeniably, You.

As you grow the faith to rise up and out,

You also outgrow status, pomp and clout;

Something amazing is starting to sprout.

Smile about where you find yourself now.

Give all due credit to your own know-how

With one great big, self-celebrating bow.

Who's around you reflects what's within.

So look to the Chooser before you begin

To judge anyone - friend, enemy, or kin.

All you can improve is your own attitude

So beware of feeling consumed by a mood

Lest you become that one emotion's food.

There's always a way to recognize lack -

Just a habit on which to turn your back

By leading your focus to positive facts.

Love in a big way - give what seems small:

Remind everyone you appreciate them all.

Thanks to you, many more will stand tall.

Keep your heart flame burning brightest.

Though others ask you to tend to the rest

Stoke what brings warmth to your chest.

Time always reveals more, so just wait.

Have a lifetime view; you can't be late.

You see turns, but the way is straight.

Notice the souls you give the most time -

Do they offer goodness of body and mind?

Are they your example of how to be kind?

Insist on loving no matter what happens.

Turn away from “I'll love only when...”

Heart survives even its own time's end.

If you can choose to be kind or be right,

Choose to be One who prefers to be nice

And yields lovingly by remaining light.

This may be the time for you to be brave

And stand for yourself and others today.

Be here rooted in truth, come what may.

There is a world far beyond being liked,

Where you uncover more than you might

Once you put their opinions out of sight.

It may take all you have to get back up.

Know this is not a should - it is a must:

Rise again with renewed love and trust.

Bypass roads that run shrouded in dark,

That twist round corners or seem stark.

Head toward the light, guided by heart.

Know when you've had exactly enough.

Maintain yourself with focus and love.

Parent your desires; be firm not rough.

It is time to come out from your shell

Where things are ready to go very well

And give you incredible stories to tell.

Asking yourself is a most powerful skill

That takes as much honesty as pure will.

Ask again and again without an “until.”

Forget about limits - forget about clout,

Forget about all of that word-of-mouth. 

Forget about thinking. Be here and now.

Given the insight you now know to use,

Each of your senses can also help choose

The way that holds your greatest truths.

The words themselves are nearly useless.

How they're delivered is the truest test.

Forgo what's said to hear what's meant.

Today brightens or dims your tomorrows

Depending on if you sacrifice or borrow,

So one-by-one resolve all your quarrels.

Make action certain. Make action swift.

Make the kind of decision that is quick.

Nimble non-attachment has its benefits.

Consider as much as possible beforehand,

But when it's time, simply do all you can,

Not what you don't quite yet understand.

Require positivity of yourself. Insist.

Invites to fume or fuss or feud, resist.

Speak brightly as light piercing mist.

Who cares if others have failed before?

Such talk takes time you cannot afford,

Because the work itself is your reward.

Everyone is unique in a different way so

Forgive and forget with no bit of delay;

Sun, let each of them be to you, a Ray.

Keep seeking flow as your way of being.

Always go deeper past what you're seeing

To what is most captivating yet freeing.

What you are doing is considered pursuit

Of what you have greatest attachment to.

Without your chasing, would it find you?

It's good to acknowledge areas of limit.

It shows you are willing to yield within

With flexible grace - a tree in the wind.

Don't say you can't - say that you don't.

Though you surely can, you simply won't.

Practice this until it is fully your own.

Who thus far has been the strongest force?

Who would you call your greatest source?

Who when you ask always says of course?

Lumping these all together is incorrect.

To split those up could be to disrespect.

So weigh what your decision will affect.

There is no place you need to be going,

Nothing critical for you to be knowing.

This is simply what it is to be growing.

Surrender to rest, don't push it around.

Once it overtakes you, give in, lay down.

When it says hush, don't make a sound.

Thinking you know, you may deeply err.

Only through feeling can you get there.

Head will assume but heart rarely dares.

Stillness will come if you just continue

To do everything that you are most into,

And be open to finding a favorite venue.

Be true to your word for its own sake do

Because new worlds unfold for people who

Decide, then proclaim and then execute.

Wait before calling circumstance unfair.

Instead find the opportunity to be aware

Of what needs work, and precisely where.

Wanting it all is a part of being human;

But you will only be truly wealthy when

You let the strings of attachment loosen.

Stay outside of it a few moments longer.

This will make your perspective stronger

And help your imagination do its ponder.

It hurts the worst yet blooms brightest,

Wherever failure has drained you driest;

Soak in this rain and grow your highest.

Looking at the effort you've exerted,

Has this made you even more certain?

Do you see another door you can open?

Sometimes, you'll do best to disappear -

Put yourself where you are nowhere near

Influences that would cause you to veer.

Being good to yourself can mean to stop.

Let all the tasks and appointments drop.

Raise your busy hands and let them flop.

You are still doing more than you might

Were something else to hold you alight.

Do a bit less. It will all be just right.

To understand, try to breathe like them.

How air moves can tell you what's meant

And can even tell what they'll say next.

Let go of all the emotional belongings,

Reminiscences, grudges and old longings

They're too much for you to be hauling.

Belief is a perfect substitute for knowing

Since it makes sure interest keeps growing

Until you find your own seeds for sowing.

You do not have to accept what you see.

And may even do better to rely on belief

Until this seed looks more like a tree.

Being spontaneous you outrun resistance,

Gain momentum and surround opposition.

Surprise them all - defy every condition.

Stop talking to those who fuss and rage,

Rattling against their own imagined cage.

Nurture a peace that surpasses your age.

Interrupt whoever drudges up history.

Politely redirect talk of dark mystery.

Mind all that travels conversationally.

There is no need for defense or retreat

Once you decide to be unmoved by defeat

And choose to become impossible to beat.

Until you can move on, keep your spirit

By being mindful of who you let near it.

Among noisy folk will you even hear it?

The one who's asking, “Oh, but what if?”

Would be better off just looking within

To see there is only from here to begin. 

With words, speak caringly and sparingly

And use other means to convey unerringly

Whatever needs to be expressed unwarily.

Stop wondering what anyone else thinks.

In your plan that will make some kinks.

Opinion gets stale and then it stinks.

Waiting can serve as a precious aspect

In pursuing a goal and looking ahead.

Anticipation can be energy well spent.

Health extends from a healthier center.

Tender areas - use tenderness to enter.

So be gentler on yourself, far gentler.

Be polite with your faults - be polite.

No “How long until they turn right?”

Realize they obey only loving insight.

Rough self-motivation is just as rude as

A teacher shouting the lesson in school.

Loving-kindness is more powerful fuel.

Hold your tongue as you would a feather;

Your ears and words are closely tethered

And turn the world when used together.

Your body tells you it has had enough.

There is little point remaining rough.

A master is flexible - not just tough.

Your body has spoken, so do not delay.

It keeps telling you in its gentlest way

That what is within can no longer stay.

What if you have nothing left to earn -

No new next offers over which to churn?

You're richest when you forget to yearn.

Your mind's job is to fish for reasons,

To deliver a why, no matter the season.

To refuse to accept any isn't treason.

Going forward takes more than spending,

It takes humility and true heart rending.

Even in life, the soul can be ascending.

Become bored by villains, plots and twists

That busy your mind yet all wisdom miss;

Lovingly trust where each one's role fits.

Expectation can stifle joy. Be mindful.

Explanation can go unending. Be final.

Everything but love can go. Be primal.

When you need to ingrain better patterns

To maintain focus on what truly matters,

Light the way with love as your lantern.

Keep leading your mind back from there

Because of what awaits it's not yet aware.

New benefits are to be found elsewhere.

Listen closest to what is sitting silent.

Clues that were never openly expressed

Point directly into what's truly meant.

Which part of you will you let choose -

The one that usually gets you to refuse,

Or the one that always finds your muse?

How it feels makes all the difference

As your choices make the most sense

When conviction drives your intent.

The value comes from what you don't get.

Endless options remain within “not yet,”

Which means no goal is ever truly unmet.

You are gathering allies as you go along

And sometimes the mix will feel wrong.

Difficult partnerships make you strong.

The long or short way through your desert,

Whichever seems easier tricks your effort;

Whichever way worries you will be better.

Replace what worries with what's light.

Get plenty of sleep and dream at night. 

Wake up to goals that grant new sight.

This is just what becoming looks like -

No longer back there, nor fully in sight

Peeling back layer upon layer of mights.

How necessary each and every mistake is:

Flawless for triggering learning within.

Bow to lessons that come from each miss.

Some search for themselves by using you.

While yet an honor, it has nothing to do

With your purpose or what you're up to.

Turning back to find the way is silly.

It is not warm back there, it's chilly.

Turn to the sun as if you were a lily.

When wants can just be, you've arrived.

Most never challenge the voices inside

That are a shallow part of being alive.

Whatever unravels you again and again

Is just asking life's toughest question:

Whatever you want, can you first lend?

Giving up the old welcomes in the new.

Now to figure out what to give the boot:

It's for the practice, anything will do.

Drop should-haves, maybes and oughts;

Lead your mind toward its best thoughts.

Show it what body and soul have brought.

There is a time to be wary of extremes,

Of mosts and bests, without in-betweens.

Neither glut nor starve: find your lean.

Trust the hints that you are receiving.

Though words and acts can be deceiving,

Your body grants the truth of feeling.

You first summon your power by deciding.

When you do the work, you're fortifying.

Again and now your power is multiplying.

And sometimes it takes one huge push,

A grueling effort, a send-off, a whoosh,

If your Will were a sled dog, a “Mush!”

You will know when you have tried hard,

When effort relieves you of your guard,

And nothing you've ever done is on par.

There is a more powerful self in you -

So build a life in which it is invited to

Spring forth abilities you never knew.

Tranquility is something all your own -

Something that lives within your bones,

Something that in your posture shows.

Stop all that unconsciously apologizing,

Yielding time-space without recognizing

Mindless retreat keeps you from rising.

You've outgrown fitting in with anyone,

Heedlessly brilliant as the noonday sun.

Just being yourself you warm everyone.

Acting on impulses will humble you when

You are asked to deliver the words again,

Forced to replay what you barely meant.

Be as interested in giving as in getting

Because it is as important to be letting

Others enjoy the pleasure of begetting.

Whether as a member or out on your own,

See that your truth always stands alone,

And the mirror reflects one well-known.

Being whole by yourself is impossible -

The world has awaited you most of all -

Both you and your gift are inseparable.

Be whole first. Become a part afterward.

First you find your own inner wonderful,

Then you help unveiling the same in all.

Be with it. No matter how hard it is.

Don't turn away. You dive directly in.

If it hurts, hurt. Hold up your chin.

The feelings will go and you will stay.

So be with what you know to be underway

And allow everything, including a delay.

Remain right here and see for yourself:

You don't need anything to enjoy health;

Just as you are, you define being well.

To keep the crowds out of your garden,

Post up signs, implore visitors' pardon

To not step where you've worked hardest.

Mend your fence and latch up your gate.

When the need comes it may be too late.

Boundaries are nothing to leave to fate.

There is so much to have gratitude for.

When you begin, there'll be even more.

Thanks opens for you a spiritual door.

You need to refuse what they're offering.

It is not time for you to be broadening.

You need to be deepening and softening.

There is something to be said for focus.

It trains us to set up our own locus of

Sharp thought so nothing can yolk us.

They may know more than you do today.

Best to silence inner backtalk and wait

To hear everything they have to say.

You might know more than they do today.

So keep quiet a moment more and refrain

From doing as told or believing hearsay.

Move your dream forward one step today.

Come up with some half hour-long foray.

Confidence grows from little hoorays.

Your certainty makes you more effective.

It convinces them you have perspective,

And then renders your charisma electric.

Life is long. You have time. Calm down.

Wake up. Open your eyes. Look around.

Wiggle your toes deep into this ground.

Try another approach and see the results

But whatever your theory, don't give up.

You're farther than you had dreamed of.

You can regroup, retrain and rebound by

Leaving those who prefer to trend down.

Upward again might mean turning around.

You are wise to turn from some journeys,

To roll up those maps and sound retreat,

When just pressing on is just unhealthy.

No “figuring out” or “working through.”

Just pause right here, where within you

Flows power you've barely begun to use.

Say goodbye to unchosen feelings.

Free of them, no longer kneeling,

You are sheer lightness of being.

The reasons are rarely as loud as news,

But latest events are not of much use.

Stick with clear thoughts as your tools.

This time allow the passage of some time

Before interrupting with logic and mind.

Step back and appreciate this grapevine.

Today is your invitation to shed layers,

To be rid of charlatans and soothsayers,

To start over with a new set of prayers.

Are you sure this you knows what's best?

Have you eaten properly and gotten rest?

Are all your senses sharpened and fresh?

Speak too soon and you may rouse a riot.

All the better if you can covertly try it;

Keep your goal warm, close and quiet.

Try pleasant, flexible and eager today,

And if blocked, creatively another way.

Get your chosen results, come what may.

Be true and truth won't be hard to find.

Be forgiving and everyone will be kind.

Be brave and you will unlock your mind.

The error of judging them is behind you,

Mastering forgiveness and starting anew.

This time around, let opinions be few.

Treasure this living wisdom you hold,

And trust that it does not fully unroll

Until you go and face your unknowns.

If they feel more comfortable shouting,

Or blaming others or even just pouting,

Quietly escape: take an internal outing.

Emotional routines carve unmeant masks

That others copy to make their own cast.

How you choose to feel spreads and lasts.

This is all you need: make the decision.

Don't be too attached to fine precision.

Trust the accuracy of your inner vision.

Trust your gut - your wordless instinct,

Your sage giving teachings most succinct.

Thanks be to the way that you're linked.

Give your likes and dislikes equal say.

Take no sides until things are underway.

Whichever asks more of you, by it stay.

Surroundings influence all your beliefs.

Surroundings tell your eyes what to see.

Choose your own surroundings carefully.

So do the right thing at the right time.

To the trigger let your reaction rhyme,

And best of all if it can be oh so kind.

Indeed, timing makes all the difference.

Act too early and instead erect a fence.

Too late and the action makes no sense.

Your friends are mirrors to well behold,

All of them copies of the self you mold.

What does each of your reflections show?

And now get ready to outdo yourself -

Precedents are there to surpass or else

You risk sitting your power on a shelf.

Now are you ready to let go of the rest?

To redefine what it means to be blessed?

To be what you've given, not possessed?

Whatever you cling to should go out next

To put your comfort zone to the test and

See with or without, you remain blessed.

Dislike means you still require clarity

And self-forgiveness to accurately see

That everyone makes up your “Me.”

Discover more by observing yourselves -

How each reacts when someone delves

Deeper than what each normally tells.

Successful your every chosen endeavor,

Provided you prepare for daily weather,

And just as often, expect to do better.

Time now to decide what you want to see

Of the world and who you're ready to be

Because you have enough to do anything.

Be right here where your power resides,

Drifting to nor fro despite rising tides,

Floating on the tranquility deep inside.

Faithfully follow your plan for the day,

But of course be open to destiny's sway.

If asked to, unquestioningly give way.

You embody what is precious about life,

So drop here now, any remnant of strife.

In this, your enlightenment has arrived.

Know you are living your life perfectly.

You have overcome what no one will see

To become this example of manifesting.

Today brings another treasure trove more

Of uncanny, precious coincidences galore

Delivered right to your schedule's door.

Be as deaf ears to their negative words.

Mind your manners as you inwardly turn.

Save hearing for what helps to be heard.

Use patient ears to hear negative words.

Someone is trying to convey their hurt.

Open heart, toward love and light turn.

You must be done with correcting others;

Passion breathes but correcting smothers

Via revisions the sentiment of Another.

Neither fact nor opinion lives eternally

So why should you feel anything but ease?

Take a breath and enjoy the witnessing.

You did what fit for then. This is now.

Past is just a When. Focus on your How.

Give all you did before a farewell bow.

Do activities that build up your being.

When not busy, find yourself practicing.

Potency is in simple acts of preparing.

Can you recognize what makes you whole?

When with others, do you feed your soul?

Will you discover truth past being told?

The day is meant for little investments,

Small, key decisions, subtle sentiments.

Where you are going's a half step ahead.

Today runs on what was possible before.

From here your options increase tenfold

Provided you let the future stay untold.

Freedom and access - these are worth it.

The ability to step on in and be certain

That each option is pursuable and open.

Is your initial intention still here?

Do you honor it or just keep it near?

Could it redefine what you hold dear?

Your intentions are supposed to change

As experience gives you a wider range.

Revisit what you want again and again.

Masters of details are junk collectors.

Pupils of perspective are the investors,

The ones to search out as your mentors.

Escape your own rules. Run free. Go far.

Faster, take flight. Find your lucky star!

See? Its shine just reflects who you are.

You can be disinterested yet discerning,

Serenely detached while deeply learning,

Bearing witness to the endless churning.

You can figure this out - You are ready.

Aim with sharpened sight holding steady.

Target what's hiding behind what's petty.

Go face the source of all this confusion,

Through each of its fine veils of illusion

And bring this chapter to its conclusion.

Choose a fitting attitude. You're ready.

Focus on your feeling. Don't turn heady.

It will work out, even what seems petty.

Attitudes reflect you the same as clothes:

Too big or small and people will suppose

You don't check yourself from top to toes.

Wear attitudes that express your heart.

No need to put on what will fall apart.

Just as you are, you are a work of art.

What you give freely always makes more.

It's the magic little spell by which your

Release triggers endless deeper stores.

There will always be new places to go,

To taste or to touch or to see or know.

Life is long, so make your process slow.

Climb the higher ground toward your goal

By sacrificing today what's comfortable.

Self-discipline is worth itself in gold.

A sense of purpose will keep you healthy

And if it does not also make you wealthy

The reward's just nearby being stealthy.

Have you made a list yet?

That is a dream's best bet

To get you in its mindset.

How you do today is what matters most.

Be lively, do not haunt it like a ghost.

As guest, see the day as gracious host.

You are a waking aspect of your dreams,

Using what sleep gave you effortlessly,

So enjoy this part with masterful ease.

Expectations are weeds - clip them back.

Garden well, and what threatens, attack.

Uproot each and every sprout of a lack.

You will find stillness outlasts skill.

Hiking mindfully beats dashing uphill,

And serenity is a better ally than will.

Grace beats effort so, work on your flow.

Shift from doing only what you can show.

Become the spirit that harmony bestows.

Cherish your life in day-sized servings.

Weeks, months and years are all unworthy

Of focus because they're ever-diverging.

Experience yourself not just the events.

Lest you find built round you some fence

Edging you outside of your own presence.

Choose a little bit more consciously

So that whatever you may be deciding

Matches up with some deeper belief.

What nourishes you changes all the time.

Have to be listening to hear the rhyme -

The belly's verse followed by the mind's.

Body's needs first, heart's desire next.

In this order, you'll only feel blessed

Whenever love has for stamina a test.

Do you laugh from the belly or the chest?

Do you forget about whatever comes next?

Does this lightness make you feel blessed?

Untangle from your stories - be set free.

What is behind you is a disproven theory

About who is here now and has yet to be.

Make Levity and Lightness your friends.

A life lived with laughter knows no end;

Its tales retold rebirth laughter again.

Spread allies out, around on each side.

You never know when you'll be surprised

And need someone else to turn your tide.

When the time to fight comes, be quick.

Swiftness can make you uneasily tricked

And ensure that to your plan they stick.

Key is to focus on just one front, else

Jeopardize the whole point of the hunt.

Relentlessly chase what it is you want.

Leave familiar territory far behind,

The mission in front, your allies beside,

And be in the center - lead from inside.

Allow negativity to exhaust itself out -

To hoot, holler, fuss or scramble about.

True positivity has no message to shout.

Limits and delays are mostly dreamed up

Because who knows the right schedule of

The plan your destiny makes from above?

Refuse to judge it, and it will move on.

Stay where you are. Be consciously calm.

You be the landmark that you base upon.

Appreciate every one of your cravings:

How they can instigate some misbehaving,

Yet thanklessly handle daily lifesaving.

Savor times between wanting and getting.

They're when you see what you're letting

Jam up your present by never forgetting.

Forgiving transforms you, it truly does.

It rewrites your past in phrases of love

And ensures the future will rise above.

To feel obligated is to ignore yourself,

Lose your time and squander all wealth.

Choose all you do: this creates health.

Obligation should make your skin crawl.

Duty will build around you a high wall.

Instead let your mindset be charitable.

When thrown off course, orient yourself.

Do an assessment of your overall health.

Keep track daily of what you last felt.

Make small shifts with intense patience.

Search until you find the ideal occasion

To alter yourself, your finest creation.

Time to look at your current direction

Side-by-side with your life momentum

So you'll recognize useful connections.

If you can see confusion up ahead, turn.

Chaos leads one way - straight to a burn.

Closer to harmony, it's easier to learn.

This is all to peel away your eggshell,

To shed your before as enough and well

And to convince you a new story to tell.

Choose that least certain opportunity,

Since it's the only vantage point worthy

Of showing you who you're waiting to be.

Too many work hard; too few work smart.

Savvy ends where the strong back starts so

Conserve your power and use other parts.

No one lies to anyone before themselves.

Whether it is from you or someone else,

Deception points back to a heart unwell.

This is but one way to see things. Tilt

To notice how your perspective's filled

With details that only matter until...

Health isn't an investment; it's a way.

Forget tomorrow's benefits - notice today

How a bit of exercise helps your brain.

Step outside of it to walk its perimeter.

Reposition and get an accurate measure

So that from any angle, you are assured.

There is no point in forever responding.

To hear yourself should get you yawning.

You're the sun - it is time for dawning.

Be mindful because your thoughts attract

Vibrations that always reverberate back

To key people who are vague or exact.

Everything has proof of your potential,

Whether spiritual, physical, or mental.

Anything you think or sense is tenable.

Are the rules necessary, or convenient?

Do they cheer you on or watch, silent?

Can you tell which ones are irrelevant?

The heart doesn't have nearsightedness.

When you use it to see you'll find this,

That they haven't found their way yet.

Words tangle the truth, so please simplify.

Remove any and all that might jeopardize

The plain and clear brevity of being wise.

Accept apologies with very special care,

Boldly delivered only by those who dare

To forgive their ego's not being aware.

Difficulty is neither friend nor enemy,

But that from which you choose to see

Each violent wave or one peaceful sea.

Dream before dawn and do before dusk,

This is the life you've chosen and must

Honor what elders in you did entrust.

You must consciously make time to relax.

Unplug all connection. Forgo more facts.

You gain ground when you just sit down.

Give up social norms for personal depth.

Deviate from all those regimented steps.

Your destiny is an unpaved path ahead.

Kindness will heal you from within when

You touch wherever your blockage begins.

Illness versus love? The heart will win.

Do things that build, bridge or blossom.

Check in with everybody often, being a

Living example of all you taught them.

You will need to claim your own space,

So get away from those whose words raid 

Your ideas before their base is laid.

Reasons only seem deeply important. It's

Really how much feeling you afford them.

Your whys bloom as much you adore them.

Sleep waits at the other end of strength,

To prove you have done your best when

At day's end you crave nothing but rest.

You are the source of truth you seek, no

Additional corners around which to peek.

The mind just full of training is weak.

Rise - it is now the time for you to rise,

To face the master you already are inside,

And see yourself from behind your eyes.

Rise in relation to where you have been.

That was fine then, but not once again.

It is never too late or soon to begin.

There are no one-size-fits-all methods.

You must be listening to all your senses.

Each says what another didn't mention.

It is only about what is true for you,

With no one to whom you owe any proof.

You are on a path that is totally new.

See this from that other point of view.

It's not absurd, it's simply new to you.

If you were them you would do it too.

The brain will overspend its attention.

You should stay focused on the lesson.

Patience is worth more than intention.

Body needs mind as mind needs heart.

You are less useful without every part,

Like canvas by itself trying to be art.

Feel and then think; think and then do,

In this order and you'll follow through.

To bloom, you need an emotional root.

You bear as much as you can surmount - 

More of a feeling than measurable amount

So gauge by your heart, not a headcount.

What provokes you is what improves you,

Just as waves make jagged rocks smooth.

The trick is for you to simply not move.

This is when you need to be impatient,

To refuse to be stuck in the station, to

Go get yourself reliable transportation.

Things either fill space or make room.

What you own should not also own you.

Everything's highest form is servitude.

Make the space to be loved and be lover.

This becomes impossible amongst clutter,

So, out with what takes you no further.

Give it the time it requires to happen.

Even though your patience it's sapping,

Somehow find a reason to keep laughing.

Overstimulated minds and toddlers whine.

So unplug from it all from time to time.

We each have a child to parent inside.

What makes you healthy is unique to you. 

Eat nothing but what your senses approve,

And pay attention the whole way through.

By neither apathy nor habit be overtaken

Because whenever one of them's forsaken,

It blames the other for troublemaking.

When injured, rest, reflect and recover,

Or else one pain will turn into another.

Guarding wellness puts crises asunder.

Everything deserves full consideration -

How to respond when in conversation and

When to slip into silent contemplation.

The day's an hourglass filled with sand;

Each soul you meet a grain yet so grand.

Take every chance to extend a kind hand.

You're already ready to see on your own.

True clarity you have found and grown.

It perceives, no matter what is shown.

Leave preferences aside and get moving on,

On toward your own daily innermost dawn,

On toward the whispers from your beyond.

Though you feel ready enough to burst,

Before you set out to quench this thirst

Decide which priorities will come first.

Turn toward the changes; face into them.

Courage and crisis make a perfect blend.

Each is the one that to the other tends.

Don't believe you have to have it nailed;

Learn lifetimes from those who've failed

To make a plan by which you'll prevail.

If you wish to dodge a stampede,

The thunder is not what to heed;

Sense of direction is all you need.

The moment you rise is when to begin.

Instead of expecting this chance again

Use today to grant the wishes within.

As every drama has a cast of performers,

Every regime has its mass of conformers.

Have you memorized any scripted orders?

To live for the future is to live a lie,

And the past is a life you must let die.

If this isn't obvious only you know why.

Your skin is a symbol: your boundaries,

Where thriving safely ignores disease,

As important as fresh bark on a tree.

When emotions rise and rage, face them.

You will be threatened but never taken,

Because you already decided to awaken.

Let your heartbeat be your guide today:

It races when there is something to say

And slows when life is perfectly okay.

Pay attention to what ebbs and flows and

Look past to what neither comes nor goes

This is the You without highs or lows.

Tend to the gentle upkeep of your body.

Head swiftly to bed when it is yawning,

And get up when a new day is dawning.

Be generous without sparing.

Be unique without comparing.

Be hilarious without caring.

Are you there more than you realize?

Ask someone with a fresh set of eyes -

As denial can put on a clever disguise.

Love each one and have no expectation.

Come what may, find cause for elation.

Your smile has a life-giving vibration.

Time will sweep away all these details.

Your explanations' uses eventually fail.

Take this chance to pull back your veil.

If you love what you do, share it freely

Because once you manifest your dreaming

Wealth has already started streaming.

That coat was perfect for those storms

And now it is a bit tattered and worn;

Go on, take it off and wear it no more.

You'll find shiny things along the way,

Some will save time, others will waste.

At your mind's yard, do guard the gate.

If someone is certain they are in crisis

Little you'll do to turn them from this.

Do not address what they claim's amiss.

You'll be ready, while others hesitate.

You'll get up and get out and navigate.

You'll be the one who sets it straight.

You've gotten all this way without it -

Though its lack has sent you into fits.

So you had no need, not one little bit.

Focus on what you're feeling, not doing

And with time, skills will keep accruing

And with ease, you will keep improving.

A bounty is soon to be bestowed

From all of the seeds you sowed,

Blessings of a garden well-hoed.

What made you think you could accept

Not what's special but just what's left?

Don't, that habit will leave you bereft.

What they do may even deeply annoy,

But irritation is the mind's best ploy.

Work on yourself; see past this decoy.

It is uncooked opinion that alienates

By exclaiming before it contemplates,

Letting true conversation go to waste.

Dear Most Beloved in All of Existence,

You are hereby freed of past resistance.

Love's with You until forever infinite.

You might not be as aware as you believed

Of who you are and of this Self perceived.

You're beyond anything you can conceive.

All preferences are misconceptions,

Your mirror's long-past reflections;

Use fresh thought, not recollection.

All of the signs are in front of your face:

This is meant to be a journey, not a race.

So, which thoughts is it time to replace?

No one needs lessons to sing with heart;

To do so, training doesn't help you start

To discover your source and stand apart.

Think of a time when you lost your voice

And see if you had already made a choice

To silence your inner expressing of joy.

There's nothing to buy, nor to believe,

No one to follow, nor for you to lead -

Only roles to shed, here and now to be.

In your recipe, they would be the spice:

Some pungent, riling; others mild, nice.

Flavoring is just that - not core advice.

You're going to be relearning as you go,

Because of the gradual way life unrolls:

You do and do and then deeply know.

You'll assume you've been here before,

The familiar faces and feelings galore.

It's a misjudgment you should ignore.

Whenever you run straight into a block,

Some surface of sheer, impassable rock,

There's an entrance to find and unlock.

Appreciate ordeals that feel harder still,

When the intended goals go unfulfilled,

When all you truly are and own is Will.

The sun will certainly beam once more,

You will bloom even better than before.

Thank the darkness and what it was for.

Keep yourself a little bit unsatisfied,

With something still irking your pride,

So that when you roar, fear will hide.

A fool tries to fit a week into a day,

To do it all, rushing every which way.

But life's finer things require delay.

If an “I love you” feels transactional,

Stop. Give an “I love you” intentional,

Letting your “I love” be unconditional.

Forgive yourself first. Have you truly?

Mentally, emotionally and spiritually?

Let go. You deserve to live peacefully.

Be at peace with disappointing others.

Wiser to beware their fog of druthers,

Smoke that blinds before it smothers.

About what comes first, next and last,

That stale advice belongs in the trash;

Live life in to out - not front to back.

What does succeeding have to do with it?

Put your focus solely on the movement.

All lose who think in terms of some win.

You can let go of understanding your why.

Just watch it unroll in its own due time.

You are the first line - it is the rhyme.

Not everything need be quite so obvious.

Over-explaining proves you need to trust

That a knowing flows through each of us.

If it were time to, you'd already know.

It is time to produce, so less is shown.

It is time to recognize your very own.

When exploring, don't cut your own path:

Duck, bend and turn. Make your way past

What may be landmarks for the way back.

Keep on. Forward! Ignore those voices,

The ones that offer distracting choices.

Momentum will drown out side noises.

Small gains are better than ones grand:

Proven by an hourglass versus its sand.

Prove this yourself, by your own hand.

You will need neither to blame nor adore

Their endless pursuit of more and more;

Just set your own goal and of it be sure.

Where does your mind travel to soften?

Where does your heart need no caution?

Where do you find yourself most often?

If you could see more of what others see,

You would be energized with an urgency

To hurry up and make what you believe.

Delay for as long as your ego requires.

Existence can wait a much longer while,

Or you and Habit could just reconcile.

If fortunate enough to do what you love,

Then blessed enough to uplift everyone,

And wise enough to stop and rest some.

Out loud or not, you've heard it before:

“Why can't you do just a little bit more?”

Answer, “That's not what I'm here for.”

What you're doing is sowing the seed,

Tomorrow's steadfast and fruitful tree

That'll sprout, spread, shade and feed.

You're given a gift; do you go and sell it?

Do you move to take ownership or credit?

Just how should you share what is given?

For all of the effort you put into selling -

Into figuring out what's most compelling

Could you let your values do the telling?

Your ego is too concerned with results.

That is why it pressures you to consult,

Trying to save itself from the catapult.

Which one's routine, which one's ritual?

Which one of your habits feels spiritual?

Which inspires you to be unconditional?

Old superstitions might bully new ideas,

So to their warnings make it very clear:

You are doing something original here.

Remain right here in the grip of the storm

Knowing deep inside you're safe and warm

Going through this in order to learn more.

Your difficulties are not all dreamed up;

The uninvited are drinking from your cup

And need you to tell them that's enough.

Keep on thinking about your alignment,

About what you need to be most vibrant,

About where to best await fate's timing.

Resist their current before you get caught.

Spend more of your time where you ought,

Outside the flow of your river of thoughts.

Expect the mind to deliver you doubt.

Give it some attention, just not clout:

Stop and listen if the warning shouts.

In food and fitness, spend generously.

Be well through these - not medically.

You will benefit more than physically.

As good as it is to know your dislikes,

Which activities fill you with delight?

Choosing these will shine your light.

To the thoughts that have yet to let go,

That in years haven't one lesson shown,

Tell they are unwelcome in your home.

Unkind thoughts must be thrown away

Lest over anything else they gain sway;

Let love and understanding own today.

Recognize when you have nothing to say

And see if some words come out anyway.

If so, to your silence more attention pay.

There are 1,000 paths to 1,000 places so

Welcome the one in front of your face as

A road to be enjoyed at a personal pace.

Of all of the things that instigate strife,

The most serious ones work from inside,

Wearing your cravings as their disguise.

Become better at knowing the way back

Because when you find yourself off track

You need only draw upon workable facts.

You're wonderful, not for what you think

But for what is more You than instinct -

For the way your love keeps you linked.

Blaming yourself for the setting sun, or

Bragging over wars your ancestors won?

Neither serves, so both can be given up.

It's possible you're being too relaxed

About what you'll need to stay intact.

That said, start keeping better track.

Speaking holds an energy that recreates,

Breathing life into all one contemplates

Echoing - ears to mouths - it circulates.

Pull yourself away from too much study;

Memorizing turns a mind's waters muddy.

More information is what you don't need.

Rebuild yourself, brick by sturdy brick,

Habits as cement, to the good ones stick

Aligning as you go, mind each next pick.

Does your destination still feel true?

Is it where your heart is leading you?

Is it close enough to be within view?

Perhaps you could use a bit more training,

Some help to reach where you are aiming,

Something to give your lion some taming.

Wake from daydreaming. Get to work.

Put your schedule and structure first;

Digging a well takes more than thirst.

Thoughts have a smell - some truly stink.

But when you journey to emotions' brink,

Forgiveness will freshen up all you think.

Making yourself out as hero or villain

Is limiting - even if it feels fulfilling,

A role too flat for anyone to be filling.

Say no, give in, and try to say no again.

Was what you felt worth that hesitance?

Was anything unmet by being resistant?

Turn right around and knock once more.

But this time knock harder on that door,

And when it opens, go on in self-assured.

Stick to your principles. Do not budge.

Be as unmoved by a shove as by a nudge,

For you answer to your own inner judge.

Your passion is your power ignited,

Which is more than feeling excited,

It is being what's just been lighted.

Something unmistakable fills your eyes.

Something about you can shift the tides.

Something in you just makes this right.

If only you knew how beautiful you are,

Those other voices would sound very far

As you took your place among the stars.

Treasure the aging of your lovely being.

Even greater than what's for the seeing:

How you keep birthing deeper meaning.

Do take the time to reach out and touch

Those who are not asking for much, just

To be felt, a bit of connection as such.

Appreciate and you'll never go hungry;

Once you behold any bit of it as lovely,

Somehow you start feeling just bubbly.

It is all about the words that you use;

Everything else just serves to confuse.

Expression is beautiful from any view.

Lasting changes arrive in odd packages

So when receiving, the best practice is

To be as open to gifts as to challenges.

If you get the chance, take fate's dare

Look it in the eye with an impish glare

At least for a time, chase it anywhere.

Beautiful, lulling spots along your way

May have much to show but little to say

So look more than listen - do not stay.

Pick any friendship to take measurement

Of how much is heard, how much is said.

If there's an even mix it is far from dead.

Sharing ideas is a partnership practice

That both opens up and lightens baggage.

Such an alliance can brave any passage.

Take advantage of every chance you can

To tell your story where it's in demand.

Wit accomplishes more than the hands.

Go on, keep enriching yourself with

Daily-earned savings of inner wealth

By doing things that treasure health.

Laughter is priceless. Treat it as such.

With fun folks, spend time, and much.

If hurt, it eases the need for a crutch.

Treasure those who find ways to despise;

Their misdirected abilities to recognize

Are the ones we use to regress or to rise.

Key people will be there along the way,

With just the right word to know to say

To instruct you in how not to overpay.

Take not as genuine that which is guile:

A venomous snake also appears to smile.

Stand still and watch from here awhile.

Before you vouch, make sure they qualify.

Listen to accomplishments, not to alibis.

Choose making sure over answering why.

There's a time for nurture, a time to go;

Needing parenting is a thing to outgrow,

Shedding the seeking of anyone's say-so.

Some say that love is a fiery emotion,

As intoxicating as some magic potion.

No. You are a wave. Love is the ocean.

If even now they are still looking back,

Reminiscing, narrating, rehashing past,

Are you in fact with those who will act?

When you need one, a teacher will appear

To grant lessons or to speak into your ear

What your soul has been waiting to hear.

You mean more than you will know to

People who just seem to come then go:

Your impact doesn't need you to know.

They're all part of your transformation

Regardless of the details or situations

That feel to you like inconsideration.

Your defiance in the face of the storm

Is a noble yet misdirected venture, for

It comes, not to surprise, but to warn.

The ones who fret are constantly plotting,

Rooted in all of their conspiracy-spotting.

Outgrow them so fast you need repotting.

Part from those who sell light to the sun

Whose goal is to do a thing then be done;

The gift is to find how to serve everyone.

Those who find problems, always find more

Though you carry solutions to their door.

Stop trying to win their inner civil war.

Take as long as you need to come to peace

To the spot where inner accusations cease

And things don't bother you in the least.

Perhaps what you have to do is be there

To convey to someone that you do care

Or that of their struggle you are aware.

Your role is to simply start the legacy,

To be the first who helps others to see

That giving is the best way to succeed.

Smile at challengers - right in the face.

Via clever surprise, leap and give chase.

Via wit and will, put all in their place.

It doesn't matter how long it takes you

Because that which appears to delay you

Only proves it's impossible to sway you.

Be aware, just when you hit your stride

And the conversation leans to your side,

It's your ears that should be open wide.

If you catch yourself correcting another

Stop yourself from speaking any further

Until you can appreciate what you heard.

And with whom you had most in common

Are those who misunderstand most often

That as you change, toughness softens.

There are benefits to looking your best

To inhaling all the air into your chest

And inviting the world to be impressed.

There are all sorts of little mysteries

Things that are tantalizing to believe;

Don't get tangled in retelling's weave.

Place your focus beyond your own self

To things that can make everyone well;

A broader vision is, by itself, health.

Is it better to have well-sharpened wit

Or just an awareness of when to give in?

Sometimes the one who loses truly wins.

One way or the other, you are an example

Either by letting your reactions trample

Or taking steps that are lovingly ample.

What may sound like a rough delivery

Is your latest lesson's outer packaging

Well worth whatever inconveniencing.

Don't get caught up identifying them -

Allies or adversaries, foes or friends,

Since everyone benefits you by the end.

Some people just prefer to oppose you -

It's something you'll have to go through

To discover all that you're supposed to.

Stand by your truth in every situation.

No matter what their latest permutation,

It still goes against your inclination.

What you consider to be the right thing

May instead be your identity deflecting.

What is your ego still busy protecting?

The trick over time is to entrust more

Of tomorrow to those closer to its door

As you mature into awareness evermore.

You have to get to it, without thought.

Thinking can get tangled and distraught

Where doing gathers only what it ought.

Be mindful of whatever deal you request,

Because it does not serve your interest

To finagle a way out of a pivotal test.

Avoid saying things you don't truly mean;

Be quiet in the vastness that lives between

What's to be done and where you've been.

Ever since you rounded that corner,

Why has nothing returned to normal?

Because you're on a new way forward.

There are 100 ways to go where you wish

This would be obvious if you were a fish,

No paths - a whole sea in which to swish. 

Find a good friend and tell it to them;

Hear how it sounds and then notice when 

They ask you to say what you said again.

An uplifting friendship is best of all;

It comes to find you whenever you fall

And goes on reminding you to stand tall.

Enjoyment, comfort - these aren't enough

To be your complete expression of love.

You are Everything, not a part thereof.

You be the one who decides your beliefs.

Think about every single thing you read.

Be a pupil for only as long as you need.

Give what you can and give it more time

To mature into something one-of-a-kind

Into what invites you beyond your mind.

If you will work, you will not be denied.

Even if the weather decides to be unkind,

Don't be among those who sigh, “I tried.”

Listen only lightly to those who boast

And claim of anything to know the most.

For now let them serve as humor's host.

Take lightly the commentary of a critic

Who preferred to look for the fault in it

Rather than stand for, beside or within.

Fitness can serve as your best medicine

To keep any negativity from getting in

And keep you focused on how you'll win.

Not everybody likes laughter or a smile

From not having shared either in a while

But yours will remind them to reconcile.

Help others, but take care of yourself

So you're giving from a place of wealth

With both physical and financial health.

Whenever big words surround small deeds

It means someone is stuck in their weeds

And needs to first find a place of ease.

There is no lack, not in any given thing

You simply decide, then get in the ring,

Step, tuck, advance and take your swing.

If you stay focused on one single goal,

You might lose sight of You as a whole.

You are love itself, you are not a role.

The news might trigger your deepest rage

A feeling you had put in a thought-cage.

Face it and rise to a more honest stage.

Some people say things that truly hurt

That make you feel as low down as dirt

Which is where growth awaits rebirth.

Receiving an unpleasant offer

Will train you never to waffle

Declining all except awesome.

Forgive yourself for the role you played

In triggering someone's unpleasant ways.

You helped lead them out of their maze.

You're naturally and constantly training

Everyone around you to avoid complaining

So the goodness becomes self-sustaining.

Infatuation with dates, facts and names

Is one form of love but is not the same

As daring to touch and risking the pain. 

How long will you force yourself to hear

Words that roam, drift, wander and veer

From what your heart has made so clear?

Being who you are is being nothing else

Except that which makes it clear to tell

That you honor yourself by living well.

Fall no farther past where you are safe.

You know the place you should never stay

That can far more than just time waste.

Bad examples can provide the best advice

Needing to neither be packaged nor nice.

Listen to every life for the lessons inside.

Small decisions have the biggest effects,

With greatness or not, each one connects,

So create a schedule your mind respects.

The best lessons are easy to understand

But hard to await patiently as they land

As lightly as a butterfly upon the hand.

You need more than walls to make a home

And more than money to live on your own:

You need to love who you are when alone.

There are golden people in your history

Reminders that you are more than worthy

Of a loving living and of living lovingly.

Everyone may say, but you won't hear or

See it until you can look in the mirror

Loving yourself day-by-day ever-dearer.

What they see is only a delayed reflection:

Where you were, not where you're headed.

You do not owe them their misconception.

There are those who need you to react

To keep their inner world view intact:

Lovingly disarm all their petty traps.

You succeed alongside who you befriend;

Time is the money you must daily spend

Funding those on whom you will depend. 

There'll be no problem you cannot solve

If you open your heart to forever evolve:

Watch all you let go of simply dissolve.

You are your best when you do far less;

You are not You when you harbor stress.

You are so attuned when in quiet quest.

So much is perfect the way things are -

You should inhale before raising the bar:

Enjoy what's close before traveling far.

Truly, sometimes some things choose you

Because you are either ready or willing to

Welcome whatever they blossom you into.

Stop measuring how long it's been for now

You should stay focused on what, not how;

You've already made your ancestors proud.

This is a necessary stop along your way

To reorient, assess and some homage pay

To your process, but you must not stay.

The time for celebrating has moved on -

Not to say that to relax would be wrong,

But it's time to do what keeps you strong.

What you're making will last a long time.

Others will use it along their own climb.

Find their future thanks in subtle signs.

Allow your example to be a bit of a mess

So others can relate and not feel stress

As they try to copy what in you is best.

It's good to live by a code for a while,

To focus more on discipline than style,

But quit before your rules merely pile.

Of the powers beyond your understanding,

You should be eager, but never demanding

To learn from each how to keep expanding.

Something incredible is already waiting

So very nearby to where you are staying

Nothing you do will cause any delaying.

The way you express your joy is healing

Especially when your laughter is peeling

You away from every unpleasant feeling.

When you can create as part of a pair,

And offer up your soul completely bare,

You'll channel power found only there.

Protect your center. Protect your core.

Above its strength there's nothing more

Important for you to be working toward.

It's alright to let your schedule bend,

But you must return to what you intend

To see your original goals to the end.

Let serendipity be your daily companion

To guide you out from thinking's canyon

By the light of your own heart's candle.

Putting positivity into every word said

Signals gossip's vultures high overhead

To flap elsewhere for the dying or dead.

Symptoms are rarely immediate; Be aware.

If today's choice is made with more care,

It gives tomorrow so much less to bear.

It won't come from speaking your mind -

It will come from being quiet and kind.

Watching is what will help you unwind.

Ask everything you allow into your body,

If it will keep you safe or make you sorry,

And refuse whatever answers, “Probably.”

Go over each thing you do, thoroughly,

And check that it is still unswervingly

Taking you to where you want to be.

Pull yourself away from a daily routine

To talk to someone you do not normally,

Who is sure to have just what you need.

Keep the strategy but change the tactics

Because so far you've only been half in,

Though more of you is ready for action.

Revisit some of your less pressing goals

To see which ones are now stale or cold

And which if any can still serve a role.

Protect your nest but know when to stop,

So you do not end up hatching some plot

That doesn't build upon what you've got.

When you hold firm to what matters,

Even though all else be torn to tatters,

Commitment is your rescue ladder.

Least important is where they come from;

Rather be sure you share the same tongue

In matters of positivity, work and love.

The conversation is not worth your time

Unless it is of that special engaging kind

That makes each one of you look inside.

Time for a transformative connection,

Not just one that upholds convention,

So start by asking a better question.

That question you assume to be relevant

Comes from a practice all too prevalent:

That right answers are the ones to get. 

If you don't get just what you expected,

You must see that it is you being tested

For what you yourself actually invested.

How you send someone off after a defeat

Is a chance to perform a most noble feat:

To bow to their graciously given treat.

No one's going to show you the right way

Ask the supposed experts though you may;

This is one part of the price you must pay.

Nothing you think was done so in malice;

Certain people simply have a special talent

For showing you where you're off balance.

You're not interested in going back to

Letting your needs be met impromptu.

This is the reason you do what you do.

Life has a way of always getting better

If you follow this advice to the letter:

See goodness in every season's weather.

Dedicate yourself and get right to work

Ignoring anyone who says you can shirk;

Shortcuts turn into self-inflicted hurt.

Do not obsess about it - just calm down.

Something inside you knows the way out.

You will never need to think about how.

Do you go where the welcome is warmest?

Or are you now willing to brave the forest,

Where favorite comforts may be poorest?

It's the result of each and every habit;

The routine is what reaches to grab it.

The craving did not create the pattern.

You've been growing all this for years,

Watered it with blood, sweat and tears;

You cannot stop until everyone hears.

Just relax and lean back on experience,

Proof you needn't fret nor turn furious

As life likes you to not be too serious.

Get things ready for what's on the way.

What needs to go and what should stay?

Make haste as if you had only this day!

And while they are sharing their worry,

Permit your mind to go off on a journey

To anywhere else and return in no hurry.

So much more of this mystery would clear

From knowing more about those most near,

But knowing that is not why you are here.

If conversations take a superficial turn

Don't let your impatience ignite or burn

The listening lesson you need to learn.

It only seems petty because of your eye

That's trying to focus elsewhere nearby

Instead of upon this answer in disguise.

Be firm, don't let anyone dissuade you.

Your decision was key, and made through

A steady, unshakable willingness to do.

Be flexible and open to their suggestion

Because regardless of a hidden intention

Every new idea raises a useful question.

The future you dream of, is it external?

If so, it is but the smallest of a kernel

Of a harvest that is already internal. 

Speak your mind, then hold your tongue.

What your words do is not easily undone;

Wisdom is verbally lost and silently won.

If you aren't being heard, then be quiet

Until you determine to once again try it

With whichever words best calm a riot.

You're en route, no matter how you feel

So why not go on and sweeten the deal by

Choosing a lighter definition of “real?”

Give out compliments; wait for none back.

Whether as words or thoughts, you attract

Adoration in too many ways to keep track.

If you find yourself repeating yourself

Take your common sense off of the shelf

For it's time to listen to someone else.

The memories help when times are tough

But reminiscing because today is rough, 

Misses the fact that here now is enough.

Keep on creating - no matter what comes,

Don't try wondering when you'll be done

Just focus on effort mixed in with fun.

If you're doing it right, days speed up

And fill with things you had dreamed of,

When you keep expressing what you love.

It's not mysterious, complicated or profound:

Sometimes you're up, sometimes you're down.

You need to travel both high and low ground.

You can't be expected to master it all.

In some areas, your standards may fall.

Get up until you once again stand tall.

You might not be at peace with your past

Until you reframe those circumstances as

Your life birthing itself through chance.

Those who want better will try to do so;

Don't be a judge of what you don't know.

Many who struggle try hard not to show.

There are so many powerful words to use,

Your holiest act is to mercifully choose

Which to deliver and which ones to lose.

If you were asked about your intention,

Would your answer also include mention

Of your living in that same direction?

Once you are done wanting and getting

Come to the place of intention-setting

Manifesting more in living by letting.

You became whatever your life required

Just as you now keep yourself inspired:

By always aiming a little bit higher.

It is you who brought all of this about

Without so much as a scream or a shout;

What if you were to let everything out?

Eventually there are no leaders to model

Just one path-paving intention to follow

Keeping you, in the best of ways, hollow.

Go ahead call it dark - call it so lonely

The whole point is that this is the only

Set of stairs up to your innermost holy.

Assuming you prefer your power to last,

See through the mob's tendency to dash

And to your own intention be steadfast.

Were you supposed to live, frozen there

As if their fears should get you scared?

It is alright to say you just don't care.

Temper prowls with mouth open wide,

To devour whoever will not move aside

And take the flow of events in stride.

Again they're asking you to play a game

Which each and every time ends the same:

With you wondering why you ever came.

You grow apart, even without any strife

This is purely the ebb and flow of life

So don't let theories or tales run rife.

Stop rummaging through all that trash,

And sifting other people's campfire ash;

Let today be today and past remain past.

What happened, happened for a reason:

To turn all of your doing into being,

As you unroll this feeling's meaning.

If your words are missing the hearer,

Perhaps you must make it much clearer

Via means that bring you even nearer.

Conversation is such a life-giving act;

Half skill, half ritual best kept intact

Doing more than resuscitating facts.

You may not have been seeking this fight

Yet here you are, asserting you're right

Instead of using this to deepen insight.

Be ever mindful to deflect the chatter

That leaves woven thoughts in tatters.

Get right down to what truly matters.

You come, you go; you shed, you grow.

Only in darkness can you see it glow:

A star in the direction you must go.

Allow them to frown upon your quietude,

To disapprove and demand more of you -

You keep still until you have no mood.

It is important that you grow a feeling

About whatever you hope to be achieving

To direct and drive your every dealing.

The hardest decisions you have to make

Are pointing out which excuses are fake

And letting them go for your own sake.

You are obliged to use your critical mind

To think your own way through this time.

You must do more than hope it goes fine.

Use what you gain to let something go;

What is overgrown has no room to grow.

Your inner landscape could use a mow.

Where you get stuck, take special note:

This is where there's no room for rote,

You will become the expert they quote.

Sometimes, for a time, you need to quit

So you can come back with a lighter grip

And by letting go, be true to your spirit.

Check on their work before they return.

Pay those who sell, just what they earn.

In business, charity is not the concern.

This image of success that you've drawn,

Is there some example it is based upon?

Or is it the sketch of an unseen dawn?

Any hesitation to do as they suggest,

Or urge to stop listening to the rest

Is your intuition saying what's best.

Whenever you're tempted to put up a fuss

Consider the urge itself to be humorous:

A burping baby ego starting to spit up.

Perhaps the best part about a second try

Is that you get to focus entirely on why

And really get to know the inner guide.

It comes from where you least expect -

The guidance you will be needing next,

So be open and have both ears prepped.

When things slow down it's time to stop

To be thankful for that which you got,

And even more so for what you did not.

Tip your chin up, because you don't know

Who is watching and needs you to show

An example of gracefully making it so.

Above all, it's time for you to reflect,

Await patiently and with all due respect

So when it comes you will deeply connect.

You did, it did not. That is that. It is so.

Thoughts run everywhere yet nowhere go.

Let today's be straightforward and slow.

Your body requested the right remedy

And hopes you paid attention especially

By silencing that know-it-all tendency.

When it doesn't seem to be about you,

But about what you can selflessly do,

You're rich because you contribute.

Though you may be swimming in tasks,

And to offer help, no one seems to ask;

Realize your abilities are beyond vast.

Only trust advice that is proven by time,

Not green buds from someone's grapevine.

Who has the ripest fruit for your mind?

You have thought all this through before

So trust in yourself and revisit no more;

Build up with all of that as your floor.

Work with yourself a little bit longer

So you can become a whole lot stronger;

It's almost time to divide and conquer.

You've done so much - stop and remember.

You grew this blaze from just an ember

And given love that will last forever.

To find the way to your heart's desire

Look at your list of priorities entire

And rearrange your day as it requires.

Where others stopped is not far enough;

Because what they considered too rough

Is just where you must drop some stuff.

Because time is the only asset you get,

Part from everyone you find wasting it

And study anyone who's schedule is set.

Certain incidents need to be forgotten,

Not because they're particularly rotten,

But because they don't help you broaden. 

Tricksters will come to spread confusion

And offer you more than a few illusions,

None of which you need to be choosing.

“I don't understand why they act so...”

Is an attempt to forget what you know:

That everyone has their own way to grow.

Your anger is part of you for a reason:

To defend you against emotional treason

And arm you with your own inner legion.

You can predict what's going to happen

Based on all of their previous actions,

So you already know just what to fasten.

You were speaking before you were fluent

And building before needing a blueprint;

Continue to trust in your own movement.

Whether intentional or just by accident,

If it keeps you from your accomplishment

Then it is the opposite of an advocate.

The reason you're being treated this way

Is not to have negative things to replay

But to learn when it is time to disobey.

Right after you reach this next plateau,

See all the new directions you could go,

But to each and every one of them, “No.”

Take a closer look at what you are doing:

Are you nourished or still just chewing?

Put finishing power into your pursuing.

Moving forward means not looking back.

You have allies who'll guard your tracks.

So all that is left for you to do is pack.

As you are bringing life to your dream,

It is vulnerable in this place between,

And needs you to leave all who demean.

You are comfortable here for a reason:

You know how to dress for this season;

But your wardrobe is becoming uneven.

If you need more focus than balance,

You'll do well to stick to your talent;

Work where you are best challenged.

Have your gratitude and yet remain open

To all that comes with what was chosen.

Your future with so much more is loaded.

Hopefully by now you look back and see:

Progress walks closest behind adversity

So ease is exactly what you don't need.

Or you can find out by taking a detour;

It helps to go where you're not so sure

To recognize the one path that is yours.

If you dislike the term procrastinating,

Then think of it as an internal debating

Only won through attempts, not waiting.

As you align, the ideas will overflow,

Blending with what you've already grown

To make something that is all your own.

You have to trust that greatness builds,

Never outward from more and more frills,

But ever-inward from daily-honed skills.

Keep your head down. Work on your craft,

Close the workshop door. Let in no draft.

You need to be driven - not well-staffed.

Gather up treasures as you journey along

So that even though your journey be long,

You will only become increasingly strong.

They're wise to as far as they have gone

And past that, can only steer you wrong.

Reposition yourself to where you belong.

There is most certainly a price to pay:

What you were in exchange for this way;

Every tomorrow in exchange for this day.

Keep yourself organized because of this:

Whatever response will need to be quick,

And you must know where everything is.

You have done well to not get roped in,

But before you declare an official win,

Look well at what next thing you begin.

Living is only ever about how you feel:

Though motivations are easily concealed,

They are all your mind regards as real.

In the faces of those you don't yet know

Is where to catch a glimpse of your soul

As they reflect to you what they behold.

Must it sound the way they say it should

To make a difference or to even be good?

Are you here to be, or to be understood?

Everyone is traveling somewhere special,

So if you can't help to speed their vessel,

At least help them keep to their schedule.

Hold this ground. Do not advance.

Plant both feet. Own this stance,

Unmoved - as if deep in a trance.

Your habits are as waves in your ocean,

Keeping everything you start in motion,

Drowning out every unproductive notion.

It does not have to feel good every day

So long as it still makes sense to stay

On a path that heads this general way.

Whatever you feel as if you have lost,

Reached a bridge it was time to cross.

Thank you for paying the toll's cost.

If you understand that seasons change,

Why not embrace your own heart's range

And think none of your moods strange?

When will you allow yourself to be You?

Stop saying you don't know what to do!

You know it all, including the truth.

Whether you remember how to or not,

Be grateful to whatever you forgot,

Because enough is as good as a lot.

The decision is not between that or this

But whether to consider a loss or a win 

As the same, and just keep surrendering.

Since there are so many forces at play,

You do best to let go, come what may:

See how everything happens anyway.

All this effort you are prepared to use

Should instead go to help you to choose

Which of your stories it's time to lose.

The words you use are the most deciding

Of what you will be feeling and inviting,

So use words you yourself find exciting.

Imagine you just finished everything -

Feel all the ease that that would bring:

Change what happens next by imagining.

Busy? Tired? At the end of your limits?

Experiencing life via tasks and minutes?

On your way home or just paying visits?

Here, new habits don't look like much,

And so for now, let faith be your crutch

Until they manifest what you can touch.

Become entire

As air is to fire:

Give up desire.

Rather than impress,

Take sincerity's test:

Use gain to own less.

The time for travel will soon be over,

Not like turning from drunken to sober,

More like no longer needing to be covert.

It's just the words, and nothing else,

So don't invite your high-minded self.

Fewer words generate greater wealth.

Observe you yourself listening to this,

That so simply put - everything exists,

Including there being no need to get it.

Once they go, then you'll have the gift,

Not all at once - rather a gradual shift.

You've been chosen because you uplift.

Someone is waiting at your next plateau

With climbing details you need to know:

Which rocks to dodge and which to hold.

Even in the darkest one of your moods,

Even if there is barely a sliver of moon,

Toward that, all of your attention tune.

Certain memories that still feel like loss

Are not at all about you paying life's cost,

They feel like this to keep your heart soft.

Change is taking its own sweet time,

But it is coming as you will soon find,

So stay flexibly strong, body and mind.

You are the result of all your trials

All these years over all these miles,

So seal with love all your old files.

Console yourself - it is not about you

But about what they are going through,

Searching their inner world for truth. 

You are wise to make this deeper root,

As winds of change are blowing through

Removing whatever can be pulled loose.

Sift their words for pebbles and chaff,

Ideas that do not keep you on track or

Untested advice that may set you back.

Now get outside - breathe in some air.

You stagnate in here. Go get out there.

Be out with Nature and without a care.

You root in the past more than you know,

As proven by that certain way you say no

Whenever you forget 'as above so below.'

When mulling over which path to choose,

Make peace with what you intended to do;

Build upon what already comes from you.

Put it off for as long as you need to,

But eventually you must tell the truth

About what is no longer in you to do.

We never lose that which matters to us;

It simply asks us for a new level of trust

When it transcends what can gather dust.

This is the time to look it in the face,

To be duly firm, to put it in its place,

To embody power that embodies grace.

The choice is not between this or that,

But between your path and a given track;

One's forever forward, the other, back.

First, line everything up the right way:

Closest to what's most important stay;

Head into yourself, not into the fray.

It is good to have two different goals -

One to dream toward and one you can hold

To make it impossible to ever grow old.

Neither win the future nor beat the past

But completely do today's clearest tasks

And when you can, be thorough, not fast.

Being understood will never be required.

Just keep finding new ways to be inspired,

Looking only and ever and inward higher.

You are allowed to grieve and sit awhile

But listen closely for the voice inside.

When it says to return, do so in style.

What it leads you to, through, and from

Are new ways to grow in truth and love,

And challenge what used to be enough.

Work on your words until you are sincere

Not just saying what they expect to hear

But expressing what is loving and clear.

Improving your process should come first

Because it does more than quench thirst -

It unleashes flow not occasional spurts.

After the plan, the feeling will remain -

Because it's about much more than gain:

Growth is in your heart, not your brain.

So much of it lives within the delivery

That you will excel as soon as you see

What you can give instead of receive.

Open your arms. The world will come.

It wants to respond with so much love

And meet you in your pursuit of fun.

Your intensity will never be a match

For what easeful alignment can catch

Nor for an itch only time can scratch.

Shrinking from it can only shrink you

So be brave and come out to introduce

Yourself and offer terms for a truce.

Generosity even toward your inner miser

Because by opening your arms out wider

Your inner creator becomes the decider.

Now close that door that is still ajar -

There's plenty to do here where you are

And you are the most qualified by far.

The planning is done. It is time to do.

Enough thinking. That time is through.

Begin the routine and begin with you.

Remember that this is only a projection

Of your thoughts and more so intentions

Even the ones you prefer not to mention.

It's time to change your whole approach

Even if this calls for getting a new coach

Because habit on progress can encroach.

Too comfortable doing what you're doing?

Know you only gain ground when improving

Because this requires conscious choosing.

You'll be amazed. Just take another look:

See how much everyone loved it and took?

Remember which spices you used to cook?

Offer a question instead of a defense

Whenever asked to explain your intent;

Where you're going - not where you went.

Activities are not what get it done -

Aligning, like a blossom toward the sun

Is how an easeful life should be run.

It's already here, just line things up

Like using a waterfall to fill a cup -

You'll be getting more than enough.

When you are done, it will just be shed;

When other things interest you instead,

Not a bit will dwell inside your head.

Some prefer to take it all in at once.

This is a habit that is rarely undone,

So just tend to your own digestion.

If it irks you - how they keep taking,

Ask that inner voice so busy blaming,

“What's to steal if we're donating?”

And if it must be more than once daily,

What you have, even if unwillingly, is

A habit that makes it harder to be free.

Beware of advice that is based upon greed,

That implies there is something you need

To win it all or from something be freed.

Some things cannot be explained in words:

These are the things you'll never unlearn.

To study them, get up when it's your turn.

Hold your humor close to your heart,

To greet with laughter, not tear apart

Anyone bumping into your day's cart.

Give yourself permission to move on,

To be freed of being Thought's pawn

And raise the sun of your next dawn.

A rut is good, both to measure how deep

A thought can dig a hole and go to sleep,

And how high to escape you have to leap.

This isn't one to think your way through,

But one to find you being something new

- a rainbow with never-before-seen hues.

Thank your thinking and now let it rest.

For what comes next it may be but a pest;

Heart is your home and mind but a guest.

Mistakes are the soul of transformation,

Teaching you focus through tribulation:

Less judgment and more contemplation.

Onto your approach, does it makes sense?

Which part of it is feeling odd or dense?

How could you feel light yet immense?

It is as foolish to blame your reflection

For a blemish you see in its complexion

As it is to find the fault in the tension.

This is a wonderful journey. Do you see?

By deciding today will go just perfectly

Because joy is in choosing momentarily.

That was only something you used to do,

Congratulations! You cut yourself loose.

Look ahead. Never dwell. Simply refuse.

Though it betrays your values, you do -

To keep the peace and make it through,

But this takes an improper toll on you. 

It may not be time for the actual words,

But you can start simply living it at first

So the blossoming can go on undisturbed.

It is time to be more than an observer.

It is time for you to go even further -

Into what inspires your deepest fervor.

It is good to face occasional doom

To be reminded not later but soon

To keep your adaptability in tune.

Stand in this. Be in every bit of it -

Even parts that you'd rather not admit

And when you do, labels cannot stick.

The answer does not need to come to you,

Rather it is you who will come to truth

By daily doing what it is that you do.

Starting requires you stop sitting there;

With no special feats or any oath to swear

It's about beginning regardless of where.

Gifts can get thrown out unintentionally

Unless we decide to sort conscientiously

What belongs inside versus on the heap.

Are you sure this is what you should do?

Yes? Then refuse to take on anything new

Until your schedule reflects your truth.

Keep going - some days will be very easy

And others may make you feel very queasy

But a climb leads to where it is breezy.

Every day leave one unkind word unsaid,

And with better food for thought be fed,

And you'll be the owner of a clearer head.

You have one job - to keep progressing,

Not to be measuring or second-guessing,

Or even spending your time confessing.

To help you decide, think of it as this:

Any of those you will eventually quit,

But the right one is here as you sit.

Change is only necessary if you say so;

Staying the same brings benefits also -

Like learning how to maintain a flow.

Enough of trying to meet their demands

That always use the work of your hands;

Root your two feet. In stillness stand.

You can listen regardless of interest,

And hear if a heart is being addressed.

If not, words are just making a mess.

Thought-circles will dizzy your peace

For years until you tell them to cease

So you can distinguish west from east.

Preparation will be behind you soon,

Like the dawn behind the afternoon,

You are emerging from your cocoon.

Figure out a way for it to remain fun

Because you'll recall when it is done

How fully-enjoyed, not how well-run.

A mind on the task and a heart on hand

Will ensure you are doing all you can

To help some fly and let others land.

There is little use in being a judge

Of that which has no need to budge so

Dismiss your inner court with a nudge.

If you can look past each circumstance,

And past every opportunity to advance,

You'll see your genuine, actual chance.

Without any of it, you'll still be you;

Not your oldest things, not what's new,

But what notices points to your truth.

So much of what you carry is irrelevant

But you simply do because it's expected;

Why not bring more emptiness instead?

It is by being present that you have seen

The many places to which you have been,

Going everywhere, yet remaining serene.

Less fun alone, so find temporary guides

Who invite you to explore places inside

And take a tour of all you have tried.

You can be comfortable you chose right,

And at very least you prevented a might

From ruining your well-deserved delight.

Keep your wants few and your needs pure

To be free from endless hunger for more

See if of this fact they are even sure;

No one else can direct you exactly what

From your daily rituals you need to cut

So decide for yourself which digs a rut.

You will come across it everywhere else

So why not start right here with yourself?

Work solely on your own highest health.

In matters of eating, fitness and wealth

Find one way each day to push yourself:

Do what you learned despite what's felt.

Spend time on bringing people together;

You are the sun in their day's weather,

The kite to which they love to tether.

You need to inhabit this space above all

And let other activities around you fall

Away as you rise, stretch and stand tall. 

For now, just find out a little bit more

So that you build on a foundation sure

Something that will work and endure.

Don't think much about whether it will,

Just pay attention to honing your skill

And forget even the idea of an 'until.'

Look again at how things are laid out;

Do they reflect what you're all about?

Is everything set in the right amount?

Be patient until the right people come.

Until then, there is work to be done -

Refining yourself and being your One.

When it is right, there is no knowing,

No trial with evidence to be showing -

Only a feeling that just keeps growing.

Take time for your own sake, take time.

Down the long road awaits the sublime.

Your impact is a poem; you are one line.

Recognize this place you've reached -

Proof you learned by letting life teach

And take you from your familiar niche.

If you wish it would all go more quickly

Your mind is heading somewhere prickly;

To your heart's time just keep sticking.

Safeguard by investing in your own idea,

Something that uses your current career

To look where your vision is most clear.

Prosper by pressing in one new direction

In which fine-tuned powers of perception

Can repurpose your well-learned lessons.

Sometimes none of it will make any sense

And you'll have to decide which elements

You're going to acknowledge as relevant.

You need a day off - a day just for you;

There are many ways to see this through,

And each must leave you nothing to do.

If you're hearing from just one source

You're ignoring life's far greater force

Available all along your entire course.

It is time to reach out to other ones

Who can help you get much more done -

And show you what you find most fun.

It may not matter as much as you think,

Though this may feel as if it's a brink;

It really is as fleeting as one blink.

No need to decide, simply be as you were

And notice when the heart begins to stir

And when all else just becomes a blur.

Use your mind to point to every option,

But let your heart pick, no precaution;

This is the journey - not some auction.

The pieces are coming together perfectly

With some imagination you'll clearly see

Not far ahead, the breakthrough opening.

Keep your space clean and keep it clear

So that confusion has nowhere to appear 

And inspiration knows it's welcome here.

All your tasks contribute to your goal,

Provided you can do them from the soul.

So tell them they are part of the whole.

You weren't meant to tend to everything

Since you're the only one who can bring

A life expressed with your special zing.

Focus is waiting for your sacrifice,

Not to ensure things turn out right,

But to re-aim with sharpened sight.

Do you think of the end when you begin?

Do you lead with your nose or your chin?

What comes out is based on what went in.

Some things are simply here to refuse -

To remind you you should always choose

Bare feet rather than too-tight shoes. 

You don't go backwards by doing it again

Though toward the longer way you'll tend

As everything within asks, “Now when?”

Deal with it before it gets any bigger;

So far there is nothing it can trigger

Since you outdo it in will and vigor.

It is going to go exactly how it will,

because nothing goes differently until

You can master the art of being still.

Look at what you are doing to yourself

To see whether it benefits your health

Or just echoes what someone else felt.

The new way awaits your certain say-so,

Which comes once you head-to-toe know

It is solely about imagining your flow.

Set out with more than a running start

To give even more support to your heart

As it does what makes you stand apart.

Ranking yourself from expert to novice

Only adds sand to a desert of nonsense;

Put your focus on remaining conscious.

When given the words you prefer to hear,

Treat your ears as eyes that keenly peer

Past them to what quickly draws near.

Lead your way by being perfectly clear

Because whether or not they even hear,

This is how the heart learns to steer.

Remind those who matter that they do

And you will expand what is good into

Infinitely more: the power of gratitude.

When someone resonates deeply to you,

Pause to find out what else they value

And this may uncover more inner truth.

Perhaps not what you'd preferred,

Perhaps even noticeably awkward,

Perhaps just the only way forward.

The best you can do is to give it time,

Not having that impatience of the kind

That expects the fruit without the rind.

When all the inputs start to overwhelm,

Remember you are a captain at the helm

Able to sail toward any chosen realm.

When there are too many new things to do,

Is precisely when you need to kindly refuse

To be pushed, pulled or in any way moved.

And if it had happened in any other way

You would not have this awareness today;

Gather your regrets and throw them away.

You recuperate by listening to feelings

Despite the cures that sound appealing

To go on your own journey of healing.

Let it out - you are allowed to complain

Because it can bring relief to the brain

Which is not meant for carrying disdain.

Don't let their wording steer you wrong;

You're where you wanted to be all along.

You'll never need to argue to be strong.

And if they were to do as you requested

What you built would never get tested or

Show you who else is actually invested.

Once you give away what matters most

You become the universe's gracious host

Keeping nothing but your openness close.

Take the time to pick what matters most

By looking at the things you keep close

And revising your list of who you host.

A breakthrough need not be announced

Because it becomes even more profound

Without interruptions from the mouth.

Enough of the items - on to the action;

For planning brings far less satisfaction

Than genuine, meaningful interaction.

No need to feel burdened by the pile;

When you can at least once in a while

Laugh and give it your silliest smile.

Take a moment to see it from the finish

And see what stress this does diminish;

To be most effective, remain a witness.

Choose someone to be your muse today.

Someone right nearby or very far away

Who is for you the same as a sun ray.

Neither overrate nor downplay this time

All of the work you put in to harmonize

But let your own conclusion materialize.

Training is the reason you act this way.

The grooves were cut deep so you'd stay.

Escape options? You have a whole array.

If you let your thoughts linger here,

You'll train them in a loop to steer;

Decide and let it be perfectly clear.

Perhaps the truest words you can bestow

Are ones that tell the unwelcome to go

For they do not help your garden grow.

If someone is inviting you to criticize,

Be an example of other ways to describe

What simply is, versus what is desired.

Some lift you up and some wear you down;

Those who tend to leave you with a frown

Are telling you to go tread new ground.

To you, it feels like a poisonous thing.

To them, the holy ritual of complaining

Is worth their unquestioned sacrificing.

You needed it, but now complain no more.

It helped you sweep your feelings' floor

In preparation for new blessings galore.

Anger is a defense. Now end your war.

You do not need to fight against or for

What was only ever meant to be a door.

This is your cue that it's time to rejoice

Because you have grown into your voice

And so replaced obligation with choice.

This thing you are choosing not to say

Will end up getting in your future way.

Spend time while you can afford to pay.

Welcome the tears. They are a good sign:

You are tender and vulnerable by design.

Love - you need no one else to be kind.

Enough thought about what you'll begin!

The day to imagine's the day you are in.

It is the proven habit that's the win.

Your mind has no clue of what is perfect

And just uses that as a ruse to deflect

From how key it is for you to connect.

A slow start should always be preferred

Over a haste in which lines get blurred

To be fully present for all that occurs.

Be mindful of what you tend to produce;

Does it put your goodness to good use?

Does it let even more creativity loose?

Whatever stays stable will resist change

And this applies the same to your brain,

So spend more time with the unexplained.

What you don't question picks at you

To pry your weakest assumption loose

So reevaluate your whole way through.

Put more focus on the how than the what

And more time with the if than the but;

It is the sharpening that makes the cut.

Pay attention to your mood when you pay:

Ecstatic to be making financial headway

Or eagerly anticipating your next foray?

It is only important that it is yours,

Not to feel justified in starting wars,

But to be poised to open new doors.

If you get tired, take that as your sign

That part of you is getting left behind.

It should be a deepening - not a grind.

A challenge that makes you feel queasy

Need not be gnawed on until it is easy;

Feed it to one who can enjoy it deeply.

As unpleasant a thought as it may be,

Things are only ever called upsetting

If unflattering angles are reflecting.

And if you feel the need for a change,

That is easy enough for you to arrange;

So much more difficult to just remain.

Whenever you think what's needed is aim,

That's just the ego casting false blame;

A most perfect life would look the same.

Even if you're only gradually gathering

The things others say are worth having,

You can lose what should be mattering.

Most of what that left behind is useless,

Except the part forcing you to be ruthless

In turning predatory thoughts toothless.

You're able to work hard, that's proven.

But it is time for a new level of doing:

One that lets creativity do the moving.

Perhaps success was your assumed goal,

But another journey - one of the soul -

Will deepen your definition of whole.

What now offers you feelings of stress

Is actually a simple point-of-view test

In both understanding and forgiveness.

Whether it's accurate, sensible or not,

You should just decide what you've got

And decide to make it add up to a lot.

Have a kind of clarity that stands guard

So that it makes a fence round your yard

And other things will no longer be hard.

Your thinking has a storyline it prefers

A familiar place where it always returns

But it is time to show it the universe.

Take a trip - in this moment here now

To a place reachable by one sworn vow:

“Love is the only voice I will allow.”

What challenges you offers you a choice;

Realize the reason you're given a voice

Is to speak sense that quiets the noise.

Whenever possible, look to make rituals

Because that which you can make habitual

Is an investment paying daily residuals.

Finish. Bring it to some kind of close

So this can join with the larger flow

And help water other things to grow.

A habit might help you forget to grow

By praising you for just staying aglow

But you can burn brighter, you know.

Move on, because you are well past due

Leaving this place, despite its great view

And despite the lack of a dramatic cue.

It is time to say that this is enough,

That you are ready to call this done,

That you are finally prepared to run.

Need not one more drop of information

To step into a life of your own creation.

Pack up. Set out. Call it all exploration.

That is the sea, but you are on land;

So you must go where there is sand,

To hold both elements in one hand.

There's a time for hearing, but not now;

This is the time to tilt your head down

And work in isolation, no matter how.

All your doings should be more rigorous,

So nurture whatever keeps you vigorous

And map out all your inner wilderness.

And now either choice will be correct

Because you've decided to first reflect

On all you have, versus what you'd get.

Whatever was given will be taken away.

But what you've lived will always stay

So use it like your personal treasury.

Everything is going to take more time

When you interrupt your own deadline;

Make your schedule clear, not implied.

You are best fit to negotiate

Because you know how to wait.

Next, prepare to demonstrate.

Knowing what you have is no small feat,

Like tasting ingredients in all you eat

So take your time by taking a seat.

Your mind is less inclined to let go

Than it is to use new things to grow,

So surprise it with a whole new show.

Think deeper about what is driving you

As you ponder each and every new move;

One step back shows two ways through.

Most important to keep in mind is why

So that when you are asked to decide,

You are already so perfectly aligned.

Understand it is alright to disappoint,

Because someone always becomes disjoint

When you use your power to self-anoint.

You are not your skills, you are more -

The embodiment of what all is in store;

You are an exception, not a therefore.

End your search for the right question

And let the answers get your attention

By walking away from comprehension.

If your mind plays with any doubt,

It is at the same time filtering out 

The truth of what this is all about.

And now you are going to have to trust

Because if you are to keep on rising up,

Learning goes from a should to a must.

Now is not the time to look for a limit,

Or hunt for unnecessary things to omit;

It is time to inhale and expand into it.

It may feel new or seem like a leap,

Or like a hike that's a bit too steep,

But all this is is your time to reap.

Patience, because you're still building

Making real by virtue of sheer willing

So today let nothingness be fulfilling.

If you are so lucky as to find laughter,

Better everything will come right after

Since you'll already have what matters.

Stepping outside everyone else's rules,

Your sincerest and clearest way, choose.

Decide, using your own highest values.

Perhaps you just don't yet understand;

So before a complaint becomes a demand,

First get your point of view to expand.

Advice that does not treat you as more

Is but an invitation to politely ignore

While you do what you came here for.

And now open your hands for all to see

That you've shared with them everything

And that now they must all let you be.

You are most you when you are a channel,

And things greater than you could handle

Get done simply by lighting your candle.

The habit of taking a small step today

Is what gets obstacles out of your way

And keeps those who waste time at bay.

You may simply need another reminder

To be neither a seeker nor a finder,

But to be still yet be all the wiser.

Keep everything in order and in tune

Because health is your greatest boon,

Making you rich right now, not soon.

Being busy is another form of fear -

Preferring to ride rather than steer;

Take the wheel, but stop right here.

Do you find yourself overtasked again?

Do you wonder when this cycle will end?

Are you willing to love yet not bend?

Out of love you have invited this delay

But soon enough, you must get underway

So prepare for what you'll have to say.

While it's best not to assume malintent

Sometimes subtle harm is what was meant;

As if a landlord, do not let them rent.

To not go back, you must make a choice.

To go on, you'll need to use your voice.

To enjoy going, you'll need to rejoice.

Most important today is what you'll eat,

More so than where you point your feet

Because it decides what you you'll meet.

You got too comfortable - look around:

You blended into your own background.

You are hereby no longer spellbound.

You can walk away from compromise

If it requires you to close your eyes;

If it does not, it is the way most wise.

What do you find yourself doing today?

Is this simply a necessary brick to lay?

Could you spend your lifetime this way?

You'll be served best by putting it down

It is what holds you here on the ground.

Let go and let the wind take you around.

It is a myth, the search for direction,

At least in the way that others mention.

Do not search for - set your intention.

On the surface it acts like opportunity

But from a distance you'll plainly see

It's a well-wrapped box of busymaking.

You'll find out by being open to anything.

Be open to anything by expecting nothing,

And expect nothing by loving everything.

A spoken word has a creative vibration

That can create and spread inspiration,

So listen to what has sound foundation.

Cultivate the very best of habits.

When you find a good one, grab it.

Success waits for routine to happen.

Say what needs to be said, but kindly.

The mind opens when dealt with wisely.

Words work best when delivered mildly.

Be steady in who you see yourself to be

And yet willing to change into anything

That your vision tells you is necessary.

Leaving your comfort zone just to do so

May be self-sabotaging today's momentum.

Your instinct already knows how to go.

Shift your focus away from an audience

To something somehow not as obvious:

It is in the doing that you are blessed.

They've given their trust; you owe them

More than promising words and sentiment

You must now deliver something definite.

It's good to have a tendency to jest,

But not if it's just a way to deflect

From admitting your preciousness.

Just as there are losing ways to fight,

There are even wrong ways to be right.

Let flow itself be your utmost delight.

Eat a little better than you did yesterday

Even if only in one seemingly small way;

Food tastes best chosen conscientiously.

Keep up with changes in your body,

Gauging your strength and flexibility

Because they decide tomorrow's ease.

It will take them a while to understand

So rather than leading them by the hand,

Prove by passion that it will be grand.

Within or around you, force won't work,

Neither to influence, to scare, nor to irk;

Your own inner power will simply smirk.

Do not be drastic - that is ineffective;

You should try to be more introspective

So that your gains are all protected.

When you don't wish to be singled out

Those who point, criticize and shout

Remind you to take a different route.

When your mind wishes to retaliate,

This is the perfect time to negotiate

And ask it to first let you appreciate.

An emotion is lightning without thunder,

But certainty gives it a deafening rumble:

Decide your weather, don't run for cover.

Just as it's useless to blurt out sounds

Before they have words to help them out,

You'll have to wait for it to come down.

Less-perfect versions will show up first

Making you think the right one is worse;

Choose the one that deepens your thirst.

Bravely will make the safest way there.

Those in hiding will hide and not dare

Because of your certain, confident air.

Since you're open to better possibilities

Others will come bearing more of these;

Choose the option that comes with keys.

Remind yourself that this is not a race

And that bandits also like a good chase;

No prize to win - just yourself to face.

Their praise might fill you with pride

And put a bouncier step in your stride,

But You are why your smile is so wide.

After a while, you won't be able to stop

Your very own rhythm won't let you drop;

By keeping tempo, you'll reach the top. 

Whatever feeds on fear, you can starve

Through a harder part of who you are,

Giving those termites stone to carve.

It can feel right - chasing enemies down

Until you catch up and turn them around

And see it's you yourself you have found.

As with the year, you have your seasons

And each has its own different reasons

Behind what it would rather be feeling.

Listen to yourself, but not too closely

To the inner chatter talking mostly:

It is just a guest - you are hosting.

What you do is not who you are

Just as the shine is not the star

You eclipse what's been thus far.

You have a pattern when you get tired

And end up doing things that backfire;

If you decide, this can all be rewired.

Something in you would love to blurt out

What's on the inside edge of your mouth,

But you know of an even cleverer route.

Live for today, though not recklessly -

Live in a way that uses each hour fully

Having plans that stop for serendipity.

You have forgotten how difficult it was

When you were first doing what you love

Now you easily know what to get rid of.

Let it out, no matter what impedes you.

You must live what you believe is true -

Take the step that brings You into view.

Tell it your way, with nothing held back

Because others need your example to pack

For their journeys off the beaten track.

Do your thing, needing to join no group

That may dilute the flavor of your soup

Or borrow time you'll need to recoup.

Some will let you know they are timid

Not to let you down or make you livid,

But so you can help them be rid of it.

Take what's needed, give back the rest

Just like taking air into your chest;

The rule is that enough is what's best.

Spot the thoughts that don't nourish you

The same way as your liver knows to do -

By checking everything coming through.

Take your time on things that will last.

Less gets absorbed when you just go fast.

What is mindfully done honors the past.

Catch things before they become an issue

Just as your organs faithfully do for you;

Clear inner pathways hold clearer truths.

It's not enough to know - you need tools

To shape things into a form you can use;

How else do you build what you choose?

You will need something to go between

So that everything goes forward easily;

What could help everyone else agree?

Make sure that everything is connected,

Even what is hardest to get redirected;

Join them yet also keep them protected.

Powers must ultimately be combined,

And the tricky part in joining minds

Is freeing them yet making them bind.

Things that are solid hold their ground

And whatever tied to, they'll pull down;

Just figure out what needs to be bound.

Go find that place between open and wild

Where you have the potential of a child,

An imagination that's anything but mild.

Keep going because you are so very near

To another spot where the path is clear

Enough to prove that you belong here.

If you need proof, just look back a year

To see no one single thing got you here

Yet you knew it would one day be clear.

If you leave, you can never go back

To the same place - you lose track;

But new adventures you will attract.

Timeless rewards go to undying faith:

You cannot know what wonders await

All thanks to your guarding the gate.

You sit in the theater of the uncertain

Ready and able to pull back the curtain

Rest assured, the play will be worth it.

It should be no mystery, how it affects

Just look to all those past failed tests;

Keep rejecting it, time and time again.

Your balance has benefitted just as much

From all the habits you never picked up,

As the ones you've never tried to hush.

The vast unknown is no cause for alarm;

Nothing out there can do you any harm;

Like a trained bird, call it to your arm.

What you've done the last 1,000 days

Is what decides whether it's too late

Or right on track or a bit of a wait.

Other things may make you feel full,

But take in more of what's original;

The best ingredients are intentional.

Look hard at the different distractions

That offer you temporary satisfaction

And don't prepare you for real action.

Stand guard at the gate of your mouth

And keep what preys upon judgment out

By honoring what being well is about.

So your want doesn't turn to greed,

Before you get what you truly need

Go do for someone else a good deed.

Here in your world filled with stuff,

Just about how much of it is enough?

Precisely the amount that feeds love.

Because that one little inconvenience

At the time may have made little sense,

But was a seed and is growing benefits.

Right now it will be hard to know why

And you will waste your time if you try

So just find a way to mindfully comply.

Just done daily, some things dig a grave

Just done daily, some things years save

Just done daily, choosing earns or pays.

Forget about what could come next,

Just keep letting air into your chest

And back out again. Forget the rest.

You've been busy collecting experiences

Appreciating them with all your senses;

Now it is time that you just share them.

A few key things you need to increase:

More water, rest and vegetables to eat

For the clarity you're going to need.

Right now it is about being stable

And doing well what you are able;

And keeping the rest off the table.

They have even more ways to get you upset

You've been dealing with them but instead

Try new tactics they would never suspect.

To not get yourself stuck halfway in,

There will be no better way than this -

Take time learning, and then be swift.

You should stay and see this through

For everything else it's connected to

And just do whatever you have to do.

Don't step outside of it, not just yet

Because the chapter that's coming next

Is guaranteed to become your very best.

Which of your talents has most impact?

Which does more than keep you intact?

To which one do you keep coming back?

The notion that you haven't done it right

Is fine once you see each mistake as light

That shows you a bit more in your night.

If they tell you you have to choose,

Do they also have something to lose?

Why can you not be left to peruse?

That other way has never worked for you

It's time for you to be breaking through

The habits that have produced this issue.

Love yourself and you'll see another way

One that you overlooked just yesterday -

One that would serve well come what may.

As convincing as other methods may be

They're all just volumes in your library

You're now doing, not just researching.

Drink your wisdom from the cleanest cup

Hold your high standard, no matter what

Shrewd judgment is another form of love.

It only takes one decision to turn this

Into what can give power to your spirit

No one but you needs to know or hear it.

You're on the brink of a great big shift

By choosing what feels good and uplifts.

Entire destinies change just like this.

You're not obligated to be what you were.

Look back to see your past as a vivid blur.

So decide anew based on what you prefer.

True, you cannot be in both places now,

Though imagination claims it knows how;

So, to this one present you should bow.

What is it you do to make them furious?

Aren't you more than just a bit curious?

Are they rightly concerned or delirious?

Everyone is looking out for you

Interacting to help you improve

Through everything that they do.

Press on yet give in when it fits;

Water crashes but can quietly sit.

Power uses what ways you give it.

You are not here to fulfill their goals

Nor are you here to do as you're told;

You are here to be imperfect yet bold.

Your calling is a task you cannot finish

Because it has the opposite of a limit;

What you can do is love it this minute.

At the place where your shovel gets stuck

Is where others before you had to give up

And where you must decide to get tough.

Draw from where you've been and improve;

Greatness follows no preexisting groove;

It follows those who make their move.

Just by showing up you open doors

That lock behind you and with force.

Should you still go in? Of course.

If for a moment you could recognize

Through it all, how easily you glide

You would stop being so surprised.

Can you see yourself as a conduit?

Realize you're not here to “do it.”

Let yourself just sit here and intuit.

The rules you rage about were all fake,

Placed along your path for you to break

And live a life none but you regulates.

To some, you are the utmost authority

On thinking about patterns creatively.

Be proud of this and live accordingly.

Let others choose what they will follow.

For you those options would feel hollow.

Which one makes your heart shout bravo?

Before life can be what you make it

Life's ears need to hear you say it -

That you've now chosen to commit.

Thoughts that make you breathe easily

Point in the direction of your destiny

And just as deeply, change everything.

Your purpose isn't to finish your tasks,

It's to be the one brave enough to ask

Why things need to be moving so fast.

What today holds is different for all,

Some will rise and others will fall;

You are blessed to heed your own call.

It took foresight to avoid being misled.

And since you were brave enough to shed,

Your lightness helped you to move ahead.

The beauty of where you've gotten to

Is not that it shows what you can do,

But that somehow you already knew.

You know a thing is far from dead

When you see its skin being shed;

Is your discomfort being misread?

You can if you say, can't if you don't,

And things will go on even if you won't;

You will change all to which you devote.

You've decided. Let that be that.

To decide without turning back

Generates the power to attract.

Don't get addicted to people's trust

Or start telling yourself you must;

Fixed thinking, like old iron, rusts.

Stubbornness only needs one false step

For others to heckle under their breath;

Reasonability works much better instead.

It's those you didn't choose that matter

Those you can neither fire nor flatter -

Who are steps on your spiritual ladder.

For a while it can all start to get tangled

Things coming in from every odd angle;

It's just to show what you can wrangle.

Take the day off for today. Look ahead.

Prepare for whatever is coming instead.

Tomorrow only pays whoever invested.

There was a time to reach far and wide;

Now it's time to play close and tight

Not forever, just for a little while.

You might let them dispute your worth,

But let them know what you value first

To bring the whole thing down to earth.

It helps to know which you're up against -

Someone who doesn't care or an opponent;

To hear what their words really meant.

The best skill is knowing where you are

Even if stormy winds blow you very far,

To be able to spot your guiding star.

The words don't even have to be hostile

To upend your sensibilities for a while

But reorient and go get back your smile.

You're looking at it from the wrong side

Although you feel you've already tried;

Find someone who can act as your guide.

You may find it hardest to obey, 

That which you now call your Way

Until your heart has had its say.

It will all come together perfectly

Like an intricate mesh of circuitry

If you keep moving this fervently.

Slow down, stop moving so fervently.

That is not leading toward harmony,

Which is now all that is necessary.

It's easy to get caught up in the day

And the circus of what people may say

But just keep making your own way.

There will be another time for sleep.

Today you've got big promises to keep

And need many hours to plan this leap.

There will be another chance for rest.

Today is for your record-breaking best

So prepare as though this were a test.

Sometimes the stretch is going to last

Far longer than you can bearably grasp

So draw from tales of adventures past. 

When you're known as the one who stays calm

And the one with whom everyone gets along,

You will draw to you others who are strong.

Face up to the changes and adapt to them.

You're better now than you were back then.

So keep this in mind and head in again.

Anything is bearable if you have a plan

So don't join the nay-sayers if you can;

Keep on climbing your own mountain.

What is it that you're waiting to hear?

You have proof your thinking is clear

And the feeling that you're very near.

Today it's about continuing on

Regardless of feeling the pawn;

You are at the verge of a dawn.

Don't think so much about how they feel.

You're at opposite ends of a turning wheel

And neither can either's momentum steal.

Sometimes it's best to plow on through

Despite the reasons they're giving you;

If given as an excuse, it's rarely true.

There doesn't have to be a reason why.

You just have to decide to and then try;

A bird doesn't question when in-flight.

Those who enjoy your presence the most,

Love you because you behave like a host

And seem proud enough of them to boast.

Of all the things you love to do,

Those that will most uplift you 

Fill others with that feeling too.

The reason they consider you a resource

Is that instead of making it about force,

You've wisely followed destiny's course.

If you intend to keep life at this pace,

The best parts will blur past your face;

Slow down enough to experience grace.

Before you decide, remember your norm

And now imagine it got lost in a storm:

What new foundation would you form?

What sort of role do you have to wear?

Are you expected to have a certain air?

Is it something you give proper care?

Though they have quieted to a grumble,

They still sound anything but humble.

Keep composed. Preserve your thunder.

Find someone you can use as a model

In how to support and yet not coddle

Those who are beginning to dawdle.

What you do may sound very interesting

To others, but do you find it riveting?

If so, perfect. If not, start pivoting.

These attempts you've made are just that -

None a final version - each one is a draft,

Or a sketching, but not the finished map.

Of all of the ways to live your life -

Identifying, helping, easing strife -

Forget about fixing. Pursue delight.

Of the things you should be talking about

Negative small talk should never come out

Let praises and plans control your mouth.

For as long as your values align

Your happinesses should coincide

And you can be each other's guide.

A day of kindness costs so little

So even if you're feeling brittle,

Do something to share a giggle.

For what it's worth, keep holding on

Even though the thrill may seem gone

Thoughts of brightness bring the dawn.

Whether or not they show their support,

No diversion to which you could resort

Would be worth it, for time is short.

With many ways in but one way out,

You may be wisest to go on without

Until you know what this is about.

It may take a shock to make you believe

But the facts were not given to deceive;

There are habits you must forever leave.

It's been brewing for quite some time

And now you can't pout, deny, or whine;

You can only stop, accept and realign.

A chapter closes before the next begins

Whether or not you found it interesting;

Not everything important is riveting.

Perhaps toward the very thing you feared

Is where your journey should be steered

Perhaps that is why the feeling is here.

What lifts your feet up off of the floor?

When does joy well up from your core?

How could you enjoy this forevermore?

Meeting their deadline is nothing new,

So it's time you were finally through

And started on what appeals to few.

Above all, are you enjoying yourself?

Does this thing improve your health?

You'll only treasure how you felt.

You can't learn this one soon enough:

Life starts when you stop doing stuff

And is loveliest when you won't rush.

You don't have to fit the normal story.

You don't have to seek standard glory.

You will only have yourself as jury.

There will always be some price to pay

Whether you take the easy or hard way;

How much exactly? Only you can say.

If it were otherwise it wouldn't be true

So get some sleep, wake up and continue

And you will soon enough have your proof.

If you can pick one thing let it be sleep

Since the right amount satisfies the need

For your spirit to enjoy a full renewing.

Let comments fall like rain on your roof

Let them trickle all over or deluge you;

Let them come down, just never through.

There's no need to clamor for more

All will be delivered to your door;

Go to it then - not a moment before.

You get to write this story of life

So draft and craft until it is right

Better than your dreams at night.

To your relationships be most devout,

More than whatever you worried about

For to your bliss, they are the route.

No matter how urgent the tasks,

Partnership first, deadlines last;

You should not even have to ask.

Great joy swells from a greater devotion

As big waves rise up from a bigger ocean.

What is deep underneath your emotions?

Your next conversation is like a key

To unlock the inner door that leads

Deep down into your soul's library.

Take it gradually, using what you've got

Otherwise you'll put yourself in a spot;

This way it's easier to unravel the knot.

Your love is equally strong in all its forms -

The sunny one that keeps everything warm,

Or the one from which creations are born.

Some small circle safeguards your trust

To feed you love until you're stuffed,

So telling them everything is a must.

Hopefully you can see you're much wiser,

Much more observant, yet far from a miser

In how you used this to open up wider.

Sometimes it's hard to see from up close

But what you have done deserves a toast -

Daring to be more vulnerable than most.

Your focus should be aimed at one thing

Or else you won't do enough of anything

To enjoy mastery's wonderful feeling.

After the longest stretch take a break

And see what's floating in your wake -

Anything there that you saw too late?

You won't even have to ask the question,

Won't even have a single need to mention

When you are living out your intention.

So long as you know your dependencies,

One by one, you can deal with tendencies

To deny, deflect, confront or please.

You have amassed some great friendships

The kind that you know will be endless

Because you laugh yourselves senseless.

They are easily your greatest treasure

Though there is no easy way to measure

How they fill your life with pleasure.

How are you doing with your life script?

Have you been keeping up with writing it?

Do you have in the works any plot twists?

It's easiest once it fits some kind of picture

To help figure out what goes where quicker

And you can know if you end up the victor.

Once you are sure, then you have to press

On and on and shed all that brings stress

To make this a grand voyage, not a test.

Once you're creating, it's less about you

And more about letting it pass through -

The messages being sent from your muse.

Raise it high enough to see the heavens

But keep it where it is still relevant

Both in what's said and in what is meant.

You have traveled without expectations

And that has been good for contemplation;

Now it is time for conscious navigation.

Come up with an amazing story to tell

So whether or not a given day goes well,

You'll still be coming out of your shell.

How are you viewing it? Solely from here?

Have you looked down from the atmosphere?

And let your imagination see everywhere?

The act of creation is what gives life,

So everything else can move to the side

For you to be in this mode all the time.

It's more important to tell a great story

Although not for fortune or fame or glory

But to live forever as your own category.

Yes, it is going to look like obsession

To those in some passionless profession

But this is the path of self-invention.

What are the words you unthinkingly use

When trying to push yourself to choose?

Which are the words it is time to lose?

History says you should do a bit more

To turn into real this vision of yours;

Feel free to make preparations galore.

Or don't prepare at all; Just improvise

If you find it too foreign to visualize

But try to have some feel of the prize.

Maintaining anything becomes difficult

If you don't know what it's built above

So take down what wasn't built in love.

Don't react to disappointment or sorrow -

Those without energy, seeking to borrow

What you are working on for tomorrow.

Free from labels of either bad or good,

Gone are all coulds, woulds and shoulds;

Try, whether or not you're understood.

This is an invitation to yet one more

Uncharted location for you to explore.

If you are willing, much is in store.

That place where thoughts like to dwell

Is simply their former hermit crab shell;

Out in the open is where you'll do well.

Though thinking you should is alright,

It may be tempting, but still do not bite;

There is nothing here worth the fight.

All it means is it's not yet your time;

Though you hear otherwise from the mind,

There is more left to peel of your rind.

Go over it again, for as long as you must

Being everything and anything but rushed;

More pressing bakes you a better crust.

Take that road - what is there to lose?

If anything, it will help you to choose

Since it is better to try than to refuse.

It's not always your reflection you see.

Sometimes you are faced with what's ugly

To learn about how not to create beauty.

Look at it with your own eyes. Go. See.

Because the picture is still incomplete

And you must have it before you agree.

Still thinking about it as all or none?

Is there a place between boring and fun?

Is there a way to get this gently done?

When it's right, everything easily flows.

When it's right, everyone already knows

Because you embody it from top to toes.

What question is content with one reply?

What question does not somehow multiply?

What question are you willing to let die?

Take the time to ask about their stories,

About their hardships and their glories,

To learn how they outworked worries.

Since you know you can go anywhere,

Get yourself up and fully out of there,

Up to where you can take in fresh air.

For all your doubts to be depleted

And your heart to feel completed,

You may need the lesson repeated.

You really need to give yourself time

For everything to come together inside

Before you can take all this in stride.

Everyone hurts, so show them you care

And they will come in from everywhere

To support you - not just stop and stare.

Starting is going to take a bit of trust,

Often not knowing why, just that you must

So let today be one wholehearted thrust.

Above all right now, keep being faithful

Because they are all so quietly grateful

For all you're serving by the plate full.

Some days you may feel incredibly tired

And some days may feel improperly wired

But keep on going. You are so admired.

You know what you know when you know it

Before nor After have anywhere to stow it

Once you are at peace with this, show it.

Tiny containers only hold but so much.

Let this be big, bold, brilliant and such:

It needs to be awe-inspiring to the touch.

Keep your mind clear of things,

Of the What each detail brings;

Tie them all to balloon strings.

Choose the path that honors You,

Not where you are or what you do,

But how you are, and for now, who.

Speak up for yourself and say no,

Because that was not the way to go;

You need to stop moving to grow.

They are telling you all sorts of things

Except for that which tranquility brings:

Confusion squawks while certainty sings.

Do they deliver, is the question at hand -

Otherwise you are dumping hourglass sand

Into bottomless buckets of promises grand.

It's also known as coming around the bend

When you see you haven't reached the end

But even more amazing road ahead instead.

You're not doing this for anyone's reward

Or because it is just what you can afford -

You sail with heart, mind and soul aboard.

Some offer violence in exchange for love,

Whether in word, deed or all of the above;

Without delay, they are to be let go of.

A situation becomes harder out of context;

A vision will keep you from getting vexed

So keep picturing what should come next.

You can look at this in a much better way

So there will be even better things to say

Which will benefit you as soon as today.

There is a reason to craft your own plan

It is not so you can make more demands,

But so you can recognize where you stand.

It's as important to know what you're in

As it is to know when and where to begin

Once you decide doing nothing's the sin.

It should be big! Why make it small?

If you can leap, why choose to crawl?

Since you're able, why not give it all?

This is just a change in the weather.

This is the time to keep it together.

This is how you chose to get better.

Imagine your most wonderful version,

The one boldly going on that excursion;

You're already becoming that person.

You do not need to know much more;

Come here, behold yourself and adore

The one who exceeds what was before.

Are you getting yourself roped in again?

Is this another “and then... and then...”?

What you need is the counsel of a friend.

Do not fall for it - you are being set up

To return to what you were once made of;

Stay within the light of your self-love.

It's a story that used to trigger you,

But you know what you need to do.

You're able to see straight through.

They want you to stop and go over there.

But all that going will get you nowhere.

Consider: does breathing go get its air?

Regardless of that, this is already enough

Despite your doubting whether it was just;

Empty spaces are for filling up with love.

To make your decision, go get some proof:

Before you move in, you inspect the roof.

This is the time to be anything but aloof.

As soon as you let yourself call this hard,

You put more energy into being on guard;

What you cannot enjoy, you can disregard.

If you are looking to be in demand,

There is a one thing to understand:

Do with your heart, not your hand.

It is alright to invite a little drama

If it can be for your sentence a comma

And not drag on into an endless saga.

Silence is difficult for the maladjusted

By whom you find yourself interrupted.

Who cannot be quiet cannot be trusted.

Once you feel it, it will be known

Before that, it's hard to be shown.

Only what you are will you own.

Time is what you are letting them thieve

When you sit amongst but do not receive;

Their conversation starves you, so leave.

Think less about how it will sound

And more about just getting it out

It is truer to blurt than to expound.

With certain things you need an end date

Not to stamp their delivery early or late,

But so you can edge them off your plate.

Be kind to yourself through compliments

Ones that sound sincere and heaven-sent

And are unrelated to any accomplishment.

When you're rough on yourself they see

And yet seeming silent, silently disagree.

Live your response to their wordless plea.

Being good to yourself shines the light

That signals other ones to burn bright,

So treasure the darkness of your night.

Be as comfortable saying no as saying yes

Because making decisions is how you bless

Everyone you deal with and reroute excess.

Perhaps the only useful lesson you learn

When all you want is to stop the churn,

Is that your fire must continue to burn.

If you stay in this funk, you get to see

That those patterns have no originality

And that you need new ones in actuality.

Going without is going to break you apart

Which then helps the transformation start

Which then reconnects you to your heart.

Unobserved, you become your routines -

Triggers, reactions, then you in between;

Check tendencies with an eye that's keen.

Think of a better way to look at this

And then improve even more upon it

Why should best-cases have a limit?

You need to have a deep discussion

Rather than just diving straight in.

Gather viewpoints not instructions.

If you keep talking about it, guess what?

It is exactly what will keep showing up.

Words - for the mind's wheels - dig ruts.

It is important to be right where you are

Whether or not you feel you've gotten far

Because you need this in your repertoire.

Stop everything - rethink your thoughts

To see if an assumption's got you caught.

Do what you dream, not what you ought.

What if you made it work just for you?

When being selfish you can find truth.

When you are satisfied, others are too.

Would you rather help them look away,

Or show them by getting started today?

Paint with any color to get rid of gray.

There is nothing more you need to hear

From those who ongoingly pull your ear

Because you need concentration to steer.

To call one thing bad or another worse

Is like living under a self-spoken curse;

Find out and speak of what is best first.

Be open. Be open. Be open. Be open.

Let those two words rule your focus.

Good if thought, great when spoken.

You don't need their love - you need yours

To welcome them in, or open closed doors.

You need a love that comes from your core.

This is still a time of transition;

Whatever seems out of position

Is just slow to obey your wishes.

Yes, they may be taking advantage,

But it's nothing you can't manage.

Momentum favors what is slanted.

Even good habits end up in stagnation

Without fresh sources for inspiration;

When was your last genuine vacation?

There is nothing that you “have to” do

Except to stay uncompromisingly true

To what stirs up the passion in you.

Even though you feel caught in a loop,

You have actually already broken through

As proven by your new point of view.

Ignore how it feels right now - continue

Because what you've gotten yourself into

Points to what you are truly here to do.

There is a journey beyond being the best

That leads to a deep and clear happiness

Because it is beyond doing more or less.

All of the things for which you yearn -

Put them on the fire and let them burn.

Wealth is who you are before you earn.

They will be cleared out of your way

Once you learn they are here to stay

And it's you who needs to turn away.

Sometimes it is most fitting to fight

Rather than flee what prowls your night

It is time to unleash all of your might.

The reason you worried about it at all

Is that your vision was still too small;

On other dreamers, it is time to call.

The same way the sun daily sets,

Get away and create time to rest. 

This is the way to be your best.

Surprises do not change who you are -

They poke fun at the “easy” and “hard”

And remind you adaptability goes far.

Do - not to be beloved by all -

But to be able to stand up tall

Where unnoticed pleasers fall.

Whether it is given or taken blame,

Or fault put on anyone else's name -

Bundle all of it up and set it aflame.

Stick to your price or give it away,

But avoid being a deal-hunter's prey;

Spot all the traps of words they lay.

Words that are more than an annoyance

That can't be dodged by mere avoidance

Have their antidote, same as any poison.

So their issue becomes no greater

Handle it now - there is no later.

Your path could be no straighter.

Do, because there is no other chance.

Flow, because you are part of a dance.

Love, because life itself is a romance.

Let today be your best self's womb

As well as every stale habit's tomb

By being all about now, not soon.

Focusing on the good ones or the bad

Is a socially-accepted way to go mad;

Live for moments you have, not had.

Growing into a sense of self-worth is

Like knowing what to do with thirst:

Best to find where water flows first.

Serving them can make a fulfilling life,

But keep checking on what lives inside;

Give it the freedom to revisit your why.

You aren't the one who made that mess

So back away from the chaos and stress

And tend to the task of your own nest.

Your first instinct is correct

So neither retreat nor deflect;

Instead, very closely inspect.

You need to be completely upfront, 

Even to the point of sounding blunt;

You as the hunter, this is your hunt.

Sometimes you can't escape the tangle,

So position yourself at a strategic angle

And rally everyone you need to wrangle.

Understand they are struggling through

And let compassion flow from within you

Without judging what they are up to.

Let them find their own way now.

Let them have to worry about how.

Let your focus be on coming out.

Regardless of either luck or labor,

Regardless of coming now or later,

It will all work out in your favor.

This is your journey of self-expression

That from outside looks like obsession

But is answering your life's question.

It is uncomfortable to overextend

But you must, to see yourself bend

To break what's brittle at each end.

Soon enough, you'll reach your limit,

The place that might tire you to visit,

But where you'll reconnect to spirit.

Which part of it makes you tired?

Then ask your mind to be rewired

To form new ways to be inspired.

Did you drag the past this far?

Can you postpone the memoir?

Will you forget who you are?

At some point the habit must stop.

Lay down tonight and just let it drop

And awaken a little lighter on top.

Consider this your sign to move on,

A warning you've been here too long

And proof you should already be gone.

Not what you are, but what you become

Is what to wonder, not how to be done;

Focus a bit more each day on having fun.

This didn't yield because you were strong

Nor did it unroll because you worked long;

Like you, it opened by being focused on.

There was a time to be more intense,

Now that time is back behind a fence;

Here in the open, follow your sense.

Instead of wondering about the other side

And gathering knowledge that feeds pride,

Why not appreciate your own lovely stride?

There is so much you do not need to know

There is so little you need to love the flow

There are so very many ways you can grow.

After you've had your mighty brainstorm,

Now comes the time to consciously perform,

To turn hot nor cold, but perfectly warm.

Organize your thoughts. Give this time.

Get them to harmonize, not simply rhyme.

Seek to feel utilized, not simply fine.

Being authentic and relevant is good,

So long as you recall why you should:

To stand where no one else has stood.

And why did you need to go over there?

Why did you believe you needed repair?

Can you flow with flaws and not care?

Body and brain both need exercise

To keep you healthy as well as wise;

Work with each based on its size.

This may feel like a good time to plan

Rather than finish the mission at hand;

But focus and fulfill as only you can.

Not time for that - it is time for this

Regardless of whether you need to shift

Priorities rather than let them all mix.

Deciding whether to move on to the next

Implies that this you knows what's best;

Come up with a more thorough self-test.

Trust the closest examples of success

Rather than going away to be blessed;

Make results easier for time to test.

Look for some model to base yourself on

But don't hold on to that model too long

Just enough to right where you're wrong.

Perhaps difficult, but you must sit still

To meet your own restless ambition's will

And ask it which cup it's trying to fill.

You must trust in more than yourself

Both to strengthen your mental health

And expand your definition of wealth.

Schedule time to just walk away,

To give your mind space to stray

And keep predictability at bay.

And some connections need to be cut

To keep you from falling into a rut

Where it's hard to see what is what.

Exactly why does it need to be so huge?

Is your thirst only quenched by deluge?

How much of it all will your heart use?

Have you ever been wrong before?

Did you end up finding out more?

Isn't that what you're here for?

Go ahead and be as specific as you can,

So precise you can feel it in your hand,

So clear you can see each grain of sand.

Once you admit these are distractions,

You can take more appropriate actions

To discover even deeper satisfaction.

Take this moment as your gift -

Not to be opened then dismissed

But to truly use what's within.

Get back in the habit, without excuse.

Whatever's in the way, do cut it loose.

Whatever's been learned, put it to use.

Do you consider your schedule your own?

Do you charge for all the time you loan?

Think of moments spent as seeds sown.

You know you've closed a life chapter

When your belly holds healthy laughter

Over your unique happily-ever-after.

If your ears could walk away they would,

But since they cannot, your feet should

Head to those who speak of what is good.

Only consider advice that has proof

That does more than just toss clues;

Trust what you can thoroughly use.

When you step away and then come back,

Push through if you feel out of whack;

Notice what gets you to stay on track.

Don't rush to fill every awkward silence

To avoid disapproval or outright defiance:

These are not the times for compliance.

It is healthier to be disliked

Than to bear even a little spite;

Be genuine, whether rude or polite.

You don't always have to be smiling

Or to be clever, quick or beguiling;

You should share what's underlying.

Seek to be visionary whenever you spend

Because more characters await you ahead;

Some will borrow while others will lend.

The way forward is the one most gentle

That will use your subconscious mental,

As you train it with some fundamentals.

Consider it hard and then it has to be.

Don't, and somehow it happens easily.

Think about how you want it to feel.

Before choosing, review your core values

Before you let one schedule become two;

Give what you are, not what you produce.

Partnerships are your best indicator

Of if you're ignoring now for later,

Or if you focus on today as greater.

What we accomplish matters little,

Goals alone are fleeting and brittle;

Make this day a poem, not a riddle.

If you knew the future, would it matter?

Today looks through a window of chatter

That tomorrow plans to open or shatter.

What feels like a child's shiny new toy

Should not be thought of as a real joy;

Long-lasting bliss is slower to deploy.

The art of living shows in your wit

So if you can, try to laugh about it

And invite everyone to giggle a bit.

If they need to complain you should say,

“Now that we know what you need today,

What is best for me is to be on my way.”

Some things will never be worth doing,

Since they're not what you're pursuing;

Pour the time into what you're brewing.

It makes sense that you have fewer peers:

It means you've made yourself very clear

For the right ones to come find you here. 

A little more organization will help

So you can daily enhance your health,

Which is the essence of useful wealth.

When you yourself are traveling around

It's harder for you yourself to be found;

What seed grows in unsettled ground?

For the sake of days that turn upside down

Or endlessly spin you around and around,

Take the shortcut straight to safe ground.

When negativity shows up, it's only a guest

With lots of questions, but not with a test;

Work on the helpful ones, ignore the rest.

Get ready, amazing connections are coming,

Ones that will have all your senses buzzing,

Moving faster than they have been running.

Be open to meet those who slow life down

And force you to gaze, not glance around;

When they find you, you will feel found.

Greet even the most unpleasant surprise.

It is only a gust of wind. You're the sky.

It is only one second. You're all of time.

Be very strict about what you allow

Your mind to think - and also how.

Build later. Gather your tools now.

Don't focus on the path in the heat;

Focus instead on how your own feet

Are holding up and what they need.

Check in with others just to make sure

Your thinking is getting you to a cure

And dodging any bait that might lure.

Be flexible this time and change your tone

So your words don't cut right to the bone;

For now, let truth be quiet and your own.

Come out from that fixed point of view

That used very limited concepts of you.

You will become whatever you need to.

Life has added on one thing more,

Not to give you yet another chore,

But to show you yet another door. 

You are not here to rebuild or fix -

You are not here for any bit of this.

You are here to create your Oasis.

Sometimes you don't get to decide

What pushes your plan on its side;

Your job is to make things right.

The best use of your time is in training

Because it is both a way of maintaining

And a way to reach where you're aiming.

What can you sculpt on a finished statue?

Without hardship, what's left to react to?

In plainer words, no challenge, no value.

It's best to find others who are also seeking,

Because when people on a quest are meeting

They all stop starting and start completing.

A bird cannot move the wind, just each wing

Just as all you can do is each next right thing.

Attention to detail is really all you can bring.

Do you understand and uphold your worth?

Value your background, in fact, do this first.

Know your price like a farmer knows earth.

Bring the value of all your experience

And bring along all of your confidence

Because you already benefit all of us.

What you are feeling is a warming sunrise,

The hope that comes with a new enterprise,

And sheds enough light to help you clarify.

Add certainty, surprise, meaning, connection,

A sense of impact and a feeling of progression,

And what you have baked is a life of perfection.

Hurdle the pit of overthinking

Wherein effort ends up sinking;

Be as certain as your blinking.

Giving is good, but keep in mind:

You can only share what you find,

So when searching, take your time.

You can make this a deeper connection

By embracing each bit of imperfection

And loving the art of paying attention.

How much of your day must be certain?

Do you have to pull back every curtain?

The unknowns keep all of it working.

The desire to take this risk,

And whatever it comes with,

Is the most important shift.

You are far from having reached your peak

Because what goes with being this unique

Is that you light the lanterns others need.

When do you feel perfectly safe?

Is it at the very end of your day?

Or the moment it gets underway?

You lose one thing but always gain two:

First, a lesson and then something new.

Need proof? Just think of the past few.

For some, complaining is a form of fitness.

But only listen long enough to bear witness

To what's louder and softer - forgiveness.

Sordid histories can be so convincing,

Yet so long ago that you're squinting;

Instead, give your memory a rinsing.

Keep believing in being clear

For that is what keeps you here

And draws the best things near.

The shortcut never works out that way,

Though it does remind how not to behave

When next you choose to stick or stray.

In all of this there is a seed of joy

That to grow will need you to employ

Not a few thoughts, but a whole convoy.

You don't have to work - you have to align

In order to achieve anything one-of-a-kind:

Don't strain your back - ease your mind.

Make the decision. Yes, it's a hard one

Because it undoes what seems already done,

But in fact, you have only just begun.

It wasn't a mistake - it was necessary

To put a lesson in your bones to carry

So you can just know and not be wary.

They are offering you clear indicators

Of whether they do things now or later;

Promote yourself to chief investigator.

Put that down. You need to be learning.

You need to keep your interest churning.

What's obsolete you need to be burning.

Training your thoughts is not science

But pure persistence and self-reliance

And one great role model or alliance.

Accept that they ignored what you said.

Accept that they must clean their mess.

Accept that you have a garden to tend.

Keep building - even in the rain.

Keep building - even through pain.

Keep building - even yet again.

Part of you feels it would seem rude

And part yearns to unleash your mood;

Step away from both before you choose.

You shouldn't be there. You should go.

Moving ahead without so much in tow.

Be bold. Dig deep and just say so.

You underestimate your need for rest,

Your need to melt in a loving caress.

Your need to feel ease in your chest.

You need enough distance from problems

In order to measure and then solve them;

Step back, where your insight broadens.

Let everyone else choose their side;

Stay in between with arms open wide,

A reach that is both loving and wise.

What you're hearing isn't who they are

Any more than the melody is the guitar;

Are their words and deeds both on par?

They have certainly brought you abundance

Of what you want or else your comeuppance;

Gratefully accept this or risk redundance.

Even if perfection is your personal goal,

They don't care if it's half-done or whole;

They only seek some time with your soul.

The greatest kept treasure is your time,

The treasure chest is your state of mind;

You are wealthy when both match in size.

Even the worst parts can be entertaining

When you consider how silly is straining,

Like watering flowers when it's raining.

Take lightly this present role

And today will simply unfold

Without a complicated goal.

As of this moment, you are on vacation.

You have reached a dreamy destination,

Perfectly prepared by your imagination.

How often do you wake up and ask

If it's time to move to the next task?

Get an answer. Press on or turn fast.

If more of this will keep things the same,

Then the one decision to make is to change

Both your approach as well as your aim.  

Fear was being sold and they bought it,

Blame was being thrown and you caught it;

Do not pass it back, just gently drop it.

Be mindful of the words you select

To keep your mind's ears in check.

Try out new ones and then reflect.

Of course you'd be more comfortable knowing.

But what's coming won't do an early showing

Of all the new treasures it will be bestowing.

Part of your work must be public

So people can hold it and touch it

And share their love because of it.

Part of your work must be shrouded,

Somewhere you alone are allowed in,

So your center does not get crowded.

In order to help, they must first know

That you need help to continue to go.

They only see this by what you show.

It makes a great story, but misses the point:

Energetically things were just out of joint.

This is all the truth that you should voice.

Between passion and patience, pick the one

That's best today for getting the job done,

Or else will let you have the most fun.

It's not that you shouldn't care what they think -

You cannot know what pushes them to the brink,

So why not just make yourself the farthest link?

Do it for the sake of the adventure.

This way regardless, you'll treasure

The time all of you spent together.

In whom do you confide weekly about it?

Do they listen and occasionally comment?

Or do they bear witness so you'll commit?

Be willing. Be strong. Be rooted. Dig in.

When faced with chaos, perseverance wins.

Just deepen your stance and tuck your chin.

Be master of two things - yes and no.

Because they make time shrink or grow

Based on what they block or let flow.

It is more important to fully finish

Than to become slave to the image

Of the-one-who-responds-quickest.

When taking advice from the unhappy,

Convert it to something you can carry,

Go do the opposite of what went badly.

When you love them, it all becomes easy -

The hardest situations will turn breezy,

And your energy will flow more freely.

You're wealthy when you're generous,

You're powerful when you're curious,

You're immortal when it's effortless.

With more than enough on your plate,

You know it's time for you to delegate.

So find someone who can demonstrate.

It is more important to hold your vision

Than it is even to make right decisions -

Because clarity just absorbs collisions.

Who last told you what you ought to do?

Don't let one bit of it stick to your shoe

Trailblazing the wilderness you choose.

You always have the power to rewrite

Any part of this to create day from night

By opening to more inspiration and insight.

You'll have to collaborate with someone else

Because you should go no further by yourself

To guard and grow your own overall health.

In being the lone expert, there is no use,

For talent and skill are just a thin excuse

For why they just want to be around you.

You may have no trouble when you start

In doing something with less than heart,

But it will fall down, so take it apart.

Insincerity is still an untruth,

So in every word that you choose

Get your inner voice to improve.

We only think we know what we need

So the thing to do is look between

How it is and how it's perceived.

Why try to chart one straight line

To make such a steep uphill climb?

Avoid injury - not passage of time.

Whether a short or long-term friend,

They can help round this next bend

Like no other guide you have can.

Is there a schedule you need to keep?

Can you stop and enjoy what you see?

Is it alright to arrive eventually?

Consider things that are immense -

Do they work best when most tense?

Relaxing is all that makes sense.

What you are looking for can be found

Without even needing to go look around;

More water beneath than above ground.

Whether or not they're even aware,

They're making you the best out there;

Why not take them up on their dare?

Or else nothing needs to change -

Because things that stay the same

Help you sharpen your aim.

While working is fine,

Worrying wastes time

(Waiting is sublime).

When you let it come to you

You know it is meant to do,

And not just something new.

Now be brave and put your name on it,

Because courage needs to be flaunted

So others see how to be undaunted.

If ever you hear yourself stiffen,

A habit put you in that position:

Offer all of it up for revision.

For the new things you needed to know

How many old did you need to let go?

Do you allow for the ebb and flow?

This time let the first thing end

Before you go start another again:

Learn to be your energy's friend.

One year cannot hold extra months.

One guard cannot protect two fronts.

You should do much less, at once.

First there's what you should be doing,

Then there's what you're quietly brewing;

All else you're just naturally excluding.

Let them fret over what the future holds

Because even once it all seems unrolled,

It will refuse to be completely foretold.

Although for you it was unexpected,

What matters most remains protected;

What you needed least, you deflected.

There's a limit to the number of tasks

That can fit inside your life's baskets

What should they hold is what to ask.

Dive into a deep moment of thought

To appreciate everything you've got

And be grateful for what you're not.

The very essence of enjoyment is play,

So if you're getting stuck, don't stay.

Find a lighter, looser, lovelier way.

Would you prefer to be right or get results,

Or be the one with whom everyone consults

Or to be blessed with the steadiest pulse?

Remember when it gets tough,

That playfulness can be enough:

Laughter is a form of income.

All you can do is what you can do.

As for the rest, it is not up to you,

So decide what you want to be true.

What you really need to understand

Is that giving your heart and hand

Also means giving up all demands.

Going without knowing the way

Is daring to invest, not just save;

It is the very definition of brave.

Not everyone can relate to you -

And that needs to be alright too:

It will be better with just a few.

Everyone else will be able to relate to you

When you tell not what you went through

But what made you decide to start anew.

In giving others something to share,

It is what you choose and from where

That helps them to grow more aware.

If you don't, then no one else will

Share with the same love and skill

(This is not your time to sit still).

Wherever silence hides a fear

The greatest healer is the ear

That listens until all is clear.

No need to glare at what you want to change

But you must craft perfection in your brain

So your subconscious can see where to aim.

Along with patience have a plan

That includes everything it can -

Where to takeoff, fly and land.

There's not one thing you do that's small:

You pass unlit lanterns along a night wall

And your torch brings light to them all.

Some circular stories never go away,

They just turn slower every new day

Until they are a statue of yesterday.

As long as you're trying to get somewhere

You'll meet people with things to compare;

Be right here - all that's left to do is share.

This body is your perfect vehicle

To journey all that's meaningful

And experience the unbelievable.

Do any of them seem happier than you

Living the way you dream to live too?

Examine every detail, not just a few.

What you dream of is just a direction -

Go that way, but keep asking questions.

So you reach not a place, but the lesson.

The answer you're looking for is this:

You talk when you're just interested.

When you're serious, you schedule it.

Frustration weeds up the empty space

Wherever commitment isn't yet laid;

Hands in dirt is how a garden's made.

You don't know what you're getting into

When you begin. You're just not meant to.

So look for the questions, and hints too.

That was a tunnel that you passed through.

Crowded or twisted, that one's behind you.

Forget about that now and enjoy this view.

There is a whole other way to look at this,

One that rearranges the way everything fits

And puts you in a position to gain from it.

It only seems they took advantage of you,

That is, in fact, very far from the truth:

You freely gave - the thief was the fool.

How it is isn't worth complaining about,

Spend one full hour mapping another route

And then pack your gear and then set out.

What you love to hold, you sometimes drop.

When you do, it is just as important to stop

To see if you made a mess you need to mop.

Pick up after yourself

As a matter of health,

And proof of wealth.

When underneath the shade tree of grief,

Set yourself down and get a little sleep.

You will awaken to the light of peace.

What do you expect is in store?

Do you need there to be more?

Who are you doing all this for?

Forgive all those sellers of cheap things

Pressuring you to buy what they bring 

Unaware you already have everything.

That you are so responsible in

Tending to what's meaningful

Is nothing short of wonderful.

Right now, what are your priorities?

When we look into each one of these

Which ones stir both drive and ease?

If you think a thought then feel tension,

Slow down at once and pay close attention

To what's trying to avoid being mentioned.

The journey is going as it should:

Everything is not always all good,

But more is becoming understood.

You will soar once you let yourself plummet.

Study the stories of people who have done it -

Gone into the unknown to launch far above it.

Those who speak from a state of alarm

Spread a conversational form of harm;

Refresh the room with wit and charm.

What they offer, examine closely.

Do they also live it, even mostly?

Are they the guest to be hosting?

Start that next piece before this one is done

And if your mind keeps asking for a reason:

Nothing can finish until after you've begun.

Hold those fears in two closed hands

And let them escape as grains of sand

Each too small to make any demands.

To get rid of the stress,

Clean your mind's mess

Through genuine rest.

Looking to what any given day can bring

Is tending to the wind and not the wing

Put your health before any daily thing.

Be up to meet the day head on, 

Or work the whole night long -

Do whichever sings your song.

Splitting your time between here and there

Actually puts you in the middle of nowhere.

Do it if you must, but change it if you care.

Just listen whether they rant or rave.

Develop your own new way to behave,

One that considers acceptance brave.

You must allow them to deny,

You must even allow the lie,

You must allow their why.

Control isn't why you're here. 

Events are not yours to steer.

Be light and open and clear.

They will keep unloading hurt

Like a full truck dumping dirt,

Until the moment you self-assert.

They are allowed to hold up their own truth,

They are even allowed to consider you a fool;

But you must continue to choose. So choose.

Feel it in full, but don't spread it around,

The emotion that pulls all that's light down;

Quarantine it - let the rest of you rebound.

It's as simple to say as this:

"What once did, no longer fits."

Everything changes. Everything shifts.

As you're now finishing,

Here's to new beginnings!

By starting you are winning.

Listen to what is being offered -

Is it being said to sound proper?

Is it from a real doer or a talker?

Your very approach forces them to react;

Check what can be perceived as an attack

And get yourself to take a few steps back.

Hold longer and wiser conversations:

You'll need less time for preparation

By using the power of collaboration.

When they ask you for the story

Be sure to cover every category

As if they were an actual jury.

More people than is evident

Truly do appreciate silence;

Give it and see what you get.

Which creativity comes when alone?

Which creativity comes from home?

Which creativity comes on its own?

Know when to bring in other opinions,

Feel when to make your own decisions,

Sense when it is the time for division.

Check they know what they're talking about,

That they understand their work in and out,

And begin with mind, then end with mouth.

There is more wisdom than you can imagine.

You have experienced just a mere fraction;

The rest needs more discussion to happen.

Your body is an extremely obedient servant,

Following your mental example in earnest -

So think good thoughts as if it were urgent.

Things are headed right where they're going.

You get the privilege to witness life flowing,

And to see firsthand how useless is knowing.

Let them tell you it's unbelievable

As your knowing defies the physical

And creates completely new material.

No one knows what they're talking about

Except for the inner voice with no mouth.

Listen so well you become deaf to all doubt.

You do the same thing they do,

Thus it annoys you to the root;

Make peace with the inner fool.

Hear your default inner monologue.

Is it describing a journey or a slog?

Exactly who is bringing who along?

Can you see how you've repeated enough?

Do you see there's no more to gain from

Continuing with no point to speak of?

Center your focus on your intended goal

And you won't need to fight for control;

What must will just slowly, quietly go.

Whatever your age, seek out an elder,

A time-tested mentor, a genuine helper

To build you an experience-based shelter.

You are the villain and they fight for glory

What if they deeply need this as their story?

Are you here to play out their flat allegory?

You are not here for idle chitchat -

But to go where today's truth is at:

Be the listener - not the diplomat.

Uncomfortable putting your name out there?

If it doesn't go on your work, then where?

Put your name on it to show that you care.

Dismantling doubt takes much more time

Than moving forward in one straight line

Be original later - for now, just rhyme.

When you put your hand over your throat,

It symbolizes you have something to choke

Which is important, so take special note.

When you put your hand over your core,

It means you're guarding against more.

Of what? Answering is your next chore.

Wherever your hand goes in conversation

Points toward where you keep hesitation:

Focus your inner work on this location.

It is never too early nor too late

To build something that resonates:

Someone somewhere sincerely waits.

The mindset of training is a crippling one,

That swears something else must be done

Though you already shine like the sun.

As long as you keep believing reasons,

This will take you many more seasons.

Why not decide more delay is treason?

In case you were seeking an outside verdict,

No one ever needed your need to be certain:

You are most beautiful when you're imperfect.

Whenever you become perplexed,

Whoever comes over to you next,

Whatever in you do they reflect?

As soon as you're no longer chasing,

And have had enough of past-erasing,

You and true peace will be embracing.

The kind of preparation you favor

Isn't what you need now or later -

Build a space for you as Creator.

Let doubt have its chance to say

What it's sure is down this way,

Nod and come back out to play.

To make the next transition

And get beyond idly wishing,

Simply change your position.

Though it feels like pointless abuse,

What feels hardest to put to good use

Is a box holding transformative truth.

Once you cease seeing you as your habits,

The easier it gets to feel and then have it:

You can already just reach out and grab it.

The second you feel misaligned,

Or like an accomplice to a crime,

Give them no more of your time.

Signs simply wait to be read.

You're speeding by one again.

Rely on the eyes of a friend.

Do you understand what they're about,

Before you follow them on their route?

Do they put more in or want more out?

If you get stuck in the circle of thought

For far longer than you realize or ought,

Take one bold leap and out you will pop!

If you see that you've come back here again,

And as for returning, don't remember when,

Breathe in fresh knowing, to a count of ten.

If you feel uncertain where to go again

Or cannot begin to decide exactly when,

Breathe this mind out to a count of ten.

If they prefer to talk,

They're already caught:

You hurry up and walk.

Being able to sense a disguise

Is part of becoming this wise;

Do you also see what's inside?

Don't be the one to fill that space.

Don't rush to answer. Let them wait.

You're to be patient and contemplate.

The events that can't be undone

Teach you a personalized lesson:

You get to choose what to become.

You will never get enough -

You will only have enough -

Once you decide, “Enough.”

Forget what you've been reading -

The kind of day you're completing

Is what decides what to be eating.

It is absolutely all about your attitude:

Great health comes from a great mood,

So let laughter spill into every room.

Once you start genuinely expressing,

What feels like a public undressing,

Is stripping away second-guessing.

You think you know. You surely do not.

Experience is a trap. Do not get caught.

Leave behind whatever you've brought.

See for yourself - not through a filter

And immediately spot what's off-kilter

Between what's new and what's familiar.

The part of you that wants to hide

Is sitting on what's deeper inside:

Dig just past it to your gold mine.

Feel free to listen well to everyone's advice,

But find the only one worth hearing twice -

The one that is as powerful as it is precise.

Does it fit your set of priorities?

Does it improve your life's quality?

Does it deepen your sense of curiosity?

Thank the one who never hid -

The one who'd catch you if you slid,

The one who caught you last time you did.

Once you've given all you've got

You will arrive at the very spot

Where you can receive a lot.

It's time to journey upstream -

To the source of your mystery

To your answer's beginning.

Whenever you feel things go off-course,

Think your way right back to the source:

Make sure there is more flow than force.

Open up a little bit more of your attention

To take in all the beauty in every direction

And feel how it immediately cures tension.

You should now be asserting yourself

Via firm handshake or wishing well;

Make an impression that is heartfelt.

Don't do it because you perceive a need,

But do it because of where it could lead:

Do it because it plants one amazing seed.

The reason there needs to be a lull

Is not to give you time to grow dull,

But to let you regroup to be invincible.

There are things you still need to know,

Waiting around that corner in the road.

Let this be reason enough for you to go.

If you can practice a patient passion,

There are lessons you cannot imagine

On the way to what you will be having.

If what you're told contradicts

Something you just feel within,

You're not what needs to be fixed.

As if you're winning a bet,

Laugh in the face of fret -

Because you're not done yet.

There is nothing you can do

Except what you came here to:

Let that pass right on through.

Being angry enough to fight

Doesn't make you or it right;

Your grip on life is too tight.

When you want to just curl up

And admit you have had enough,

Remember your most loving hug.

When you want to just turn around

Or sit right here on the ground,

Allow yourself to be found.

When you want to stand up and run

In order to get everything all done,

Forget about the many for the one.

When you want everything to stop

To give you more time to gear up,

Tell this feeling, “That's enough.”

Believe they're doing their very best

Without adding the pressure of a test;

Trust in the flow and get better rest.

There are so many ways to get there

That you can take any. But beware -

Halfway is the quickest to nowhere.

The story you tell has to be shorter;

Arrange everything in the proper order

And you will have yet another supporter.

Most of them won't matter at all, 

But one key detail is invaluable -

The one that feels least repeatable.

Exciting times are nearly upon you,

Not because of anything you'll do, 

But because of what comes through.

As you keep at it every single day,

Heading into your own made up fray,

Time will surrender, bow down and pay.

What feels like the definition of mad -

Pursuing something no one's ever had,

Is how you stay fulfilled and glad.

Listen so closely, not for guidance,

But to find your next great alliance

Or who deserves your full defiance.

Why are they here now? Who knows!

Your job is to be the one who grows

No matter what the forecast shows.

A lot of people expect you to -

Should that decide what you do?

Be as quick to say hello as adieu.

You need to say that's enough,

That this road is plenty rough

Without hotheads flaring up.

The ones who feel like long lost friends

Are the ones you can trust, tell and send

Or ask to hear you out again and again.

If you won't listen to praise directly,

You're blocking things from connecting;

Gratitude is all about being accepting.

Very soon it will be bigger than you

And that is just plain, simple truth

As long as you keep yourself in tune.

Accidentally saying what's impossible

Sheds light on something meaningful -

That limits are absolutely reversible.

What you make will be greater than its parts

If you give it the best, earliest, farthest start;

All you'll ever need are momentum and heart.

You have an advantage you're not revealing -

That certain habits simply aren't appealing.

Use this as you head into deeper healing.

You don't have to like their decision,

But it's their life and their vision,

So you should move to avoid collision.

It's not true, despite all the debate:

They hold opinions they didn't create

So don't judge, just avoid and wait.

Don't respond to every knock at your door

Or else distraction will demand even more

And invite confusion to make visits galore.

Have you thought it all the way through?

Is there someone you owe for being you?

Is something outside of you more true?

You do not need to be any smarter

Nor do you need to work any harder,

You just need to walk a bit farther.

What can you do right now?

What can you do - and how?

What in you already abounds?

How long will it take to build?

Who all has the required skills?

What vision will this fulfill?

Without completely knowing

You just have to keep going:

Your map is still unrolling.

Though the end is out of sight,

Do the rest with all your might

So your foundation is airtight.

First, do it all the way,

Heading on into the fray,

Willing - come what may.

'Luck' runs away from the idle;

Be just like a horse unbridled

Then it cannot escape or hide.

Do your part of the work,

And if your helpers shirk,

Let this teach, not hurt.

Do all you can before luck arrives

And you'll discover it in disguise

Right here in front of your eyes.

Wisdom will not come from what others say -

Mistakes make experience, it's the only way;

Failing is nothing more than a price to pay.

Every day unearths another nugget,

More gold to drop into your bucket

So dig where the ground is rugged.

Learn all of it for yourself

So that even if darkness fell

You could generate new wealth.

Be cautious and bold,

Hearing what is told,

Taking your own road.

It's wise to learn from those who fail,

But beware those who repeatedly flail;

Ask about the direction of their sail.

Certain causes produce certain effects

So you already know what happens next

Just looking at what to what connects.

Go and get the best tools,

Learn all the basic rules,

Excel in your own school.

What is worthwhile takes effort -

Not reading a book by each letter,

But dedicating to growing better.

You have barely reached halfway,

So now that it's half underway,

You can do things more your way.

As heart cannot be mind,

Giving must not be blind:

Leave cluelessness behind.

No matter who tries to get you to move,

You have to stick to your own values.

All you have is your power to choose.

Don't seek more where you last lost.

Pay no more than what it already cost.

Consider this a border you've crossed.

You uplift everything around you.

The effects are tangible and true.

Knowing this, what will you do?

Think long-term but act right now.

Long-term thinking shapes your how

And uses your lifetime as its plow.

Do you keep wishing you'd already begun,

And then wish you were now already done?

Forget about the distance and just run.

Delay your gratification and get back to it.

Or let enjoyment lay in pushing through.

Know that in this you are among the few.

Know your target. Know yourself.

Rely on certainty, not on stealth.

Forget aiming far - just aim well.

Is it the root of the problem you seek?

Why not instead find where it is weak?

What dam outlasts its own worst leak?

You can be doing it right now

Even without yet knowing how

Once you completely allow.

Those are just the actual tasks.

Find those who can help, and ask.

Be visionary. Let others be fast.

What you assume is well-meaning

Is preventing you from varying:

Be willing to change everything.

Make your own decision,

Uphold your own vision

And by each be driven.

Be owner - not boss.

Study gain - not loss.

Look in - not across.

Hard work is pointless labor

Until your reason is greater,

And then the impact is major.

Your morning rituals are critical,

And when you see just how pivotal,

They become your secret miracle.

Finish the ones now growing old

And start adding some newer goals

So the rest of you can yet unfold.

Channel your passion.

Take immediate action.

Note: Put off satisfaction.

Organize tomorrow today -

Next week, the same way;

Unschedule all disarray.

Break it down into daily tasks.

Then do each one and do it fast

And the worst part will be past.

We all possess the same powers -

We all own the same 24 hours;

We all build tombs or towers.

Visualize to properly use your brain

Because what you imagine, you ingrain

And what you think is how you train.

Become a student of history

And what they call a mystery

Will reveal itself swiftly.

To help others to self-attune

Create more than you consume.

If you need time, make room.

What are you waiting for?

Someone to give you more?

What have you already stored?

You have to start with nothing

To understand this one thing:

You are what you're becoming.

Have nothing to do with it;

Being given is the opposite

Of getting via will and grit.

Energy goes where it finds its match:

What gets caught with what can catch.

What will your unique energy attract?

Of course you know how to protect,

But open up the gates and connect

With all the villagers you affect.

The basement is full - go upstairs.

Enjoy the view and the fresher air.

Everyone knows, but few go there.

Where is your backup plan based?

What would you do, just in case?

Are these thoughts you ever face? 

Is it too advanced for right now?

Is it an idea that dares the how?

For present reality does it allow?

Help those who help themselves

For the complaining it dispels

And the momentum it compels.

Give real things - not words

Because water quenches thirst

More than asking if it hurts.

Are you focused on your main endeavor?

Is it ready for every kind of weather?

Over the seasons is it getting better?

Constant hammering on one nail

Will certainly and without fail

Drive it like a train on a rail.

Be systematic - think about the steps.

Rearrange in your head what comes next.

Play until you are all done with stress.

Don't be too systematic - let it flow.

Just forget about where this might go.

Could any flower forget how to grow?

Know what's really happening. Find out

Because when you know what it's about,

Your light shines through the clouds.

If you don't like the way it sounds,

Perhaps they overstepped their bounds.

Do they stand on justifiable ground?

Why not be novel, if you have the choice?

And you always do, because of your voice;

Uniqueness is something you cannot avoid.

Check to make sure that is the truth.

If it is not, detour from this route.

If it is, tell other traveling groups.

Honesty. Mislead for no one.

Untruths shrivel in the sun;

Clarity blooms for everyone.

Expand your concept of personal joy

Beyond collections of physical toys

Into what even time cannot destroy.

What any experience will mean

All depends on your philosophy

So why not use one that's lean?

Whatever story appears to be rising

Is something all of you were writing

To act out together. Come out of hiding. 

The way they keep sabotaging your actions -

They are obviously well-timed distractions

You laid for You on the way to satisfaction.

You will save yourself so much trouble

By closing off into an imaginary bubble

With all of history's sages in a huddle.

So move in a way that is proud but not hostile

Since emotions gather up inside your posture;

Move like someone who is only able to prosper.

Can you finally forget about the how?

To synchronicity can you finally bow?

Open and observe, appreciate and allow.

It's about more than just who can pay -

It's about if you like to work their way

And love hearing their voices every day.

Note how quickly you respond

To decide if you want to go on

Or say it's already too far gone.

There's no telling when it will end, so

Regardless of comfort zones or trends,

Adjust, accommodate, stretch and bend.

This time, yes, you need to vent

Both for all that it will prevent

And for the release it represents.

You be the one to break the ice.

But instead of trying to be nice,

Just be intentional and concise.

They don't have to have what you need -

You have to be able to quickly perceive

To know if they do, then stay or leave.

Temper is the most accurate indicator

Of what you already put off until later

And has grown into something greater.

Are you being deeply heard,

Deeper than the actual words?

Answer this question first.

You neither need them to agree

Nor be pointlessly provoking;

You need them to let you be.

When you do need to let it out,

Find who knows what you're about

And only then open your mouth.

No need to refuse out of spite, 

But if they wasted your advice

How will they treat your time?

Draw closer to those whose presence sparks

Something in the very center of your heart

And the nights will never again be as dark.

Though you may still pause for tears,

There simply is no time left for fear -

Your once far-off dream's nearly here.

You can say yes, just to find out

What their offering is all about:

What is true in what they tout?

Is there any more you can do?

There is. You know it's true.

Hunt down your next excuse.

Doubt lore, legends and such.

Search until patterns turn up:

It was by law and not by luck.

Look at everything from above:

No one succeeds from just luck,

Nothing long-lasting is rushed.

On what legs will it all stand?

Do you have an organized plan?

Study as many others as you can.

Do you want them to ignore their thirst?

To them, whose discomfort feels worst?

Have you helped them ease theirs first?

Helping is going to be your universal key

To get started and done with everything:

So first of all, go give what others need.

Are you spending enough

Time tilting your chin up

And expressing self-love?

Whether or not you feel recognized,

Keep working. You may not realize

The work is changing you inside.

Slow down - it is your earnestness

That brings out all your very best,

And draws wisdom out of patience.

Regardless of intention, the effect was what?

To deliver you a solution or leave you stuck?

You need better alliances - not better luck.

They don't know:

You must go slow

So you can grow.

There is too much to get done right now

For you to be constantly reinventing how;

Only constant daily execution is allowed.

Asking to find out why

Is one of the clear signs:

Trust your own insight.

Until it is scheduled, it cannot become real

No matter how intensely or certain you feel;

Committing to a date gives your wagon wheels.

There was no path from which to stray,

No charted route to sail through today

Because you are both wayfinder and way.

You will overcome the insurmountable

By holding only yourself accountable;

Draw upon what feels most bountiful.

Your evolution can happen overnight,

Or it can be a long, drawn-out fight;

Either way, it is going to be alright.

Do you worry that you'll sound too weird?

Or that you are precisely what they feared?

Head straight - your way has been cleared.

The conversation hasn't happened just yet,

Even though everything else has been set -

So go in seeing your needs as already met.

Negativity isn't anything more than help

To nudge you out of that yesterday's self,

Butterfly, asleep in your caterpillar shell.

Lay your habits as carefully as bricks

Because once time gets each to stick, 

They will withstand even direct hits.

Today, rather than bothering to analyze,

Just keep on loving what happens inside

And choose the deepening over the rise.

Let the outcome go either way.

If it matters, you'll be led astray;

Always benefit, come what may.

Fine, call this your obsession - 

But see what else must get done

To give more to your intention.

Fine, consider this your passion

But see that the mundane is done

To fully support your intention.

Doing a thing to get a thing is suspect.

Doing a thing to be that thing is correct.

Doing must be kept in constant check.

You are doing what your past wanted to do,

But did you originally, consciously choose?

Today pick a path that is in some way new.

You possess more strength than you realize,

More healing power than a hospital inside,

More wealth than could ever be monetized.

It is not about some one thing you do -

It's about your honesty coming through

By putting aside your how for your who.

Pain is allowed. Let it flow right by.

Bear witness with a compassionate eye,

Remembering that trust makes it subside.

How much do you identify with your name?

As for your stories, are you doing the same?

Do these even begin to describe your range?

That you should do more is just a concept.

Compelling, yes. But as a point, incorrect.

What should a mirror “do” but reflect?

There is no need to be combative -

What you are here to do is forgive.

Put down your shield and truly live.

What you have is not who you are.

Where you go brings you near, not far:

Use your center as your guiding star.

Be grateful for having made it here,

For being able to lend a genuine ear,

For recognizing those who are sincere.

All of your options are actually vibrations

Each amplifies or silences other creations;

Choose what sounds and feels like flotation.

Trust your ears even more than your eyes

And you will soon be pleasantly surprised

At how easy it is to know things' insides.

Being reliable is pulling you under.

Change is what gives your life color.

For this reason alone, try the other.

By itself it should not have hurt.

Maybe it did because of past work.

Either way, treat it as a landmark.

Plant your stake here in the ground.

Whether you rest, climb on or hike down,

Mark it and look all the way around.

Are you doing this to get something done?

Does what you're up to have an outcome?

Do you know how to do just for fun?

Don't bother deciding who you'll become.

Think about how much you want to have fun

And give this your life's days, one by one.

You are here not to flee, but to chase,

But not like running a planned-out race;

You are here to catch up to open space.

Some say to speed up - others, to slow down.

Techniques and options will always abound.

Your ideal pace keeps no feet on the ground.

The point of the story is not to lay laws,

But to give you some time to just pause

And maybe rewrite your own “because.”

Let failure make the ego weaker,

Turn you into a softer creature -

Awaken your most selfless seeker.

When you're on either side of that feud,

Whether called “hero” or not, you lose

Unless and until you do as you choose.

Too much certainty leads to confusion;

You have to work on constant evolution

To become a fountain of new solutions.

They don't understand what you're becoming

But do understand when you speak of money;

Be mindful of this in all that you're running.

Right now your role is to fully support,

Not to investigate, criticize or resort -

Any other approach will only fall short.

You can reach this place by intuition

Or smack into it via direct collision;

Either way delivers you to transition.

There is more of you you can call upon.

Go to the mirror, take time, look long.

It's there in your eyes: endless beyond.

You've reached the end of standing still.

Once you get moving your momentum will

Either learn or lease any required skill.

Ones who won't finish fret about the start

But you're going all the way, so take heart

That you will no matter what comes apart.

No one else gets to use your voice.

No one else gets to make this choice.

No one else gets to have your poise.

Let someone else be busy talking about it -

Because narrators eventually tire and quit.

Be the one who works at the center of this.

Whether visibly or just inwardly churning,

Is someting in you sitting there squirming?

Consciously forgetting is your new learning.

You were just there - in your natural state -

In the place that you neither rush nor wait,

And where you are neither small nor great.

What thought could bring you relief?

Why not think this rather than seek?

As you do, is there any goal to meet?

Can you move through today without a plan?

It's an easier way to watch butterflies land

And wiggle your toes in thoughts like sand.

Today whether you feel bored or excited,

Realize the feeling was somehow invited;

You are the host, so say, “How delighted.”

That is a place you need to escape.

Get out. Don't return. Do not wait.

Some things are nothing to leave to fate.

All of your dealings need to make sense,

Ask that they clarify just what they meant.

All throughout this you should feel content.

Who here stays busy simply keeping track?

Who here is giving to get something back?

Who does your present personality attract?

Treasure those who hear your intention.

Treasure those who pay close attention.

Treasure those who are your reflection.

Let your expectations die away lovingly.

Let it be enough to exchange the energy.

Let renewed senses transmit and receive.

Just reach out toward that direction

And begin to sense their intention:

You know beyond what's mentioned.

They may or may not keep goal journals,

They may or may not have leaped hurdles,

They only need to honor your inner circle.

So many things don't need doing,

So many facts don't need proving;

So much feeling goes into choosing.

It will not matter in the long run.

What will matter is that you had fun.

Can you do this before you get done?

This is a time to bear down and tackle

This problem that so many has baffled.

Between both worlds you must straddle.

Sitting underneath a cascade of stories

You'll be showered in pains and glories;

Dry off and explore other territories.

Rather than feeling the need to worry,

It will make more sense to just hurry

And finish it all in a fantastic flurry.

There isn't time - at least not much,

So get rid of random things and such

And every hour give yourself a nudge.

Right now you indeed need to hurry up

Whether that means a push or a shove,

Finish it faster than you dreamed of.

The time to slow down is not today.

Today get everyone out of your way.

Weigh each obligation as one delay.

The finish is close. Dive for it. Leap!

To reach out and grab what you seek

Let everyone else choose to be meek.

Everything you do affects something else,

But rather than hiding inside your shell,

Acknowledge this and use everything well.

Whatever you end up deciding to do

You should conscientously choose -

And this will also shift your mood.

Why you pick the things you do

Is as important as how you do.

Yes, why not always improve?

What is given as a gift is meant for you

Whether or not you can put it to good use

It is a chance to exercise your gratitude.

This time you know just where to search -

Exactly where you thought to look first.

Trust your instinct as if it were thirst.

Don't go down that road. Stay on this one.

It is better-maintained and gets more sun,

Which helps whether you walk, jog or run.

The joy of having a long-term vision

Is that without the approval of anyone

You'll slip into a life-giving rhythm.

It's time you come to understand that

Where you are going is not on a map -

It's a state that no longer looks back.

Routine will pull both shoulders in.

You pull right back and you will win;

Likewise, gravity cannot beat a grin.

Some of your routines, never ever lose -

Other ones it is time to pick and choose.

Some pretend to go, but it's just a ruse.

How you see the exact same thing

Determines how every day begins,

So make a ritual of perceiving.

Choose to have a plan for the day or

Get pushed and pulled every which way.

Priorities will tell you what to say.

What's most important, tackle first.

Realize if it were hunger or thirst,

Not doing so would soon be worse.

Do you still need to have a reason?

Can you just be a contented season -

Some days unpleasant, some pleasing?

While looking for a way to approach it,

Stop to consider if you've even noticed

Whether your eyes are actually open.

Overwhelming? Yes. So just ride on top:

Floating amidst it all - unable to drop;

It can't crush you when used as a prop.

How would you need to be? So become that

Even if it requires you to wear many hats

Until you learn how to be where you're at.

When they say it is too complicated,

Listen with a great deal of patience.

You did the work - they just waited.

It's wonderful to be a self-starter,

But refusing help makes it harder

Than flowing together like water.

It feels wrong to behold suffering.

You feel you ought to be buffering;

Bearing witness is what you bring.

Life is locked and something holds the key?

Did you really come to solve some mystery?

Trust that you already know what is to be.

Are they involved in teaching or in sales?

Do they come to you as either head or tail?

Do they show you your own hammer and nails?

Is the purpose behind their story

To make you feel extraordinary?

Is contentment just too boring?

The problem is that story has no end.

It just ropes you in again and again.

You're born free but you decide when.

Whether your paperwork compares,

Your experience surpasses theirs

So don't be unruly, but be aware.

What use is another assignment?

Yet one more bit of confinement?

Finishing tasks versus alignment?

This avalanche of assignments

Might make others feel tense -

But let it awaken deeper sense.

Whoever claims they've things to teach,

Do they know what you desire to reach?

Is there proof of what they can unleash?

Despite what the resentful are whining,

The greatest impact is all about timing:

Keep your eyes, ears and arms aligning.

Let everyone else stay at the festival -

For you, let that be incomprehensible

As you train to become your best of all.

The schedule you'll have to keep

Would make your past-self weep;

There will be a time for sleep.

Trust that an end will arrive.

Your purpose now is to thrive.

Own every bit of being alive.

Because weather is not always kind,

Build this with the winter in mind:

What can be bound, be sure to bind.

Yes, you deserve a moment of pride,

Manifesting all of this from inside;

Now shore up against the downside.

Before you hear the howling of the wind

Is when your stormproofing must begin;

It is the time to build things, not listen.

There are times for taking risks,

And then times for making shifts.

You already know which this is.

No need to begrudge the road behind you,

But do tighten any wheels that came loose;

Out of everything try to get the most use.

Study the sources offering you advice:

Do they need you to see them as right?

Is their delivery honest or overly nice?

To finally decide on what you should do,

Rather than start to look anywhere new,

Think your way up to the clearest view.

It becomes pointless to remain on guard,

Because the answer was never that hard:

Step out of your own mind's backyard.

Who can say what happens next?

Does uncertainty call for stress?

The unknown knows what's best.

Hopefully you have not forgotten this:

You can learn more from your opposite

Than you can from what just won't fit.

Whether or not you feel on the verge,

Sooner or later the truth will emerge

With more spontaneity than an urge.

Sometimes your preference is irrelevant.

Sometimes you're the branch to be bent.

Sometimes you're the message to be sent.

Make sure your sources are up to date.

Phase out ones that get lost in debate.

Find ones others already demonstrate.

Things work out, you already know that.

It doesn't mean you should just sit back.

But it does mean you can certainly relax.

You handled it well, whether you realize yet.

You were so natural, with no agendas preset -

This is the best way to live free from regret.

And so what is a lifetime of experience worth

If a deep sense of purpose doesn't come first?

A refreshing drink is useless without thirst.

You can give so much you sacrifice yourself.

In what way will this remind you to be well?

With what will you buy when you only sell?

Step outside and invite others to join in

So that something truly great can begin:

The start of a many-member expedition.

You took loving care of your initial vision

And now it is time to share what was given;

Entrust it to those who adore your mission.

There is a life patiently waiting for you,

Waiting for you to live this one truth -

That it is time to entrust others to do.

Your vision is stuck behind your beliefs.

Other people can provide you with relief,

Offering to be your extra hands and feet.

This is not the time or place for focus.

It is the time to find space to be open

To make sense of all that's unfolded.

They need you to rush. Instead, wait.

You may see more if you just hesitate

Or at least take time to contemplate.

Though this was not a part of your plan,

It doesn't mean that you can't. You can.

Goals, like water should flow, not stand.

Don't have to live fearing the worst,

But why not put certain things first?

Peace of mind takes such little work.

We are each misled by what we recall,

And yet who of us will let go of it all?

You'll be the first to shed and evolve.

If your thinking gets stuck on survival

You'll get stuck awaiting life's arrival.

Instead grow a group that feels tribal.

Knowing just what you want is marvelous,

But if it turns you more and more serious,

Start over with what can keep you curious.

Ask until you find what intrigues you most.

Question as if you're the most curious host

Wanting to hear everything you can be told.

The best of things will fit perfectly

And build all around what was already

So you can grow stronger by leveraging.

Time is not something you can earn,

Nor can you make time pass or burn;

So time should not be your concern.

Set a price that is more than monetary,

One that includes attitude and belief;

So with every sale you feel increase.

What was unwanted is the gift,

For all that what's unwanted shifts,

Forcing expectation to give in.

So much can be said in one single glance

That one moment holds enough chances

To behold all the deeper circumstances.

Next, stop all that inner speaking -

Listen to all that they were feeling.

All that being wise is, is receiving.

Clear the space. Empty it out. 

Let it sit (don't move about).

Being Here... is being devout.

The numbers will either grow or shrink

Without telling you about a deeper link

Between how to live and how you think.

It is time to embrace You and share.

Trust it and lay your own soul bare.

You are so perfectly incredibly rare.

Reach a sense of where is your limit -

Of what you can give and then give it;

This is how you meet with your spirit.

Ask people about what they know

And they will both tell and show

You new ways to think and grow.

Today let the predictable be rejected.

Let advice come from the unexpected.

Let the power of fate again be tested.

Asking why is like stirring a pot of soup

Trying to get just one ingredient loose;

Asking what lets the pot serve you food.

When has worry led to anything amazing?

Yes, fear can ambush when trailblazing,

But what is in the hand you're raising?

It wasn't meant to make your anger burn,

It was meant to make you set your terms

And be simultaneously honest and firm.

Yes, your instinct is perfectly right.

The time has indeed come to fight:

Battle your resistance with insight.

Not doing is not actually learning -

It is but fountain water, churning;

A stream learns the way by turning.

Mind what you let your thoughts think

Because of how all those thoughts link;

Not all water is meant for you to drink.

When you find yourself on guard

Over tasks that feel overly large,

It comes time for you to recharge.

Some will tell you not to be so nice,

Which is some short-sighted advice.

Put people first. Don't think twice.

Their advice might sound too abrasive,

Yet be worthwhile once you do face it.

It's given. You decide when it's taken.

Some old friends will just fade from view

As you continue heading somewhere new;

Those who come along are a priceless few.

Don't just treat it any way you wish,

Or else you may end up its next dish,

Taunting a shark while being a fish.

The poem of partners doesn't need rhyme,

All it needs is space between each line.

A partnership's best part is free time.

The way ahead's job is not to be clear -

The way ahead's job is to show you fear

Was a way that is neither now nor here.

What is all this mess? Find your way back

To getting things organized and on track.

Finish the disarray with a surprise attack.

Where there is space, things rush to fill,

And do so again and again, right up until

It's cleared with intention backed by will.

More than ever, you need organization

To tuck away any and all complication

As you devote time to deep relaxation.

But this time they see more than you can,

The entire horizon and not just the land.

Beside them for awhile is where to stand.

Put your whole trust in that biggest dream

Regardless of how impossible it may seem;

Above all the vision, and then the scheme.

Whatever you choose to be your intended goal

If it can be new, will soon enough grow old;

Being with feeling springs forth joys untold.

Was that last journey too hard to repeat?

Would you rather find a comfortable seat?

Or do you feel restlessness in your feet?

Allowing yourself to become overextended

Builds, leaving your foundation untended;

Only commit when time-leaks are mended.

You do not help by sacrificing yourself

Any more than dying helps your health:

Shining brightly lights the way to well.

Rearrange your life in better order

And there'll be more time to afford

To spend on those you truly adore.

Recognizing is very different from regret:

Recognizing creates a whole new mindset.

Recognizing the past helps what's not yet.

Clean your space until it feels spacious,

Not so you can appear neat or gracious,

But so you can find your work's basis.

Go numb to all the phenomena

That come and are then gone;

Feel for what goes on and on.

Put one hand on your heart

So the other one can start

Then each can do its part.

You're likely upset over the wrong thing,

Like ignoring music while trying to sing;

Useful anger harmonizes but doesn't cling.

Regardless of you feeling inconsistent,

It is time for you to be an instrument.

There is something you now represent.

Better decisions ask for better questions

About matters not normally mentioned;

Honesty will help set the best intention.

You do not have to do this forever. 

You only have to stop saying never.

You only have to be true, not clever.

Some will do things hoping not to hurt.

Others do things hoping to finish first.

You should do what has lifelong worth.

Who would you be happiest to see again?

Here they are! This is not play pretend,

Rather a bit of your awareness to mend.

People speak the language they are taught

So in confusing phrases, don't get caught;

Keep on translating only what you ought.

Though the proposal might sound absurd,

Stay mindful of your every chosen word:

How you respond is what gets overheard.

Those you're happiest to see again return

Not for any extra love they hope to earn,

But because you don't just glow, you burn.

There's little you do someone else can't.

It's how you do it that forever enchants:

Everyone here loves to watch you dance.

It's not about getting more things done.

It's about making time between each one

To notice what each helps you become.

If you look around and see a mess,

It means your routine is in distress

And needs you to do one thing less.

Yes, there is a path that is perfect,

But a different way is also correct.

Figure out which one is most direct.

You don't have to know ahead of time,

But once you do, it will feel sublime

And you'll write your own next line.

Some conversations wander in the dark,

Others become an inspirational spark.

Give the next conversation your heart.

Make yourself a double promise:

That you will get through this

And your moves will be swift.

Know good from bad kinds of stress.

Give in to mayhem or give in to rest.

Lay down weary and rise up the best.

Water can run without being pursued.

Wait for the vision to come find you.

Be the riverbed. Let it flow through.

The quality of what comes in is essential

Because of how it grows your potential and

How it can make that growth exponential.

It will be better to focus on quality

Of a kind you can touch, hear and see

So you can live deep within integrity.

Be in it from a place of stillness.

Set your own time and noise limits.

Live a longer-lasting fulfillment.

Doing a thing to get something back,

Forgets how to live love that attracts:

Get your material priorities on track.

Travel in an unplanned direction.

Make a new, unlikely connection.

Express what you rarely mention.

Listen up for words that sit you down

Moments after you meet their sound:

They will be your new high ground.

Take heart - it is coming soon,

Bigger than any monetary boon.

All you have to do is make room.

Sometimes you have to put yourself last -

Because sometimes help has to come fast.

Sometimes you have to bear all the tasks.

Of methods and systems be hesitant.

Of your heart and soul be reverent.

What your wellness needs is evident.

Keep your mission fresh by sitting down,

Not by checking in with everyone around,

But by being here with what you've found.

Keep on coming back to yourself

Regardless of how you once felt:

This is about your whole health.

Regardless of what needs you the most,

Life is not about some duty you hold -

It is going to have to be about growth.

You have known what it is to be in pain.

You give help when others feel the same.

For this, people are speaking your name.

Take the road that leads to more roads. 

Take the way about which less is known.

Take the journey taking you from home.

You are so close - you just need to stop.

Tear up your blueprints and entire plot.

The genius of chance is what you've got.

As often as you admit you do not know,

You will give answers one place to flow

And prove there is nothing to control.

It's so important to keep making plans.

Whether they take you to distant lands,

Or just take your heart to your hands. 

Regardless of your feeling ready,

Shed, shed and keep on shedding.

Let the peeling away be unending.

Here is all that has to happen -

You have to have some attraction

To whatever calls you to action.

Being here is not about work -

Nor avoiding or relieving hurt:

It's about giving spiritual birth.

Allow everyone the same room for mistakes.

Allow everyone room so it is never too late.

Allow everyone room to do something great.

You told your truth, there's no more to it.

They'll have to decide how they'll use it.

Your only job is to just keep being fluid.

Clarity can end up coming soon

If you take time to make room,

Which seals confusion's tomb.

One odd thing about intensity -

It can trigger spiritual density.

Why not retire this propensity?

Your thoughts are getting very complex -

You're getting your own lightness vexed:

Your heart wants what's simple and fresh.

Do flowers only grow if there's a fence?

Does light shine through what is dense?

What is the point to being this intense?

No one has come this way yet;

That alone makes you the best

One to know what comes next.

The more time you spend trying to explain,

The more questions will come just the same.

Work on your masterpiece - not on its name.

Look deep into the core of what you do,

Right into the very essence of its value.

What could put more of this into view?

Yes, your mind can find you plenty.

There will just always be too many.

So if you can't do all, don't do any.

Look at what is standing right there.

Examine it all with painstaking care.

What can you use - how and where?

You were loving to give of your time.

Now lovingly say, “The rest is mine,”

Out of respect for your peace of mind.

Before you march to the beat of their drum,

Do you know where they are coming from?

Would you join all of them, or only some?

That wasn't forward - it was a wider loop;

Enough reinvention. It's time to execute,

To trust in your process and be resolute.

There is no straight line,

Except the passage of time

To help clarify and refine.

You need to keep heading this same way

For what you'll get to hear yourself say

As you find better ways to do each day.

Your tone tends to turn its harshest

Where your inner night is darkest;

Let your dawn light up this forest.

Rather than judge where you see a mess,

You should stop and investigate instead

To find what turned neatness on its head.

Getting back on track is going to take work,

Daily moving in the direction of what hurts,

Daily putting sure and organized effort first.

People are going to keep doing as they choose;

What's up to you is whether you'll win or lose

Based on their goals or on doing what's in you.

If you're conflicted about involving money,

Maybe it's because your sky is already sunny

And anything but sharing just feels funny.

Back then, it could be chaos and confetti.

Now your pace should be slow and steady,

So that even when rushed, you are ready.

You are not to blame - you are responsible -

And this makes you so much more powerful

As you realize something truly meaningful.

If you press too hard, you'll lose feeling

And then it will all become less appealing;

Have a process so thin that it's revealing.

Why does it have to be wrapped so tight?

Does this symbolize a desire to be right?

Loosen: discover both meanings of light.

Look at your hands - the work they've done:

How they've tirelessly served for everyone.

They probably deserve a little bit more fun.

If you make your hands work too hard,

They'll start to put up their own guard

Against instead of for assistance's arm.

The energy you put in can be rough or easy:

The first kind is stormy - the other, breezy.

Would you rather travel fiercely or freely?

Sometimes you actually have to ask,

Whether or not you deem it your task

Because others are depending on that.

Though you may still want to astound,

Eventually part of you gets worn down,

A way of saying, “Stop. Turn around.”

You may still think you need to strive

To make sure your vision stays alive:

Honest love is all it needs to thrive.

Whether you succeed on a global scale,

Or thank the lessons of a genuine fail,

A journey's only worth what it entails.

Open up, lean back, look up and extend.

Stretch out past every limit's very end,

And past whoever wants to know when.

And here is all you need to know:

This is your life - not some show.

Slowly is the surest way to grow.

Advice that is not worth what you paid

Actually is - for the impression it made.

Continue to listen without being swayed.

The way to have something to give

Is to decide on a great way to live

That cares for the You you're in. 

Just as travel doesn't have to mean walking,

Opening doors doesn't have to mean knocking:

Manifesting doesn't have to involve talking.

Keep chipping away at it, yes, every day.

Chop what must go from what can stay.

Great sculptures wait for you this way.

Be mindful not to believe in the mind.

You have access to senses of every kind

To be someone who new light can find.

There is a great benefit to noise -

It challenges you to practice poise.

When life is louder than your voice.

It is only about this one step,

Whether it is a right or a left,

It is this move, not the next.

It is unsettling and yet true -

What's in them is also in you.

You will lead the way through.

When your roots feel stretched thin,

Maybe it's because the patch you're in

Will be the forest your tree begins.

One way to look at your workload is this:

Is it something you'd help someone with?

Then you too, deserve some help with it.

You absolutely have to speak up for yourself,

For your time, but most of all, your health;

Only you can know you down to your cells.

For now, you should be creating in solitude

To work through every sort of creative mood

Until you discover your own creative groove.

This way that you are treating yourself,

Is this how you would treat anyone else?

Do you believe kindness creates health?

You have been doing this for so long,

That even the tiny details are strong,

Thanks to what you put your focus on.

Talking and talking and talking it through

Will likely start to shake something loose

That has attached itself but serves no use.

To connect around discussing problems

Might not actually help you solve them:

Spend your time discussing knowledge.

Does kindness strive to dominate?

Does fairness move to manipulate?

Does simplicity try to complicate?

It angers you because of what it triggers,

Not because it points out anything bigger:

What you need to do is to disarm quicker.

It is time to get your mind clear,

Not by listening to everything here,

But by muting what's between each ear.

When were you last completely quiet?

When did you last attempt to try it?

When will you go on a word diet?

You'll have more to offer if you come back

After time away, because distance attracts

Things well beyond this one single track.

Put it all out there as one body of work.

Put away plans for nexts, lasts and firsts.

Put in the effort until you're immersed.

As long as you keep going back to the start,

You'll keep making it harder for your heart

To express itself and take your story apart.

It can take some time to change direction -

To see where you are and make a correction,

So be patient as you do some introspection.

This loving act may feel the opposite,

Because of the friends attached to it -

But you know that it is time to quit.

You no longer have time for conversations

That involve useless, unkind speculation.

Your time belongs to your re-education.

You can love them, yet still let them go

Because one of you needs space to grow:

This is perhaps the bravest love to show.

They talk in circles and you must move on.

Your silence is saying it's time to be gone,

Starting your journey while it's still dawn.

You do not need to be keeping close track,

But do realize when you're being set back

By the ones who have that uncanny knack.

Overcoming negativity is a noble pursuit,

But you can do far more. That's the truth.

Courageously imagine. Lovingly produce.

Just keep working and little by little,

By putting yourself right in the middle,

You will strengthen what was brittle.

Listen closely or long enough to hear it:

That warning not to go anywhere near it

Because you cannot stop, start or steer it.

Have they given themselves enough time

To hear your request and properly align?

Decide before things get too intertwined.

All you need is one little suspicion

To get your heart to use its vision,

And your mind to make a decision.

While it is not an absolute must

To feel you have immediate trust,

If you feel the opposite, adjust.

Your instinct is rarely wrong -

Though proof might take long.

But depend on it. It is strong.

You can get caught up giving answers

And lose yourself in a fog of banter.

Silence can act just like a lantern.

Giving something a chance, doesn't guarantee

Everything will fall into place uneventfully.

Yet whatever you decide, say it respectfully.

Things haven't come together? What to do!

Tell it like it is, or dance around the truth?

Talk how you would prefer to be spoken to.

What works, works and what doesn't, doesn't.

“Should” and “did” are quite distant cousins.

Your decision won't need much discussion.

If you have to manage it to that degree,

Then maybe it's best to just let it be -

You can't be tending that constantly.

Some things just don't align.

It wasn't just the right time.

It just wasn't the right time.

Maybe later you can look at it again.

For now, it needs to come to an end.

Right now, if you're not sure when.

There are so many moving parts.

Nonetheless, you have to start.

Details do not faze your heart.

As you go on, it might get messy.

Nonetheless, it is a great blessing

To be doing, rather than guessing.

Thinking about what people say

Wastes what remains of the day:

Think as if let out of some cage.

What they can do is what they can do.

It may not be what you need them to.

Make a decision once you have proof.

Just like flowers, people can grow,

The same way any seed can be sown -

With care given and patience shown.

Invite people, not to change,

But to find their best range;

This is how you both gain.

If you keep on coming back as you like,

It will keep bringing you back to ‘might.’

No. Head to the farthest thing in sight.

There is no one, single, ideal way;

There is only your intention today,

Which may be best to write, not say.

If there is a parade behind you, let it play.

So long as it does not start to lead the way.

Behind, never ahead, is the place for praise.

Getting to where you need to be

Won't show what you want to see,

It tells what your actions mean.

You're allowed to bite into moods

The same way you can try new foods,

So mind what you feed your attitude.

Should you go get it or wait for it to come?

Either way, first see to it that this is done:

Make room precisely where there is none.

At times the journey will feel mystical,

And at other times unbearably difficult.

That you just keep on going is critical.

Your peace will come from being flexible -

In your body, your mind and your schedule.

Gradually shed all but your own key rituals.

If you say this is the last time,

You'd better be ready to be fine

With crossing a different line.

If you say this is the last time,

Do you say it with your mind?

Or are the words of a soul kind?

If you want this to be your last time,

Learn all you can, empty your mind,

Then see if you call either “mine.”

Empty space tends to get filled,

Unless its owner becomes skilled

At fending off outsiders' will.

As many memories as you hold dear,

Keep just as much mind space clear

To hold all there is to take in here.

Almost as soon as you set up a standard,

That one request will become a demand.

But keep your mind on the task at hand.

Take longer breaks between each action

To review what brings you satisfaction

And revisit what causes which reaction.

Just because they haven't given truth,

That does not invite you to do so too:

It shows you words are toys or tools.

You heard them say “It's impossible,”

And in response held an inner festival

Already knowing you'd be best of all.

If you're not pleased with your performance,

Take on habits that build up your endurance,

Which also serves as the best life insurance.

You learn something when you procrastinate -

Time can be commanded to serve you in haste.

Can you leverage this truth without being late?

Once you are no longer on the attack,

The answers come as soon as you relax

And imagine strong winds at your back.

You have this knowing in your bones,

That good ones have colorful tones -

So mix some and enjoy others alone.

This is how you know it's your calling:

When there is no hesitation or stalling

Or interest in rest, even when yawning.

When it does not feel worth the price,

Something from beyond your daily life

Is trying to speak to you from inside.

In less time than it takes to blink,

Certain tones trigger your instinct:

Do what you can to objectively think.

Make sure it still feels like play.

If not, find a more intriguing way.

Allow your mind to drift and stray.

You should start to see some benefit

From working near those you're with,

Otherwise you should start to quit.

This is the time to just keep going,

Not to speed up or think of slowing,

But to trust without fully knowing.

Though that gave a good reason to fuss,

Grow numb to such cyclical stimulus -

Endure it to do exactly what you must.

Life is already getting better.

You've outlasted the weather.

Everything has come together.

Don't wait for an invitation to arise.

This is your opportunity in disguise -

Being first is better than being wise.

Next, get up every single day,

And do it the same exact way,

Until you can knowingly say.

If it comes apart after awhile

Or can go in and out of style,

Toss it out and onto the pile.

However many times it takes,

To revisit it this same way,

Be patient enough to stay.

There's not much left to talk about -

Give them space to protest and pout.

Stay inwardly still. Throw them out.

Those who encourage you to go back

Could put your schedule off track,

But detach from the urge to react.

You won't always use the right words.

Some you choose unintentionally hurt.

Forgive yourself - but apologize first.

Consider their invitation to vent,

As more like a one-way argument.

How else could your time be spent?

Regarding those you cannot possibly please,

Understand they have an infectious disease:

Build your immunity by thinking of ease.

When you are told not to worry

By those who may be in a hurry,

It's because their view is blurry.

Whatever you focus on multiplies,

And whatever you ignore subsides,

So decide what to show your eyes.

Look at what's smiling back at you.

Look at its beauty as physical proof:

Look at how love is looking at you.

Look at what's stewing in front of you.

Look at its intricacy as energetic proof:

Look at this as an exact opposite route.

This is not done, but you need to get going,

Toward people who you need to be showing

So this gets more nourishment for growing.

That wasn't the way you prefer to hear it,

But it couldn'tve been painted any clearer:

You are not the doer - you're the hearer.

Bear witness as confusion unfolds.

Be patient hearing what's all told,

Tend toward neither hot nor cold.

Feel back to all those bound-up thoughts.

Most were simply what you'd been taught.

To feel today, cut all those frayed knots.

You are not here to cling or to clutch.

You are not to archive details and such.

Today, you are to be exactly this much.

Being free means you are able to be open.

So allow love to bubble into this notion,

That you've only seen a bit of your ocean.

Let it feel exactly as it does.

Go neither below it nor above.

Keep on flooding it with love.

Lovingly allow what's behind you to be.

There is no need to turn back or to see.

Let it fade. Let every bit of it go free.

You're here now to experience surprise,

To experience disbelieving your eyes -

To feel more inexperienced than wise.

Although no two need be the same,

Your decisions are links in a chain:

Make ones that outlast the strain.

Start budgeting either money or time

And the other will immediately align

As your accounting continues to refine.

Until the lesson feels like your own skin,

And likewise protects what's vital within,

You may have to do this again and again.

Yes, there will always be more to learn,

And higher levels of this to be earned;

For what does your heart truly yearn?

You're expected to want something more,

And so what is all that wanting ever for?

Does it point to a place that feels pure?

When you get the chance, ask all you can.

Let your imagination in their place stand.

Let their experience help refine your plan.

Let an alternative appeal to you instead.

Let all those rules be broken if not bent.

Let your inner answer be, “It depends.”

Put yourself in the right place as well.

This lessens the need for you to sell 

And allows your story itself to tell.

How much easier it is when you have more help.

How much easier it is when you welcome wealth.

How much easier it is when you position yourself.

We all say things we immediately regret,

So channel that feeling inside to instead

Forgive others for all that they have said.

Some will make you want to turn away,

But face them and close attention pay

To find a kind thing left you can say.

It can be a tone or an overall manner,

Bearing down like a banging hammer:

It is a loud call to raise your standard.

You are the only one in your way:

Simply hear some of what you say.

Change your language this very day.

No need for some breakthrough:

No one blocks your way but you.

Step aside and let love through.

Do you desire to be seen or to observe?

Are you looking to receive or to serve?

Must something be given in return?

If there are conditions, love is held ransom,

Which can offer less in the way of expansion,

Which is not something to take a chance on.

Have you come to understand more about love?

Have you come to accept that you are enough?

Have you come to look inward and not above?

What does love mean to you now?

Has it changed - and if so how?

What else will your life endow?

Judging the steps you have taken

As the right ones or as mistaken

Is trying to sleep - not awaken.

Ordeals that brought you here from there

Everyone would agree were far from fair,

Yet without them you would be where?

The best way would be to have your own

So no one could make you feel you owe,

But sometimes you have to need to grow.

Sometimes it won't work independently.

Sometimes the lesson is to be in need -

To truly know how vulnerability feels.

It can be frustrating to be in need,

But just imagine how an infant feels

And trust that growth is guaranteed.

Problems are a sign of growth. 

Mastery is growth grown old.

Take the journey of unknowns.

Be mindful of the urge to relax.

It can lead too far to get back,

And there you'll be - off track.

The reason to be mindful of comfort?

You may forget what you've come for.

The uncomfortable become triumphant.

You know the number you need to reach

Before you can be an example or teach.

Until you get there, count on belief. 

You can see it on involved people's faces,

An inner glow that reflects engagement:

Make yourself useful in fulfilling places.

You can live as perfectly as you like,

And remain unfulfilled on the inside,

So seek to grow gratitude, not pride.

Imagine if instead of feeling needed

You were far more heard than heeded;

Would this have more or less appeal?

Can you allow others to be used

As you just give them the tools?

This is the best path to choose.

Consider each word an energetic marker:

When words seem to be getting harsher,

Perhaps you need an earlier departure.

Not knowing how things will play out,

Sharpen the focus on what you're about

And then more good things will sprout.

Each choice takes time and precision, so

Make the decision to not make decisions

Unless they relate to what you envision.

Who can say how things will go?

You already know: no one knows.

You can only choose to grow.

Your current feeling can be ignored.

Uncertainty can still move forward.

You can be unsure yet still perform.

You get a certain number every day

Of focused decisions you can make;

Don't waste them on what can wait.

The day is full of decisions to make,

So creating habits will help automate

Ones that shouldn't be left to fate.

They're not going your way,

So let the things they say

Become part of yesterday.

As long as you don't get too attached,

You will stay nimble enough to attract

The perfectly timed and placed contact.

The lesson is that when in a game,

If your opponent's remain the same,

You win when your tactics change.

One of the best ways to offer help

Is to take amazing care of yourself

To show what goes into being well.

This exact same life can be interpreted

As filled with triumph or full of hurt:

It's up to you to decide which works.

Is it a thankless task or mindful work?

Either - wherever your focus goes most.

So take the time to train that to turn.

“Stop changing your mind. Stay the same.”

This advice is how to turn creativity plain.

Innovation lets itself be considered insane.

You belong where more things are happening,

Where ideas and people each come traveling,

Where tomorrow's innovators are practicing.

You've worked on your own long enough.

It's a testament to you you didn't give up.

Now it's time to come and meet everyone.

Your place must be closer to the action -

Not for money, fame or even satisfaction -

But for the removal of every distraction.

A big part of momentum is removal

Of influences that can never be useful

As you discover your spirit's approval.

Not that it's about going and going

Or just being still and all-knowing:

It is about what's in you unfolding.

Find mentors to learn what's not obvious,

Things that can't be seen by the audience:

How the pursuit itself is what's glorious.

Are you shying away from the center?

Let this be your momentary mentor:

We go where we are ready to enter.

Follow those who are on the move.

Notice how they live in a groove.

Put your whole being to full use.

However long it takes, so be it,

For you to open up and free it,

For you to let the world see it.

You're marvelous and yet not enough.

You need help from below and above

To accomplish all that must be done.

Go where there is an active vibration

And leave where you smell stagnation -

That's all you need. Oh, and patience.

Don't think of it as some big decision.

No, think of it as a gradual transition

Toward you, and away from tradition.

Including today's mood too,

How is your overall attitude?

Should you refresh or renew?

Going it alone can feel more productive.

That is a misconception most seductive.

Collaborate. Others can be instructive.

As you come to the close of a chapter,

See if you caught what you were after

And unburied a treasure of laughter.

You don't have to like each one,

Perhaps not even most of them -

But at least you will have begun.

Your instincts are telling you correctly:

Yes, you should address it, and directly.

(Self-trust will soon feel elementary.)

You could accomplish this all by yourself

But it is time to learn to be open to help

That can make this go better than well.

As you train to become beyond compare,

Are you honestly able to say, “I failed,”

Knowing each try is as vital as fresh air?

You can learn volumes by listening closely

To the topics people don't mention, mostly,

And going deaf to what is said boastfully.

If you need to yell to be heard,

When it's calm, you'll sound absurd:

Go where they hear your words.

To some, this may sound rotten:

History eventually gets forgotten,

Or at least not retold very often.

Their worries take over their ears

And warp everything they might hear;

Be gentle where they have most fear.

It is time for you to face it:

You need to get back to basics

And review your social graces.

Time for you to leave this place,

To compete in that bigger race,

To look your Power in its face.

Figure out what they're looking for,

Then figure out if just a little more

Would get them to shout, "Encore!"

Some use conversation as a form of attack,

To battle your ear for what it is they lack.

In situations like this, pull listening back.

If it should trigger any reaction,

Let it be your deepest compassion

For whatever caused that to happen.

When it's time, everything gets left behind

So practice right now within your own mind

By letting some defining memories unbind.

Doesn't it keep you in this spot?

Doesn't it ask of you quite a lot?

What would happen if you forgot?

The habit of how you talk to someone

Certainly cannot overnight be undone,

So try things day by day - one by one.

Words meant purely in jest

May instead arrive to test

A relationship needing rest.

The greatest gift you give is space,

When letting others speak their case

Or letting them know you will wait.

Observe the temptation to be demanding

Or onto someone else blame be handing.

Be at peace with not yet understanding.

There's ease in keeping things the same,

But this is the opposite of why you came:

Change, for change's sake, again and again.

It is more important to keep things fresh

Than it is to think about your own success

As long as you feel some sense of progress.

How will you know it is time to move on?

When that daily unpredictability is gone.

You need to keep moving to stay strong.

So redefine what it could mean to retire.

For some, it is a way to permanently hide.

For you, let it be a way to rest for awhile.

Stop that so you can start doing this.

Doing things in order has its benefits.

What comes next should be what best fits.

Beware unending trips to life's shops.

No one will tell you it's time to stop.

Decide what to buy and what to not.

There are two ways to go about this:

Wait until you have to make a shift,

Or be mindfully proactive about it.

Tomorrow's decisions are easier today,

If you can see far enough down the way

Or ask those who went but didn't stay.

Pushing forward, you'll get pulled back,

Because there is a gravity that attracts.

Pull harder. Break orbit. That is that.

If it can't work easily, what's the use?

Too complicated and it will just confuse.

You need to review, rethink and then redo.

You may disagree your way was rough,

But their feedback should be enough

To prove you should shed some stuff.

It may not match with your perspective,

But instead of playing detail-detective,

Why not take the time to be reflective?

When we're embarrassed, we deny -

Which is a nearly-convincing lie;

Give honest embarrassment a try.

You've told yourself it's part of you,

And so it would be detrimental to lose.

However, not one bit of that is true.

On the other side of that behavior

Is what you could deal with later,

Or handle before it gets weightier.

What caused that inconvenience?

Was it a lack of self-obedience?

Or the need for a little lenience?

Admitting what's wrong can feel worse

Than continuing to bottle up the hurt,

But recovery usually feels bad first.

Look at what's actually there,

Not the fog that fills the air,

But at what has been prepared.

Determine its genuine value.

Get good at it. You have to:

Soon others will ask you.

Find out what is actually at stake

For those with whom you'd partake.

What does each hope to cultivate?

There is something deeper going on,

Something you need to put focus on,

Before you stay here too long.

What's really going on eludes you

Until you decide to know the truth

By deciding to see right through.

There's how they describe it,

And there's how it really is:

From which do you benefit?

What are they selling - and to whom?

Find this out or your time is doomed

To whatever they schedule, and soon.

Once you understand their game,

You can choose whether to remain

Or find a different one to play.

Those who benefit - do you know how?

Past what they say, does proof abound?

If so, great - if not, get yourself out.

Make sure your work is wisely invested

Not into what's just casually suggested

But into concepts that are time-tested.

It is important to know what's underneath

Before any more of your time you bequeath:

Dig until your understanding is complete.

Think of it as if you're building a chain,

Either the kind that holds and maintains,

Or the kind that pulls incredible weight.

Whether you find wrong turns unamusing,

Or laugh all throughout winning or losing,

Either way, keep doing what you're doing.

Your creation should never ask for change

From those who need that to stay the same.

Do this for those who also have your aim.

By seeing opportunity in bad weather,

You bring the farthest parts together

And create something beyond measure.

Stretch your thinking to encompass it all

And raindrops of ideas will start to fall,

Becoming a brainstorm almost by default.

The purpose of a price is to share value,

To invite others to participate with you

Offering tribute to the cost of pursuit.

When you flinch at the price,

You're looking in from outside:

The amount is a measure of time.

Expecting to be given a discount,

Rather than paying the full amount,

Is a gift that will come back around.

You are beautiful, despite denying so,

But be mindful - denial is detrimental.

Admitting your beauty is meaningful.

Beyond stopping by to greet it,

Caring means you have to feed it

As often as nourishment is needed.

Those addicted to information

Lose themselves in observation.

Find yourself lost in creation.

How vast inside you truly are,

More space within than between night stars,

Yet cozy as fireflies in a jar.

Ones like you are a beacon

And people truly need them

Along their way to freedom.

You are so beautiful, you needn't try,

A beauty even visible to blind eyes,

A beauty that has already arrived.

Love is what makes you beautiful,

Love for yourself and for us all,

Love that is wholly irrefutable.

Give yourself completely over

To wanting to get even closer

To what brings more exposure.

Whatever brings you more exposure

Also brings you that much closer

To the path that is more overt.

An intention that is this enormous

And so vibrant it's also gorgeous,

Deserves an accompanying chorus.

A community has chosen to encircle

What you set up and it's wonderful,

Because this support is so durable.

Whether you're inclined to cheer aloud,

You should take one moment to be proud

Of everything your vision has endowed.

Making a new one may break two old,

But take it lightly if someone scolds.

Keep causing more things to unfold.

Keep on refining your questions

To ease or lessen people's tension

Over what they're about to mention.

What you are doing is building a base,

Not for a short stay or a just-in-case,

But for protecting one critical place.

Your arrival has been especially important

To so many voices that have lain dormant,

Awaiting you, to get beautifully recorded.

The sun will shine again, even brighter.

Days are already getting a little lighter.

You can be the lover, rest the fighter.

No matter the damage, keep rebuilding.

Perhaps more windows, higher ceilings?

This is flourishing, not just healing.

With this fuller idea of who you are,

You will see the path ahead quite far

With the help of some familiar stars.

It will be so rare to find an example.

When you do, you'll know if it's ample

By how much it builds or dismantles.

Some spend a lifetime waiting for them

Only to realize right near the very end,

Leaving would've led to better friends.

Pack light. Set out. Just start traveling.

Staying put, things will start unraveling.

What lies ahead is nothing short of dazzling.

You will feel like you're being left behind,

But that is not what should be on your mind:

You are at work on becoming one of a kind.

Even though you may feel devalued,

Let the crowd move on without you:

You have more that you're up to.

You need to let them pass you by

Because you're headed far outside

The realm that they came to find.

Now more than ever aim your focus

Away from patterns you want broken

And onto the path you have chosen.

Dedication can look incredibly boring

Against having countless fans adoring:

Only one gives you the gift of enduring.

You are going to have make a sacrifice

That some will say is paying the price:

It is the decision to live your own life.

You are coming into your own.

That is why you feel so alone.

You're nearing your new home.

You're getting closer to catching up

To loads and loads and loads of love

From everywhere you could dream of.

Before the dawn it will get dark,

So use the light within your heart

If you need to make an early start.

No, the teller told you a lie.

Those rules never did apply.

You were already right.

Keep trying, but not to please anyone.

Keep trying until the sunlight is done.

Keep trying because You are the One.

It will hurt so much you won't want to go on.

But the journey's the only place you belong,

And the journey is what will make you strong.

Traveling gets old and you will get tired,

But this is how you gather wood for fire -

By moving in and out of the forest entire.

What you will gain will be worth the loss

Despite the deep emptiness it will cause:

To meet you, love has to first go across.

Be open to all the voices that are speaking

Whether they are the ones you were seeking;

You're rich to be so bountifully receiving.

The words may sound harsher than what's true

Or they may hide what's being kept from you:

What's both left and right? To continue.

Forward no matter what. Tell yourself again.

Forget about how far until you reach the end.

Decide you will go, with or without friends.

When you feel yourself drifting inside,

Momentum is all that will save your mind

And your deadlines from falling behind.

This is the time to gather up speed and try

Before the opening is no longer this wide.

Swiftness is necessary at this exact time.

This time it isn't the relaxed expedition.

Whoever stops moving on this one stiffens.

Continue to look, leap and always listen.

You were invited to this grand exposition

Not given a ticket for general admission,

But sought out to be the perfect addition.

Two lines of loved ones flank your arrival,

On one, those who guaranteed your survival,

On the other, those who loved you as rivals.

Thoughts and work are a small part.

The biggest piece of all is your heart.

With it, whatever you do will be art.

Looking like you expect more to happen

Is an expression you can get trapped in:

What's the face of peace versus passion?

Word has spread - you are being requested

By everyone who had previously objected,

And by new benefactors yet to be invested.

The impact of your work is growing now

It's happening - don't worry about how.

Work, improve, work more... and allow.

Since you are doing it for deeper benefits,

You represent more than yourself with this

And must be mindful which partnerships fit.

Because everything has its cycle,

This cannot be forced or stifled:

That you understand so is vital.

A slump is not to be avoided - 

But how your cycle is pointed

So nothingness can be enjoyed.

Just in case you refused to accept

Lessons that were meant to be kept,

A refresher course is coming next.

Building back up from where you were

Means you'll have to set up new terms:

Who gets ignored and who gets heard?

Let others waste time peddling appeal;

Offer people what you know to be real

And they will pay in ways you can feel.

That chapter has long since ended;

Parts of it have already fermented.

Take fresh ones that are presented.

Make certain necessary sacrifices

To steer things away from a crisis

It will be hard, but be decisive.

If it feels like all has come apart,

This is where your new life starts.

Consult with no one but your heart.

Building a foundation is thankless

But each and every bit of anguish

Makes you impossible to vanquish.

Usually when you think you've lost it all,

Something else happens to prove you wrong:

Giving thanks will always keep you strong.

One hand builds while the other battles -

Right now, that's just where things are at,

So stay fully aware of each effort's status.

You wouldn'tve agreed if you'd known

And that is why you were only shown

Enough for this to begin to be grown.

You're doing so much work, without a reward.

Whatever was coming, will multiply even more

As the result of sharing everything you adore.

Dedication merely clears the way:

Structure is what ensures you stay

Right in the heart of the interplay.

You have chopped down that rotted tree -

The leaning decay of all limiting beliefs,

So newer growth can branch out freely.

The level of choices you have to make

Keep rising with each risk you take,

So be aware of how much is at stake.

What was once the hardest part is now done.

Past-You would consider this You a champion,

But soon even greater victories will be won.

The real problem is always perspective -

Never the details - just ask any detective:

Doubt all your hunches and be objective.

You are allowed to build a prison of rage.

You are also allowed to pry open that cage.

You are also allowed to be an everyday sage.

If you would do what you enjoy for free,

Then why not for everyone simultaneously?

Expand your concept of how far you reach.

Hiding in shadows as their survival habit,

Scavengers find what they can and grab it

Far from the brightness that you inhabit.

What if your best habits hold you back?

What if you can travel without a track?

What if you don't even need to pack?

Deeply honor the power of each link

To raise the very way that you think

And to ensure what's sediment sinks.

The power of your efforts is magnified

When you make a bridge from the inside

To whatever in your world is most alive.

The true power of each thought

Was not in doing what it ought,

But in what all else it brought.

The power of your internal connections

Creates these outside-world reflections

So look around you in all directions.

Whether you realize it or not,

This is exactly what you want:

You can decide what to drop.

When you hear people complain about time,

How they're managing theirs isn't right,

So do the opposite and more you'll find.

Though this kind of treatment you detest,

Imagine they're giving you their very best

And when they improve, will give the rest.

Believe anyone can be misled to abuse

Whenever they get hurt and then confuse

Self-love with backlash versus truth.

Imagine them on the ground all around you.

Creating a circle of light to surround you.

Have you realized yet that they found you?

When things go not as you intended,

Ignore the signals from your senses

And go follow where this is headed.

Whatever wanted you to feel justified,

Probably doesn't even realize it lied

By dividing the whole up into sides.

Acknowledging everyone you meet today

Is like lighting torches along the way

Just by having something warm to say.

If you thought it otherwise, you mistook:

As it was in all that you ever undertook,

Help is everywhere you're open to look.

The child in you is what is wonderful,

Curing seriousness by being whimsical.

Let more out because it's truly magical.

Why are you this upset?

This irked, this vexed?

Give love to this next.

They are only doing what you chose to see

Demonstrated outside of you - externally -

Because you want to look at this thoroughly.

Good conversation holds a loving sensation.

A great conversation births transformation.

So talk with more people who love creation.

Reacting is tossing a pebble onto a pond -

Once you do it, your reflection is gone

And the ripples are what become strong.

When you slip up, fate will tease

By snatching away the joy of ease,

Until you organize and say please.

Certain mistakes can cost you much more

Than anything you could have planned for

So prevent them with organization galore.

Though talking can get so intriguing,

You are here for more than a meeting:

Find out what you can be completing.

Regardless of meeting your own goal,

By making your learned lessons known

You'll make everyone who hears whole.

You are vital to us all, regardless -

Whether you pursue external success

Or choose to remain here and bless.

Prestige rarely welcomes change, so

Be wary of talk that's full of names.

Keep your words strong and plain.

Sometimes knowing, you use less sense.

A little ignorance is sometimes best.

Give your mind and your mouth a rest.

Leave for later the reason it's broken;

For now, just leave the whole thing open

While you find the best place to go in.

Wanting them to come to you is futile.

First you need to make yourself useful

By finding out what to them is crucial.

Have you been told before?

You don't need to do more:

Your delivery opens doors.

Give them all an unforgettable treat:

Remember the names of those you meet

Because this is not a one-way street.

Deciding to stay here was not wrong.

You'll be glad you didn't go along:

You've learned a new way to respond.

There is a perfection to the results coming

Even a wild imagination would find stunning.

And you won't even need to try to be cunning.

What came before helps you produce

Just as buds bloom thanks to roots;

You will be something's basis too.

Beware of those who say no all day long.

They do not mean to turn your day wrong,

But you need skill to bring them along.

Connection is an added benefit,

But that is not why you did this:

Stay close to what inspired it.

History is not for the rummaging.

Future is not for the plundering.

A good life shares the wondering.

Intensity feels fine for awhile,

But soon enough goes out of style.

Try out something that runs mild.

As soon as you shed that thought,

Whatever you tell to stop will halt

And over obstacles you will vault.

The whole thing has to go like this:

Even if it happens to be inaccurate,

You keep trying until something fits.

Instead of being the main one to bellow,

This may be the perfect time to mellow

And become known for your serene hello.

Your efforts had a time and a place

That have at this point been replaced

By something you cannot rush: Grace.

Grant someone something unforgettable -

Without any occasion particularly special

Sincerely tell someone they are beautiful.

As the sun begins to set on all you've done,

Will it matter whether or not you ever won?

No, it never has or will. Just enjoy everyone. 

With or without training to speak of,

Develop a voice that makes you sit up,

That sounds like an instrument of love.

Darkness is good for narrowing your sight

So you can undeniably recognize the light

From what seemed dim. Now how bright!

We're born, we grow, we bloom, we go.

For exactly how long, no being knows.

Time aside, we all came here to glow.

“Almost there” means you're still measuring,

Thinking about what pleasure getting brings.

How much could you already be treasuring?

There is always some room if you adjust

And realize there is nothing you “must,”

And so much more when you bravely trust.

Beauty is about having something to say,

Not necessarily with words or every day,

But an energy that beams like a sun ray.

Even though it seems set,

Wait, this is not it yet.

On that you can safely bet.

Whenever you get stuck in the middle,

It's harder to saw, easier to whittle.

It's easier to do it little by little.

If “variety is the spice of life,”

Coincidence is delicious delight.

Fill your day's dish with surprise.

First figure out what can be gained

By keeping things exactly the same

Versus spearheading massive change.

Who do you know who's wiser than you?

Are they a part of your social group?

If not, find a way to make this true.

To keep getting what you currently get,

Yesterday's effort would be appropriate,

But today calls for an energetic reset.

When serendipity speaks, truly listen,

Not to the empty echoes of superstition,

But to the voice guiding your mission.

What was the point of this adventure?

Was it ever to pile up more treasure?

Wasn't it to put the pieces together?

That was a bumpy and dangerous road.

You'd incur damage before you'd know.

Will you drive it again? Surely, no.

It's as useful to go where it's easy

As it is where you might feel queasy:

We learn whether or not it's appealing.

Take some time to reestablish order,

To review and redefine your borders,

To remind yourself you are important.

Create the boundaries for the space.

Cultivate what will then take place.

Clear all that should be thrown away.

Minding the details is important,

But only once you establish order,

So first get the overall sorted.

You gain the most through your loss,

So allow the pain to make you pause.

You still have a distance to cross.

When someone shares your level of interest,

You can enjoy the feeling of being kindred

While both your spirits are being uplifted.

Doing something that to you feels pure

Sheds habits of which you're not sure

Leaving only ones that easily endure.

When you need to move through busy places

Rather than imagining yourself in an oasis,

Discover your paradise in friendly faces.

On being full we put too much emphasis.

What can be added to what is plenteous?

For there is no room without emptiness.

Do you pour your time into your will?

Or do you leave some for chance to fill?

Is there enough room to avoid a spill?

What would that have you become?

It's best to know before you've begun

By studying more experienced ones.

If it requires a skilled memory, 

Its importance is only temporary.

Instead master what's “ordinary.”

Between knowing everything or everyone,

The first will get more and more done,

The last will grow more and more love.

It is good to grow different things,

For more than the variety it brings:

The change by itself is nourishing.

Listening to their list of excuses

Will put your mind to good use

Discerning weapons from tools.

Decide to do your best.

This must be stressed:

Yes - regardless - yes!

Doing the things you are supposed to do

Is the shortest path to reach your truth,

But it will still have its surprises, too.

Change is coming - it always does.

Not to harm you, but just because

You need a deeper lesson in love.

When flow has to twist around walls,

Somewhere there will be a waterfall.

Therefore, go slowly or not at all.

Before you rush to fix their problems,

Make sure they're real enough to solve

Before getting yourself fully involved.

Setting up a boundary is basically a fence,

If anything should touch it, you get tense:

Define yourself and move freely instead.

The big problem with asking why

Is that this might not be the time;

Let understanding naturally arise.

Until they break their cycle of depression,

Quarantine yourself from that connection

And disinfect all your internal questions.

This has nothing to do with being compliant:

If you think you know, then why not be quiet?

Either way, you might learn more when silent.

Rejection can make you feel vulnerable,

But you're wrong - it's nothing personal:

You're about to become more versatile.

It is a wise practice to plan far in advance

To make time to take more than one chance

And still accept life's invitation to dance.

Instead of considering yourself uneven,

Notice the changing in your reasons:

Appreciate all your internal seasons.

How you allow yourself to be addressed

Is more important than can be expressed

Because it decides what you'll hear next.

Despite the fact that it may get botched,

Sometimes your job is to sit and watch:

Patience is all that should be topnotch.

You're overloaded. You're thinking to excess.

From another angle, see how you are blessed

To even have such reasons to get stressed.

At the time you did what seemed best, but

You've given so much there's nothing left!

For you, self-care is what must come next.

Whether or not you've finished your plan,

Surprises will meet you where you stand;

So handle them with heart, not with hand.

Even with both feet planted on the ground,

Your spirit can be felt, traveling all around

As you treasure all the people you've found.

When suffering is what you've been granted,

There's no point wishing to feel enchanted:

You'll have to bloom where you are planted.

If you dislike what you are being shown,

It is because everything here is unknown

And you just have to decide on your own.

Though you'll be tempted to react,

Do not interpret that as an attack -

Keep reading people, not contracts.

It is not about what they ought to do

In order to help see all this through:

It is about your intention being true.

Though it lets you feel some ease,

Hold on to it, but only so briefly;

It too, is little more than a story.

The choices will keep getting more granular,

As you recognize expectation as the saboteur

Because you're simply no longer an amateur.

What you are working toward will arrive

Along with a feeling one cannot describe

As anything except proof of what's inside.

Words swoop past with such agility,

But to soar you need predictability,

So surround yourself with stability.

As gardening must tend to the soil below,

Know when to say yes and when to say no.

To make success that much easier to grow.

Ignore what's happening. Schedule progress

Because you get to decide what comes next.

Dedicating time is in and of itself, success.

Make a habit of thanking your mistakes

For the hand-drawn pictures they create

Of certain patterns you underestimate.

On a scale you never dreamed to imagine,

In a way you could not begin to fathom,

The most incredible things just happen.

With everything, there are other levels,

So let the approach you take be gentle.

To ensure your options remain several.

Being told that you "should" or "must"

Should push you to the edge of disgust

Where you'll leap and fly via self-trust.

When you run out of hopeful things to say,

And feel certain you have now gone astray,

Intending to get there is actually the way.

Keep clearing the space you feel drawn to

Keep clearing away from it any other use.

Keep clearing the way until it's just true.

Don't mistake this as your new normal,

It is more like a massive door or portal,

That opens to a very different life order.

Whenever you let circumstances drive,

You reach twice as far in half the time,

So why do anything but be fully alive?

This time you have chosen to complicate

Rather than take the way that is straight.

If you cannot see it yet, you should wait.

It's fine to let excitement come.

You deserve the feeling. It's fun.

But there's still work to be done.

Regardless of which option you choose,

There is something within what you do

That invites an energy to flow through.

Think, but don't spend too long:

You may just as easily be wrong.

Look where feelings are strong.

Feelings may cause you to do worse

Than if you stood back from it first

To notice who is acting out of hurt.

Are you seeing how this cycles goes?

Who and what you genuinely know?

How and where your self-love grows?

It's not about checking off things on a list.

It's about being open enough for each shift

So life can keep on bringing you its gifts.

Old or new stories about enemies and allies

Are not even tales - they're all genuine lies,

Strange words that love does not recognize.

What if you didn't have to be consistent?

What if rules were actually non-existent?

What if you only cared about this instant?

Seriousness isn't flexible, it's tight.

Sarcasm is a shadow - not the light.

Laugh in love and you'll be alright.

At some point, your feelings won't matter:

You'll simply lose interest in their patterns

Though you may still patiently have them.

Compared to them, your rise has been quick,

But it doesn't mean you're doing what fits.

Start getting better, not just better at this.

You may look back at the start of a trip,

But along the way, who you are shifts

Until today is the only thing that fits.

If you dislike paying this high price,

Realize that the price is exactly right

For the lesson all of this holds inside.

Like a shark who picks two fish to hunt,

Chasing two things, you only catch one:

You shouldn't be doing so much at once.

This new information that you've found -

Is in your hands - to pick up or put down

Based on whether it serves you right now.

You've done a lot quickly. Now slow down

To truly meet people and just look around

And feel all the power of common ground.

So it's not over before it ever begins, 

Forget about whether it loses or wins:

Can you make it feel lighter than this?

Old habits chose the thoughts you've had.

New thoughts can choose new habits to add,

Which should cut your time there in half.

You tried to be clear, which wasn't enough.

Your time needs more than a nurturing love;

Today it needs you to be stubborn and tough.

Being asked to do yet more can be flattering,

But your time is not paint to be splattering.

You have to return to what's truly mattering.

What draws a crowd tends to hide behind noise.

Find yourself groups that pause for every voice,

Because hearing is actually your bravest choice.

You need to make time to celebrate

With ones who can truly appreciate

What in this makes you feel great.

Of course "it could have been done better,"

But are rules to be followed to the letter?

It was raining, so you dared to get wetter.

Be unpredictable. Keep your responses fluid

So that whatever's up ahead, you adjust to it

And rather than obey a plan, naturally intuit.

Everyone else may say the answer is clear;

Let them go that way - you stay right here.

It is about living in a way that is sincere.

The most important part to remember

About going or being on an adventure

Is to go deeper, you have to surrender.

Kindness begins and ends with yourself,

For spiritual, mental and physical health.

This is the surest way for you to be well.

Does it feel strange to put yourself first?

Does it feel as if nothing could be worse?

Does it feel better to just stay and hurt?

Have you put something away for yourself?

If not, you should. You'll always do well

To keep a book of stories you rarely tell.

At this point, it may just be a whisper,

Because your body trusts you will listen

Without needing it shouted or written.

Your surroundings will limit your ideas

Until you decide to be extremely clear

About who you are and why you're here.

Unquestioned obstacles are the problem.

As people assume they cannot solve them.

Your own questioning needs to broaden.

If you've run before, you may run again,

Until it is time for your running to end,

Which only you decide where and when.

Stubbornness forgets, or else never knows

That it's just an actor in your mind's show

With too few lines for anyone to take note.

You should do it. You really should.

Not because it's for your own good -

But because if Love could, it would.

Today's hard, but keep the long view.

Look far down the road for the truth

Today's journey brings you closer to.

It is the habit you think least about

That turns your head north or south

And directs which words come out.

Your thoughts recreate what you see,

So you must put yourself accordingly

Where you find both effort and ease.

Where there is nervousness there is what?

What can those doubts help you dream of?

When is it time to be nervous about love?

Trust that getting it won't do a thing;

You'll end up right back in that ring,

Until love is all you feel happening.

Working so hard is indeed shameful.

Doing so much is a form of betrayal:

You got here because you are playful.

There is such a gentle wisdom in small talk.

It invites you to take a seemingly short walk

That brings overthinking's march to a halt.

You did things that were ingredients for now

With no way back then to have any idea how:

Tomorrow already knows today turns around.

Your hard work can become its own addiction

That is only satisfied when you feel friction:

Can gracefulness become your life mission?

Your openness is what gives them permission

To tell of ideas that go far past idle wishing,

Finding their way just by having you listen.

Listen more closely than you have been.

So that you can more carefully examine

What they may be trying to have happen.

Sometimes people stink - we just do.

And once you figure out it's not you,

You can go around to sniff out who.

Places where people steal from one another

Remind you to get yourself out from under

Anyone who views generosity as a blunder.

What they took from you is so small.

Don't even bother to make that call.

Figure out what happened, that's all.

If it's going on like this, unresolved,

You have to get new people involved,

To show the old ones how to evolve.

You were lied to, and now know the truth:

Could that discovery create someone new?

It can't - it's just data: now calmly choose.

More information isn't what's required -

You should rediscover what once inspired

By working until you are honestly tired.

Until you ask, you will have no idea

Whose perspective can make life clear

As you try to find a way out from here.

This time, you should keep quiet,

So saboteurs cannot come find it:

Be as busy as ever, but also silent.

Caution only makes more sense

When sitting atop an old fence.

Come down and openly express.

Sometimes your job is to observe,

Not prevent, intervene, or serve,

But to bear witness and to learn. 

They may not know what is at stake,

And you may have no time to explain.

Better wording may just have to wait.

From great guidance to bad examples,

Wisdom in every form you can handle

Is lighting your path's 10,000 candles.

First figure out if they're hearing you

Before starting to figure out what to do,

Or else you will be continuing the loop.

This is a lesson to learn once - and very well:

Where people must do things for themselves,

They need encouragement, not literal help.

Keep moving things around until they fit

(Alignment has everything to do with it).

You can stop when you feel peace within.

They will laugh so hard they may fall

When you keep your focus on the small,

Where it's easier to find humor in it all.

You are not the mindset you identify with,

Nor are you the habits to which you stick -

You are this essence that makes each shift.

The way you need to be thinking right now

Is a way that no one has taught you how -

A way that begins the moment you allow.

The amount of energy you have right now

Is not what yesterday limits or endowed:

It's how ever much you invite and allow.

Hear this: your beauty is in your limits -

So instead of seeking mentors to mimic,

Pay your precious vulnerabilities a visit.

Instead of unwaveringly wanting,

Question to the point of taunting,

Whatever is behind such longing.

You've done enough. That was the end.

If they come back to invite you again,

Show that on this, you will not bend.

It is time to change your tactics -

Yes, perhaps try something drastic,

Try anything except staying static.

You underestimate the dangers of staying,

And overestimate the ones still naysaying.

Get out there where creators are playing.

They are now far yet still feel very dear,

But you need to focus yourself right here

So you can both be heard as well as hear.

There's how you're choosing to see it unfold,

Then there's how others want this story told:

Neither is worth enough to be bought or sold.

Let deeds be forgotten and people forgiven,

As you hold on to this lived kind of wisdom.

Be loving, and patiently make your decision.

Some will do anything to save except spend,

Anything with what they have except lend -

But you will get back triple what you send.

Some place their attention on the pain,

While others look past that to the gain;

To your soul, you are you just the same.

There is a time when complaining must stop,

When the need for more evidence has to drop,

When you take control - from bottom to top.

Just as a boat either sinks or it floats,

If it doesn't meet your needs, it won't:

In short, it may be better to go it alone.

Their imaginations don't need words to see

What you want to share and genuinely feel.

They need what is faced, lived, and real.

Sometimes the delivery has to stink

To get you to stop staring and blink

So you can reset yourself and think.

At this point, you're already halfway.

No one's opinion is welcome today -

Just get through all that's underway.

Before any of us walks well, we toddle.

(Bumpy paths can still make us hobble.)

On the way to balance, you will wobble.

Rushing makes it all seem and feel fake,

So use all the time that it needs to take

For yours, its, and everyone else's sake.

“Have you started?” “Aren't you done?”

If you do answer, you'll please no one -

Let your silence be respectfully blunt.

What you heard, you can't just un-hear,

But the words cease to reach your ear

When you start to be absolutely clear.

Parts of the journey will feel exciting,

Others will seem a little frightening;

What will help is to do some writing.

More important than having a plan

Is being tired of where you stand,

And trusting your own two hands.

The first try cannot be perfect.

But what can be is the attempt -

So focus only on each next step.

Do you get the importance of being clear?

Is your message simple as well as sincere?

Is it something that you should also hear?

Here is what will happen once you start:

Your head gets guidance from your heart

And everything will play its proper part.

How much rest do you get by oversleeping?

Or how is tea that spends too long steeping?

If you can give, why even think of keeping?

Doesn't have to be fought, fixed or forced -

There is a reason. This thing has a source.

Relax and you'll see and say, ”Of course!“

Appreciating is now your most useful skill:

It makes what seemed empty somehow fill,

And what you couldn't do, what you will.

Most of this is out of your control,

So remember to let go of your role

Because you are both young and old.

You won't get to decide what goes,

But by believing what you know

Loss becomes a part of flow.

You never know how paths will reconnect,

So focus on now rather than what's next;

Cultivate feelings of love and respect.

Whether or not you feel as if you know how -

You need to lessen how much time you allow:

Meet every new person with who you are now.

Let go of repeating the same old cycle again:

Let the wanting-working-getting loop end -

Let you and what you enjoy become friends.

The feeling of being embarrassed

Is a feeling to truly be cherished:

It's the way to carefree awareness.

Put your whole entire focus into the start.

Put everything into the very simplest part.

Put everything forth that is in your heart.

In choosing which way to go forth,

Which hallways lead to which doors?

And which lead to how many more?

Your mind is so sure you need to act,

But it has not gotten all of the facts:

What you can do is take a step back.

Feel, feel, and then feel some more.

That is how feet move across a floor,

And how you get to what you adore.

Your greatest treasure is your time.

It is the only treasure you may find

By looking as far ahead as behind.

See questions and ideas as kinds of fuel,

Or as only-briefly sharp-enough tools

You know when and how long to use.

Advice is never as good as the giver:

Look within the one who delivers

For living wisdom that shimmers.

Take your time. There's nothing over there.

Rushing's the only thing of which to beware.

Slow down as if carrying something upstairs.

Learning has helped you feel qualified,

For everything except what waits inside;

For this you need to trust and confide.

Is this the time and place to share?

Are you surrounded by those who care?

By people already awake and aware?

Kindness is one thing, different from trust:

The first is the way the second is discussed.

The second is a choice - the first is a must.

Breathe and release, or hold and collapse.

Throughout the day, carve out more gaps -

Times when your only answer is “Perhaps.”

Well, you certainly have yourself a plateful.

And this is because you keep being grateful,

And each day keep becoming more graceful.

If you'll dare to use the simplest tools,

You'll help free others from rigid rules

And have a method you can always use.

All boundaries do is wait to be crossed

(owners of fences still get distraught).

Out past boundaries, get happily lost.

Definitions keep in, boundaries keep out.

Don't raise up a fence - build your house

By saying what is welcome inside aloud.

You already know this, yet still drift:

Self-care is not optional on your list.

It is the only way to unwrap this gift.

When you take their mood personally,

You miss what you are invited to see -

That everyone's on their own journey.

When you want to, you ignore what's rude.

When you want to, you replace your mood.

When you want to, you pass right through.

Limiting words create limiting beliefs.

Lighter words make lightness increase.

Words are for you to catch and release.

How you feel when you're at your best

Is exactly what it means to feel blessed,

Or to breathe more from belly than chest.

You're already saying how it will be,

So how about wording it differently?

Start using new words immediately.

The same ones who keep asking you to wait

Are the ones for whom you never hesitate.

Do you need to rethink how you navigate?

Are you leaving space to let things go?

Can you let the empty space in you grow?

Isn't there peace in what you don't know?

Know what your energy flows from and to.

Also mind what your energy flows through,

Because that affects your effectiveness too.

The differences will, at first, seem slight:

One's a gentle landing, one a constant rise.

Why not choose to soar rather than glide?

You will want to be taking care of that now,

Before it gets in the way of tomorrow's how.

Who knows what else being ready will allow!

Not an issue about which to think twice:

Own your space. This is serious advice -

You're creating your version of paradise.

Let them build trust with you slowly.

This moment isn't your one nor only -

Take your time and proceed - slowly...

Slowing you down may be what they need,

But slow down at your own chosen speed.

You won't need to be moving to proceed.

Invite the energy that a new one brings.

Let your competition birth great things,

One collaboration gives ideas two wings.

Harmony stays silent when one voice sings,

But chimes in the moment that others ring,

So invite the challenge a new sound brings.

There's nothing for you back there anymore.

So instead use this time to relax and restore,

Because today has for you adventures galore.

Though you feel broken, you are stronger.

Be brave and let this last a little bit longer.

Impatience is your only enemy to conquer.

Who needs age to be a measure of how reliant?

Let getting older be your license to be defiant

Of anything that requires you to be compliant.

What matters - that you have understanding?

Or that you allow, without being demanding?

Are both arms open to what life is handing?

What is the essence of what you talk about?

Because you grow whatever you speak aloud,

So decide what kind of talk will be allowed.

If you haven't done so in a long while,

It's time to put your thoughts on trial

And sentence the useless ones to exile.

When generosity is the way you have chosen,

Nothing - not even your time - can be stolen.

Your giving is the way to be afraid of no one.

You don't need to think ill of anyone,

Just let the course of their habits run

And judge for yourself their outcome.

Letting others decide your time's terms

Is letting your field be farmed by worms:

You be the one who rejects or confirms.

Even though troubles might be unavoidable,

Become so giving that you're unexploitable

And your work will forever feel enjoyable.

When you do not need even one more thing,

That is when you can acutally begin to bring

Gifts to all - whether they criticize or cling.

Without needing to be the judge or the jury,

Without absorbing the passion, pain or fury,

Give everyone the right to their own story.

They expect you to help bear their burden,

And even though they may feel so certain,

You are here to be a light and free person.

You made the decision to shift.

You don't need to create a list.

You get to decide, then insist.

Help doesn't need to be your last resort.

This time, it'll be wisest to stop short.

Stay here and wait for a bit of support.

In order to set the best possible tone,

Stay focused on what you actually own

And be willing and able to begin alone.

Whatever seems out of control and absurd,

Looks so whenever your vision is blurred.

Clarity appears as you choose your words.

Knowing where to draw your line

Is going to take a bit more time.

Exactly where, is for you to find.

Unless it includes generosity,

It's not wealth (it's poverty):

Mindset is your top priority.

Is any of it moving backwards?

Are there far too many factors?

What one thing truly matters?

Don't think of everyone - focus on a few.

And of them, only the small fraction who

You can directly talk and deeply listen to.

Thoughts come from, and turn into feelings.

So the situation with which you're dealing

Can help you think your way into healing.

Just like a rope, your patience can fray

If twisted and pulled every which way; 

Mend it by giving yourself a quiet day.

When they say things that are spurious,

Allow yourself to become a bit furious.

But of the deeper reason, be so curious.

Yes indeed - they gave you an ultimatum.

Know it's nothing more than a statement

Reminding you it's time to stop waiting.

Whenever you start to feel angry,

Something is telling you frankly

You need to revisit it blankly.

Incompetence can show up anywhere.

And taunt you? It will certainly dare.

Trap it in your most all-seeing stare.

Showing your temper may have one benefit:

It will shift the tone from falsely delicate

And force the focus onto what is relevant.

It doesn't always look happy - it won't.

But radiate, even when feeling provoked.

This will end up being what you hoped.

Bow to the fact that you have triggers,

That you have feelings so much bigger

Than resistance, and so much quicker.

Exhaustion is evidence all by itself

Proving you sacrificed your health

And shall now try something else.

With or without any given title,

You are the center of this cycle.

Your heartbeat's rhythm is vital.

Holding space means getting tired

Unless you get everything rewired

To only act when you're inspired.

Rather than sitting around maybe waiting

For those prone to resisting and debating,

You can be locking the door and creating.

Check in with your heart either way.

It is the only thing on any given day

With adivice on all you think or say.

You keep standing in your own way

By hiding behind your own résumé.

Can you throw qualifications away?

Keep changing approaches if you want to,

But keep the lesson each one teaches you

To grow your treasure of personal truth.

Consider this a dare to be a beginner again,

To forget all about how, or what, or when,

And just experiment, mess up, play, pretend!

Do you do the same thing over and over?

And has it made you any faster or slower?

Most importantly: do you feel any closer?

When people do things that are just mean,

You're just the lucky one caught in between

Where you're going and where they've been.

Walk all around what you have for a home -

The inner place you live when you're alone,

Where your mind rents and your heart owns.

Hummingbirds fly fast, trees sway slow -

Most things in nature have a preset flow,

But you can change your pace as you go.

You get back up. Do you understand?

This is not a request - it is a demand.

Life goes as it goes, not as planned.

So long as you have nothing to prove,

And know exactly what you are up to,

You can put everything to good use.

It will be wisest to wait the news out

With your heart's hand over your mouth

Until you feel what this is all about.

It is alright to change your mind.

Decisive people do it all the time

Based on the new things they find.

Is your position supposed to stay the same

Despite how the conditions have changed?

No, you are to adapt, adjust and rearrange.

The way through this, or any struggle

Is to deeply know all of your numbers

So nothing is left to doubt or wonder.

Who cares if you haven't gotten it yet?

You can go without and still be content:

Live like your needs have all been met.

It is fine for them to ask it of you.

It is fine for you to do all of it too.

It is also fine for you to just refuse.

It was generous of you to go over there -

But of overextending yourself, do beware:

You are long overdue for extensive self-care.

Look around and feel if you belong here,

Or if you're just settling for what's near:

Is the benefit of what's around you clear?

Too many things happened all at once,

But instead of reacting quite so much,

You need to let your presence show up.

Sometimes it's too late to hope for a fix

Once it all gets this thoroughly-mixed -

You need to be deliberate but not quick.

Move one step ahead - two if you can.

Get far in front by making your plan,

And then make it the law of your land.

You didn't wish to be where you are now,

But what you've created deserves a bow -

Because you fell in but flew yourself out.

You have woken up inside this circumstance

That looks like anything but another chance,

But your abilities are about to be enhanced.

Of course you're not always right,

But you've got incredible insight

To move from darkness into light.

You may not have all the proper support,

But the reason you will never fall short

Is because you are willing to transform.

Sleep on it - let one good night of rest help

Your whole decision-making process go well

By bringing you back to your original self.

What noises are sounding around you?

Do any sound anything like the truth?

Aren't you listening straight through?

Forget about proving it -

But be all about doing it

By just truly choosing it.

Turn away from reactive mode, 

Away from feeling you are owed;

Turn toward where you can grow.

Whether or not you see them as signs,

They're appearing to you all the time,

Not so much to teach - but to remind.

It's hard to dream once you're awake.

So clean it out, not for its own sake -

But for what doing it later will take.

If it's about tasks, you'll never be done.

If it's about levels, they'll never be won.

If it's about you, it will be forever fun.

You don't have to like what they bring.

Nor act as if you consider it interesting.

Get better at enjoying your own thing.

Is it actual or just appeal?

Is it truly something real?

How supported do you feel?

How deep inside your precious home

Do you let someone you don't know?

It probably means you should say no.

Check the way you're talking to yourself:

Better words raise your lifetime's wealth.

Better tones raise your heartbeat's health.

Can you imagine an infinite light?

One that gives you infinite sight?

Didn't you just turn it on inside?

It's going to be a mistake if you do assume

Things will all work themselves out soon:

Consciously create your breathing room.

Decide what you'd do despite the pain.

Decide what you'd let remain the same.

Decide what you're here now to change.

To understand what makes you so strong,

Let go of belongings as you move along:

What's left is what's never been wrong.

It's alright to find yourself in a mess.

It's alright to walk in a fog of stress.

It's alright to not return here again.

You're going to end up feeling stress.

But the point is what you'll feel next:

Pain or purpose when you do it again.

Your body knows what you should now do

And will explain using subtle inner clues.

This is the only thing that counts as true.

In no time, all of this will be behind you.

And then do you know what you will do?

Feel into that right now rather than soon.